Let's pray that the human race never escapes from Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere

Ladies and gentlemen, due to popular demand by certain segments of the gay community, this week is hereby ordained White Boy Week.

Why so, you might reasonably ask? What about the beautiful black men? Luscious Latinos? Achingly lovely Asians? Well, a couple of weeks ago your correspondent was subjected to some pretty damning accusations by a (anonymous, of course) commentator at Rod 2.0. Amongst the choice statements were, "It's all about race with you and many other gay white men... or should I said [sic] big black bodies and big black dicks."

It's fair to say that I enjoy "big bodies" and "big dicks" enormously, and I enjoy them in every flavour. My mistake for not realising, as an alleged (and it is intended so) gay white man (the horror!), that the black variety is Not For Me. (Although I'd have thought that was down to the person in command of said anatomy - not a self-righteous, self-appointed guardian of the black race.)

"It would be nice if you could let American black gay men occasionally discuss our issues without your fetishes and commentary," Miss Black Gay America 2010 goes on to say. Well, I'm sure it would be nice for her to wrap herself up in a closed shop with a No Whites Allowed! sign posted in the window. There's any number of blogs like that out there just for her.

Your correspondent isn't actually white (whatever that means). Strictly speaking I'm mixed race (or biracial, as the Americans like to say, albeit just slightly so). But let's not get hung up on trifling technicalities like that: fact is, I'm not black enough to so much as acknowledge non-white folk without also harbouring secret slave fetishes too. (Never mind the fact that as a kid, I was a refugee from a wartorn, occupied state - but hell, no one's more under the thumb and up against it than African-Americans - right?) He says that I should keep my nose out of black folk's secret bizness - and who knows, maybe he's right!

To that end, during White Boy Week, ka-os|theory will only celebrate sexy white boys (like our favourites Brent Everett and Matthew Rush... wait - he's only half white, right? Doh!), white people music (like that by our beloved Annie Lennox), and anything else that's just darned snowy white!

We're going to do just what the Rod 2.0 commentator wants and be all white - all right? That way, he can point at ka-os|theory and say: "I told you so - racist! Where's the diversity? Where's the inclusion?" You see, the black gay separatatists are only really happy when they can complain about being excluded and included.

Normal service - where the only qualifying factor for inclusion on ka-os|theory is being crazy, sexy or cool - will be resumed next week.

Title quote: "Let's pray that the human race never escapes from Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere." C.S. Lewis, British scholar and novelist 1898-1963.

Pictures: Chad White, lensed by Steven Klein for L'Uomo Vogue.


Niyi Maximus Crown said...

I read the comment that caused this last week. I knew it would cause some kind of response but I didn't expect this. LOL

Garçon Stupide said...

Hehe... He wants segregation - he can have it!

Just hope people get my warped sense of humour... ;)



Sir-Toddy English said...

lol. I love Rod 2.0 but some of those queens that post there are just LATE!

Anonymous said...

I wish we were color blind.

I just wrote that and didn't think about it. But can you imagine if the human race didn't see color.

Curious said...

I've just read the other blog and all I can say is, "Drama!"


Don't let the black-only bigots get you down breh.

Eduardo Guize said...

White boy week? Sexual objectification of my race? That's appalling! You biracial Brits in denial are all the same!

GS, you're above all this bullshit, my dear

a one-time black commentor said...

Awww, at least you have your moments too when you buckle under the swirling rattle of uncritical people. You neednt have, it will never be enough. Plus I have no objections to objectifying of white-skinned me, even for a full week. (?)

Anyway,since I'm commenting already I might as well add that your blog has grown as rich and relevant as ever; that I still admire more and more your relentless infectious enthusiasm for things, for fairness, for ordianry humanity... you keen eyes for hot men. hehe

Of course there are times I find you annoying and aurgumentative but never quite heavy handed.

I keep returning to this space.

a one-time black commentor :)

Donn M. said...

WOW! The sarcasm is on POINT. There is a time and a place for pulling the race card, but too MANY of my black ppl cry wolf. EVERYthing isn't about race,yes given sum things are clearly are. I LOVE your blog, you just keep doing what you are doing.

Joseph said...

Dear Garcon,

i wish you hadn't allowed yourself to be race-baited by the myopic commenter at Rod 2.0. Black queers objectify black, asian and white bodies as well. Too forbid paler folk the joy of dark bodies is absurd, UNLESS THAT ENJOYMENT reduces those bodies or that ethnic group to NOTHING BUT sexual objects.

Your concern for much much more than the attractiveness of dark bodies, particularly your socio-political concerns, reveal that you have NOT reduced men of color to meat for exploitation.

When African-American men like myself do not see the difference, we do ourselves a disservice, and lose the opportunity to connect with possible comrades of other colors.

i will admit that most so called "white" boys do not rev my engine like chocolate, caramel or butterscotch boys do, but this is an aesthetic inclination, not a political one. If "white" men can love dark men for more than skin and dick, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them preferring dark meat, or black men preferring white meat, for that matter (unless that preference is shaped by the unconscious domination of psychic white supremacy, which too often it is). My favorite "white" boys transcend the political category of "whiteness" and are usually hippie/bohemian types. Peace.

Forbidden Light said...

I swear, you're my white twin!

We have some of the same struggles, just opposite...

I'm looking for to joining the crusade for one world...

taylorSiluwé.com ..... said...

Ah-HA! Caught you being all racist and shit. And all this time you had us all fooled!!

lol Couldn't help myself.

Tangent - I don't think you could have found a hotter bunch for WB Week. Is that really Gore Vidal in that last pick? Its funny, because I watched one of your film picks "The Homosexuals" with a young EXTREMELY brave Gore letting a homophobic 60's world have it.

All I know is when I'm his age, I want that pool, and bunch guys like that to swim naked in it, guys of all shades and tones. Yeah, I'd die one happy homo. lol

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