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THE TARDIS INTERIOR will be completely redesigned, according to the Mirror.

(Yes, I know, the Mirror. But they’re the ones reporting this story, so we’re stuck with it.) Last month, the BBC announced that Doctor Who would be filmed in High Definition from this year. The current TARDIS interior, first introduced in 2005, is a standing set built for regular television. Producer Russell T. Davies (Queer As Folk) had previously said that the existing sets wouldn’t stand up to the uncompromising gaze of HD. This piece of news is tremendous, because I hate the new TARDIS control room (left), with its browns and greens and blues, pitiful octagonal “roundels” and idiotic tree branches. The TARDIS console room is white. With big, circular back-lit roundels, fluted columns and big double doors. It worked for nearly 30 years, with various tweaks and updates over the years, but no, oh no, some “Designer” person had to come and put their own stamp on it, didn’t they? I bet he was middle-class with Indie facial hair, funky glasses and a fan of Radiohead. And hangs out in Camden. The new TARDIS console room must resemble as closely as possible the picture at the top of this page. And I want a big red knob on the central console too.

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Urban Shotz said...

The Tardis interior is probably the aspect of the new show that I like the least. I understand the desire to give it an 'organic' feel, but it just doesn't work. Any move towards the original design will be welcomed around here.

Sanya in España said...

I'm probably going to sound sacreligious, but I never really liked the old TARDIS console room. Most of my favourite stories from the classic series barely feature interior TARDIS scenes.

To add insult to injury, I didn't see anything wrong with the new series' interior, either: apart from the doors. The doors and the impossibility of other rooms, even though they were referred to, and occasionally shown...

I know I´m going to be shot down for saying this, but debate is the friend of freedom of thought. Sorry!

ka-os said...

Urban Shotz is clearly a man of taste nd refinement.

Sanya - errant youth. Tut tut.

Greg said...

I'm late to this party, but was wondering what you thought of the new interior now that it's been revealed. I quite liked the dingy organic one, I have to confess, but the new one annoys me. You see, if the Tardis underwent a sort of regeneration, I was hoping for a pristine white version of the organic set, with a console restored to factory-perfect original. My thoughts on all the earth-tech on the console were always that the Doctor had needed to improvise as components failed, but it makes no sense that the Tardis has renewed its interior but ended up with a console even more whimsical, with DIFFERENT junk on it.

And why does the area around the console look so cramped when it's supposed to be a much larger set?

I'm seeing parallels with politics here. I was just as much a fan of Steven Moffat's work during the RTD era, and had tremendous faith in whatever he was going to bring to the series when he took over. But, as with Gordon Brown following "showman" Blair, all I've seen so far is a series of mis-steps and baffling choices.

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