AN 18-YEAR-OLD has been shot dead in Haringey, North London.

The shooting comes less than 24 hours after the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Wahab Zaaki in Walthamstow on Friday night.

The latest incident - just after 2200hrs on Saturday - claimed the life of Algerian born Abdulkarim Boudiaf .

His death brings the total number of young boys murdered in the capital this year to five. We can't even begin to count the other victims: mothers, family, friends, and the murders themselves, who're just boys themselves. All those lives destroyed with the twist of a knife.

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Sanya in España said...

This is so ridiculously tragic; and yet, the most positive thing I can think of is "at least there are fewer (reported) killings, this year"... Or am I wrong in remembering the figure to have been much higher, this time in 2008?

Dusty Boot said...

ugh.... I don't know about the kids today, they have/use too many excuses, and I don't buy all of 'em. I've been there and done that (abused, living on the streets, foster care, bla bla bla), but even then a part of me wanted to do better and got out. Maybe it wasn't as crazy in the 80's. Dunno. But it seems nowadays (not all of them, but for some of them), even when you open doors and opportunities, they don't wanna take it. I do understand the bit about trust (mentioned in the poster). Boy do I struggle with that....

Wonder Man said...

that is tragic...what's really happening here

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