It is only by imitating the vices of others that I have earned my misfortunes

Dastari, disturbed by the noise Jamie was making, looked into the kitchen. Shockeye had the human trussed like a turkey and was carefully working over his body with a pair of arcing electrodes. "What are you doing?" Dastari said in astonishment. "Tenderising the meat," Shockeye said. He pointed to Jamie's thigh. "See how the flesh is marbling? That's the fatty tissue breaking up." "You should kill him first, surely?" "It works better on a live animal," Shockeye said. He stabbed the electrodes into Jamie again, galvanising another shudder in the pain-racked body and another hideous cry of agony - not so loud as the previous cries, however, because Jamie was slowly slipping into blessed unconsciousness. "It looks very painful," Dastari said. Shockeye smiled at him across the body. He was aware how sentimental some people were about animals. He said, "Simply a nervous reflex, professor. I've been butchering all my life. Primitive creatures don't feel pain in the way that we would." He took Jamie's leg between a massive finger and thumb and pinched it in professional appraisal. "There," he said, setting the electrodes aside. "I think it's about ready. I'll just put a tray under it to collect the blood. Waste not, want not." That, he remembered, had been one of his dear mother's favourite sayings. He picked up a knife and gave its edge a final burnish against a steel. "This is the part where you can tell a butcher from a botcher," he said. "All the joints should have a clean line." As he turned towards Jamie the door banged open and Chessene came in. She looked livid with anger. "Dastari, you bungling oaf!" she stormed. "One of the Time Lords has escaped!" Dastari's jaw dropped. "That's impossible." "You couldn't have fastened the manacles properly." "But I know I did," he protested. "Don't argue! It's vital that he be caught and killed. Find him, both of you." Shockeye looked pained. "Madam, this will only take a few minutes," he said. "I thought we would have the saddle and the haunches for supper and - " Chessene whirled on him. "Never mind that now! I want that Time Lord found!" "Very good, madam." Shockeye put his knife down regretfully. "I'd have killed them both earlier but I felt there was still some further secret - something they were trying to conceal from me," Chessene said, leading the way out of the kitchen. Even as the door swung shut beind them, an arm came through the open window. The Doctor unhooked the catch and climbed in over the sill. Jamie was moaning faintly, his eyes closed. The Doctor picked up a knife and slashed through Jamie's bonds. "Jamie," he said anxiously. "Can you hear me Jamie?" A soft noise behind him made him turn. Shockeye was standing in the doorway, a gloating expression on his face. "I though you might return to help the primitive," he said. He took the knife from his belt and came menacingly across the room. The Doctor dodged round the chopping bench on which Jamie was lying but Shockeye, coming straight on, simply lifted it out of his way with one hand. The knife came in a scything sweep towards the Doctor. He made a despairing leap to one side and felt the blade slash into his leg. Then he was running for the door, aware that the Androgum had turned and was racing after him. He outdistanced Shockeye across the hall, cleared the steps in one bound, and ran for his life towards the shelter of the trees. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Chessene hurrying from an outbuilding. She raised her gun and a shot whistled past his head as he dived into the cover of the undergrowth. Chessene fired twice more, blindly, and then ran to the house. Shockeye was just emerging. "Shockeye, the Time Lord - " Shockeye nodded calmly. "I know, madam. I wounded him, look." He pointed to a patch of blood on the step. "Then follow his blood trail," Chessene said. "Kill him, Shockeye." "Certainly, madam." Shockeye set off across the courtyard to do her bidding. Chessene watched him. He wasn't hurrying but then he had no neeed to hurry. Androgums never lost a blood trail. She looked down at the little puddle where the Doctor's blood had sprayed on to the step. It was dark and red and glistening. Suddenly, she was down on all fours, hungrily sniffing and licking the life-liquid.... Dastari, within the house, stared at her with horror and sudden revulsion. His creation, his wonderful demi-goddess, was still in the power of the basest animal instincts. Sick to his heart, the old professor turned his back on the sight of Chessene washing the doorstep with her tongue... Title quote: "Man's natural character is to imitate; that of the sensitive man is to resemble as closely as possible the person whom he loves. It is only by imitating the vices of others that I have earned my misfortunes." Marquis de Sade, French aristocrat and writer, 1740-1814. Pictures: Empyrean Photography. Text: Excerpt from Doctor Who - The Two Doctors, by Robert Holmes (1985).


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