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• Manchester City player, and ka-os|theory crush, Micah Richards (right) snapped in Miami. Sadly, he's forgotten to bring his speedos.

• Sean Cody's new model Landon (left). The fact the model isn't white (something of a miracle over at Sean Cody) inevitably
gets reported on, and inevitably causes a huge sh*tstorm in various comments sections. Your correspondent has chosen to abstain from that particular slanging match. I will say one thing about Landon, however: OMG!

• Openly gay, Guyana-born independent artist Nhojj (right) tops the MTV Top 100 with Love, the theme song from Kirk Shannon Butts' gay romance Blueprint.

• Disney: Ex-gays a
"nuance" that can't be accommodated. Brilliant.

• Kellan Lutz (left) - some sort of actor, I suppose - snapped by sleazy paparazzi as he goes about his daily business in LA. In grey trackies. Sigh.

• US soap One Life To Live's gay couple Kyle and Fish are being
written out and will be off screen by mid-April.

• Sean Hayes - of Will & Grace fame - comes out. Everyone gets upset/angry/indignant he didn't tell the public about his private life sooner.

• A gay version of Grease!
is to be staged by The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington D.C.

• Proposed Florida bill denies tax breaks to films
that feature gay characters.

Bromosexuals: openly gay, but forever mistaken for straight.

• Taylor Siluwé: Roseanne was right about the Mormons and teen suicide, however tactless.

• Former Colorado Christian school principal Daniel Brock (right) is
acquitted of "sexually touching" and "fondling" two male students; one of the students committed suicide a week after the principal's acquittal.

• And in other hypocrites news... Join Facebook's 1,000,000 Gay Men and Allies Against Roy Ashburn Having Sex Ever Again.

• Washington DC: Marriage license applications
surge from about 50 to nearly 500 in the first week gay marriage became legal.

From Disgust To Humanity: Why has a divided America taken gay rights seriously? A philosopher credits the power of imagination.

• OMG... A rainbow coalition of male flesh parade in Calvin Klein underwear, in the full-length X campaign video featuring Mehcad Brooks, Kellan Lutz, Hidetoshi Nakata and Fernando Verdasco. I'm dizzy and going for a lie down. See it full screen

• interviews 25-year-old Haitian-American muscle God Max "The Body" Philisaire (left), who we really, really like a lot, here at ka-os|theory.

• Uganda: ABC's Nightline
video report on the anti-gay bill.

• Uganda: Homophobia a
sign of impending genocide?

• Uganda:
Being Gay in Uganda - One Couple's Story.

• Uganda: Obama administration meets with gay leaders.

• Kenya: A Christian Radio Station in Mombasa is continuing to
broadcast threats against local the LGBT community.

• Malawi: Peter Tatchell has
urged Amnesty International to regard jailed couple Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga as "prisoners of conscience" in their campaign for their release.

• Malawi: Norway
turns the thumbscrews on Malawi.

• They shipped the Bel Ami boys in for
Gay Pride in Cape Town. If I could be bothered, I could say something about them being just the right shade for our Afrikanner friends, but I can't.

• Gay Jamaicans
attacked by mob.

• Taiwan: Gay issues to be
integrated into school curriculum.

• Butt Magazine
interviews Singaporean filmmaker and part-time go-go boy Loo Zihan.

• Gay couples
find surrogate mothers in India, where commercial surrogacy is a booming industry.

• 27-year-old Saudi man
sentenced to 1,000 lashes, a year in jail and a fine of 5,000 riyals ($US1,330) after appearing in a humourous, amateur gay video.

• Buenos Aires: Judge revokes same-sex marriage decision, orders return of marriage licenses. Paul from California comments, "How Christian to forcibly annul the partnership, deny them the legal benefits, and publicly humiliate them. I'm sure God is smiling."

• Painted booty: 13-year-old's
punishment for tagging.

• At least it wasn't one of their police officers. They're all lard arses,

• And now a
speedo break from Made In Brazil.

• Pope's brother admits abusing children, and ignoring the victims of child abuse.

• Serbia: Gays
face an uphill battle.

• Czech Railways is
controlled by homosexuals, apparently. I have visions of the Bel Ami boys and a big shiny steam train...

