LENSED: Ngo Tien

THE SECOND GUY I "knew" was Vietnamese. We were once mugged by a gang of Aboriginal boys brandishing a syringe of blood, and they took $5 from me. Aaaaaaahhh, those were the days... These photos are not him. They're former Mr. Vietnam 2006 Ngo Tien. Wouldn't you just. Via my new favourite site, Oriental Heat mag.


Tré Xavier said...

Would I just like to do him in every position of the Gay Kama Sutra. OH YES! YES! OH YES, DADDY! YES!

Uh-humm. I mean - Right after I've done the same with you of course.

ka-os said...

It's unethical for a blogger to have sexual relations with a reader. I'd hate to have to stand up in front of the media and say, "I did not have sexual relations with that man." Still, you'd be good in the role of 'that man'. ;)

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