I'M A LITTLE late with this, but since I missed it, maybe you did to.

After literally years of rumours and missed release dates, Columbia Records has announced that Maxwell's long-awaited fourth studio album, BLACKsummers'night, will definitely be released on 7th July - this year.

It's been 8 years since his last album, Now, which featured Fortunate, For Lovers Only and This Woman's Work. Maxwell is one of the lost generation of genius neo-soul artists who burned bright and brief. D'Angelo released Voodoo in 2000, and Lauryn Hill took 10 years to follow up her debut. Fortunately, Maxwell doesn't appear to have been damaged by any demons he might be fighting, as his aforementioned peers have been. A recent tour boosted the notoriously private and retiring singer: "Just the encouragement, you can't imagine," Maxwell says, speaking at a launch event in New York last week. "I'm an insecure person at best... I feel like going on the road, I got so much inspiration. "I didn’t intentionally step away from all of it, but I just wanted to… live my life a little bit, and then be able to make music with that pure experience again." I really can't wait for this record to drop. July can't come soon enough.

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