• - yes, the gay porn blog - interviews Megan Phelps-Roper. Yes, of the Westboro Baptist Church. It's not news - it's art!

Diesel Washington's boyfriend revealed!

• Roman Heart (left with
some other cuties) has been shooting Falcon's 200th feature.

• Or how about one
made from human skin?

• Coming soon:

• Fun with
sex fonts!

• Prime Minister Gordon Brown pledges to
stand with gay people until "justice was achieved".

Minister predicts Europe-wide gay marriage in a decade.

• Brown has also
spoken out against America's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

• Meanwhile, David Cameron just
can't shake the Conservative's image as the party for wealthy white men. If it walks like a duck...

On the pitch and in the closet: The FA will not eliminate homophobia in football until it supports and empowers gay players to come out at grassroots level.

• Playing the race or sexuality card can lead to even more problems at work, but it can also have its benefits.

• The Spanish and queer theories professor killed earlier this month in London has been named as David Vilaseca (left).

• Second
known case of a gay soldier killed in action during current campaigns in the Middle East. "The partner of the deceased soldier wrote the unit to say how much the victim had loved the military; how they were the only family he had ever known," Congressman Jim Moran told the House of Representatives, reading a letter from an active soldier.

Memorial held for Henry Stuart Matis, a gay Mormon who committed suicide 10 years ago.

• A memorial is
planned for another fallen brother, Michael Sandy (right), who was murdered in 2007.

• Fabulis, Citibank's gay problem...

• ...that is,

• Netherlands:
A priest's refusal to grant communion to a gay man has led to uproar in the Catholic south.

• Virgin airlines run a flight with
drag queen cabin crew (report contains video - if you can stomach the Australian voice-over).

• Australia: Marriage Equality (Amendment) Bill is

• Stunning Google Earth photos of the "Boneyard" (right),
America's military cemetery where thousands of mothballed aircraft rest.

• Or how about the Cementerio de Trenes (
train graveyard) in Bolivia?

• So the University of Mississippi's is a white plantation owner. And they need to
vote on keeping it, or slinging it on the scrapheap. Hmm.

• The Big Picture: Afghanistan, February 2010, left and right
(43 pictures).

• In South Afrca, four white students
face court accused of humiliating black staff at their university. The Afrikaners, known as the "Reitz Four", made black staff "eat a stew apparently made from dog food and urine".

New Tokyo train barriers test passengers for explosives.

• Human behaviour
93 per cent predictable.

• Animal pictures of the week
(26 pictures).

• The
tallest dog in the world!

• World will be "
swamped by electronic waste". What, we're not already?

• Cheap HDMI cables
no different to expensive versions that cost as much as ten time more.

Why does music move us?

• Do you copy CDs onto your computer or
iPod? Go to jail, do not pass go and do not collect...

• Kid Cudi wants to be a musician,
not a celebrity. Ain't that refreshing.

• Gay character comes out in teen Brazilian soap Malhação. Made In Brazil has video.

• This week's
Gays of Our Lives: the latest clips, news and spoilers in the world of soaps and dramas featuring your favorite (and not so favorite) gay characters. Left, Greek.

• More than 100 idiotspeople
complained to the BBC about the killing of a dog in EastEnders this week. Thursday saw killer preacher Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet, left) drown son Jordan's pet dog.

• 30 years on from its debut, the
ten funniest ever Yes, Minister moments.

Off The Endz, right, starring Ashley Walters; reviews
here and here.

Yank!, right, review.

• Sculptures made from sticky tape.

• Taipei's haunted
UFO houses. Very cool.

• The temple
built 11,500 years ago — 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid.

• Lastly, the world's strongest boy...
Says MOC Blog: "There's absolutely nothing creepy about either his physical accomplishments at age five or that barren smile at the end of the clip."


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covers the period 22-26th February 2010.

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The whole thing's been ridiculous."

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Cogent Ascending said...

The video at the end is creepy for soooo many reasons.

Mike said...

@ GS - do you still have a real job? you're posting way to much. not that's i'm complaining - I love your international/multicultural view of the world - but I'm a bit worried. you posted almost every day this wk. are you okay? or maybe its me that needs a real job!

Garçon Stupide said...

Aw thanks Mike!! Apart from my beloved Cogent, it seems like no one is commenting these days :(

I do have a real job, from which I'm on extended assault leave at this time.

In any case, I decided to try and spread The Week According To... throughout the week for a while, as an experiment.

Anonymous said...

The amount of work you put into this blog is appreciated.

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