WHAT IF I told you that Dannii Minogue once made a record that was orchestral, dark and very, very cool? And that the song was about suicide, death, sex, the fear of getting old, and the legacy we leave when we're gone?

She didn't, of course - make it, that is. She was just lucky enough to be the vocal on Disremembrance (even the title is awe inspiring), a 1998 track written by David Green and Ian Masterson, and produced by Flexifinger.

Lord, oh Lord. The sub-bass. The orchestra. THE ORCHESTRA, damn it! The lyrics, "I feel so faint tonight / Like I'm hardly even there / I feel much older now / But I'm still too young to care..." The blistering breakdown around 2:40. The soaring, desperate vocal pleading with us to remember me, remember me... And did I mention the orchestra?

Now let's discuss the video. Blacks, blues; water, people thrashing about in water; simulated sex; her looking utterly ghostly; a big, bald hunk pole dancing... It might just be the coolest thing ever. And keep your eyes peeled for the aforementioned bald hunk embracing the dude with the dreadlocks towards the end.

Sister of Kylie, in your subsequent life, you did indeed forget yourself, but thanks to this sweeping masterpiece, you might just get what you asked for.


Eduardo Guize said...

Nice! I didn't know this song

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