THIS ONE'S CALLED TAYO. He describes himself as a "High-End Board Model". I assume that isn't a typo. Even if it isn't, whilst Tayo might be a bored model, we certainly ain't bored by his androgynous snaps. On an entirely unrelated subject, Eurovision's on this weekend. I'd like to have laughed along (or at) with a bredrin or two, but it seems most of my friends are either, a) in other countries right now, b) in prison, or c) selfish, self-absorbed c**ts. You know who you are. "I gotta get some new friends," Elaine once said in Seinfeld. I hear ya luv. EVERYTHING LENSED


Dusty Boot said...

wow. a tad weird.....

ka-os said...

I know. His features are extraordinarily feminine, right?

But good weird!

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