• Young Swedes
most likely to be bisexual.

• Are the Outgames and the Gay Games

• Australia's opposition leader
feels threatened by gays.

• Every secondary school in Scotland is to
receive a copy of Rikki Beadle-Blair's anti-homophobia film FIT (left). Beadle-Blair said: "When on tour I would ask the kids how many people thought homosexuality was wrong. In every single school the vast majority, about 80 percent, would put their hands up. But kids would come up after the performance and say quite openly, 'I walked into this room homophobic and will leave it a changed person.'"

Ten-year-old's gay jibe lands him on hate register.

• Cyberbullying
leads to depression in LGBT youth.

• Man
on trial for biting longterm partner's cheek after a threesome with a man they met online.

• Gay Asian men in Yorkshire are facing
increasing racial abuse from within the gay community.

• What's that they say, "you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep?" The Conservative Party's closest political allies, the Ulster Unionist party,
are rabidly homophobic.

• Escort ads in gay magazines
may become illegal.

• The job advert that
discriminates against straights.

• Celibacy
linked to paedophilia. Gee, ya think?

• Homophobic Christian registrar Lillian Ladele (left) has been
refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. She was dismissed by London's Islington Council after refusing to carry out gay civil partnership ceremonies.

• But the vile harpy might
take her case to the European Court of Human Rights.

• Why forcing churches to hold gay civil partnership ceremonies is a
victory for religious freedom.

• It's Ronan Keating - but
not as you know him.

• Northern Ireland: Two Lithuanians are jailed for life for the homophobic killing of supermarket boss Shaun Fitzpatrick two years ago.
Article includes video report.

David Vilaseca, a professor in Hispanic studies and critical theory, "produced original and innovative studies of a number of writers, mostly gay, and exiles from their native land or language". Vilaseca was killed last month.

• The Big Picture: Scenes from Kenya, left and right
(40 pictures).

• The
state of black South Africa.

• Colonialism never dies: Zimbabwe's white farmers
plan to seize Zimbabwean-owned property in South Africa.

• Speaking of colonialism... I'm not the only one who thinks living in Australia sucks. But just how irritating are the people who do move there?

• The real Australia: Two Aussie teenagers charged over
brutal attack on disabled tourist.

Taming Brazil's favelas.

• 2010 Carnival, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 7th March,
in pictures. Left, right and below; thanks to Mario Sessions for the pictures.

2010 Carnival 2

• The Big Picture: Chile, nine days later, below left and right (41 pictures).

• The U.S. Department of State releases the
2009 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.

• The
end of the road for Barack Obama?

• US: Minority births to
outnumber white births.

• Maybe when that time comes, more people will buy black Barbie dolls, and Walmart won't have to sell them at half the price of white dolls. Pretty clear cut commercial decision here, but it presses all the right buttons.

Salt ban for New York eateries?

• London to Beijing
in two days on new high-speed trains that travel almost as fast as aeroplanes.

• Yes, Minister? Civil servants
imitate answering machines.

• We're constantly told why gay couples shouldn't be allowed to adopts, or have children of their own. Here's the latest example of
heterosexual familial abuse.

AIDS virus can hide in bone marrow, and circumcision may not cut the spread of HIV among gay men.

• Latest laser eye surgery
"practically painless".

• Get your trainers on: Joggers
have more sex.

• Stressed men
"make odd sexual decisions".

• Bring me fun bring me sunshine and bring me love...
Vitamin D triggers and arms the immune system. Bad luck if you live in Finland.

• Eggs are a superfood and we should all eat at least one a day.

• Good news for Rosé-glugging slappers in town centres across Blighty!
Wine doesn't make women fat.

• Warning:

• Urban myths: How to
get away with drink driving.

Black penguin.

• Squirrels
with hats.

• Dogs
in make-up.

Twin baby elephants!

• Just how much will
sell for?

• And the
10 most expensive domain names...

• ...and could .gay, .islam and .xxx soon
become a reality?

• Google wants to
take over TV too.

• 3D TV "the norm" within 5 years.

• Introducing the
Microsoft Courier - the iPad challenger.

Imaginary Architectures, a collection of blown-glass installation pieces by Spanish designers El Ultimo Grito. They'll go on display at the Aram Gallery in London from 26th March.

