History is incoherent and immoral

Pictures: 29-year-old French model Ronny, lensed by Djé. There's more of Ronny over at boy|kulture.

Title quote: "History is incoherent and immoral." Henry Adams, 1838-1918, American historian.


Mike said...

There is no such thing as morality. therefore, history can be immoral, innit? morality is a fleeting concept.

history reflects what WAS wrong with the past. but the future reflects what IS wrong with today.

I've only recently come to notice your titles, especially the "Lensed" titles. VERY WITTY! someone's staying up late thinking, or drinking..... :)

Garçon Stupide said...

Interesting thoughts Mike.

Glad you like (and noticed) the quotes in the titles. For the record, I'm always up late drinking.

Forbidden Light said...

I am stealing these photos for my page! I hope you don't mind...They would accompany my post rather perfectly!

Thank you, Garcon, You have the best eye...

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