Louis Smith As You've Never Seen Him Before

WHENEVER I FIRST READ something about Louis Smith, it was on an American site.

This is galling for a number of reasons, not least because Smith is a Londoner. He's ours, dammit! (I've also noticed the stories about Smith have usually been pulled from the online editions of newspapers, a resource I've only recently woken up to making use of myself. I now check in with The Independant daily, but it seems like I should add The Guardian too).

You all know about British Olympic medalist Louis Smith, of course. Oh what, you don't? Then I pity you, I really do. A boy built like this should be seen by all.

The Guardian story is all about Smith modelling clothes. Yeah, he looks good dressed up, but we'd all rather have more of this:

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*This article was edited on 05th August 2012 to remove references to an American website kaos is boycotting.


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