• Fixing the world with Lego
(11 more pictures).

Giant coin!

• Sales of vinyl records, cassette tapes
rise; CD sales continue to fall.

Shiny Shiny: A Future History of the CD Revival, dated March 2022. Brilliant!

• Wow... Haddaway's 1993 Eurodance classic What Is Love stripped back to a
"spare, heartbreaking soul ballad". Fascinating.

Meet London MC Tinie Tempah.

• Wrap your PNS up
with some JLS.

• JLS condoms are
too big for Mr Average.

• Charlie Brooker
reviews Sky's Pineapple Dance Studios. Scratch that, Charlie Brooker tries to make sense of Sky's Pineapple Dance Studios. I've seen it. I'm scarred for life.

• It's the show he was made for: the male cast of Desperate Housewives consists of well past their use-by-date middle-aged queens, so coiffed, primped and preserved they look like butch lesbians trying too hard to be feminine. Step right up, John Barrowman...

EastEnders token gay John Partridge (left)
brands Coronation Street token gay Antony Cotton (right) a stereotype.

• New Doctor Who star Matt Smith on sonic screwdrivers, Steven Moffat and following David Tennant.

Wizard of Oz
set for 3-D in not one but two remakes.

• Newly ripe Taylor Lautner has threatened to
lose weight - and muscle - if a role requires it.

Tron: Legacy, trailer:

• Diesel Washington asks...

• And finally, help Davey Wavey find his fetish.

Issue 55 of The News According To Garçon Stupide
covers the period 7th-11th March 2010.

(What do all the headlines for each edition of
The News According To Garçon Stupide have in common?)

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Corve said...

I agree with Washington that these guys today are not porn stars. The guys ten years ago those were porn stars. I grew up in a time where if you were a porn star you had to do all the stuff he mentioned.

Call em out. lol

Congrats to that Guyanese singer

ƉƟѴІΞLΞΞ © said...

good job mr kaos

Garçon Stupide said...

Mister Washington indeed speaks the truth. He really does take seriously the business of giving the audience what it wants.

Compare him to that pointless waste of space Babyboy at CocoDorm, who holds back on everything and does nothing, believing we, the audience, are lucky to even have his presence...

And I love Diesel's voice. In fact I love Diesel fullstop. *Sigh*

Eric Arvin said...


And the John Barrowman comment was funny!

Mike said...

oh. i miss kenya. unfortunately their population growth of 4% had destroyed the country. people seem to be everywhere there now. the pics tell the story - people and animals - who's more important?

i was on south georgia last month, but i didn't see the black penguin. but i did see LOTS of penguins and seals. cool place.

Diesel Washington voice of authority - back when porn was still on DVD in 2006? WTF - I haven't watched a porn on DVD since 2004.

Garçon Stupide said...

Over-population is the biggest problem facing the world that no one wants to talk about. Try telling straights to stop breeding though...

LOL... If I had a bigger budget I think I'd still buy porn on DVD - quality stuff worth paying for like Kristen Bjorn, Bel Ami and Enrique Cruz. But I don't so I can't.

Niyi Maximus Crown said...

So it turns out that Jack from Will and Grace is actually gay in real life...

Right then

Garçon Stupide said...

I know. It's staggering, isn't it? Who'd have thought?

Maybe Graham Norton will come out next, or Dale Winton.

Niyi Maximus Crown said...

I know right...

In other news, the new Sean Cody model... There's nothing else to say.


ToddyEnglish said...

Nooooo Taylor Noooooooo! Don't lose that body.
On that note it is really sad that I'm anticipating Twilight 3 just so I can see his abs and arms.
Damn you Taylor Lautner. God Damn you.

Garçon Stupide said...

How long do you think it'll be before he plays a gay role?

ToddyEnglish said...

I think in a few years. Once it sets in that all the little gay boys of the world love him he'll probably be in Another Gay Movie 3.

Garçon Stupide said...

LOL LOL LOL... Another Gay Movie 3? That's a bit optimistic... Still, with that franchise's tradition of also casting porn stars (Matthew Rush then Brent Corrigan), we can now imagine who he'd get paired up with.

Personally, I'd like to see him bent over by Diesel Washington.

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