AN 18 YEAR-OLD boy has been stabbed to death in Deptford, South London.

The body of Adam Pervaiz (right) was found in the stairwell of a block of flats around noon today. He is the 7th boy to die as the result of violent crime this year; less than a fortnight ago, 16 year-old Oluwaseyi Ogunyemi was stabbed to death in Lambeth.

In 2008, the lives of 28 teenage boys were prematurely curtailed.

*Last updated 20:23hrs 10/05/09.

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Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine is a school psychologist. I'm a technology guy who is very political.

I really should make a jump into politics someday. But I hate being 'owned'. I just need a good advisory position on some politicians staff to push through some real changes in the way we handle development issues.

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