No race holds the monopoly of beauty


Evil white women keep their hands off our black men! That's the gospel according to Jill Scott...

If you love someone of another colour: you're worth nothing.

If you have a black daddy and a white mummy: you're worth nothing.

Don't so much as look at a black man, 'cos all you wanna do is slap some shackles on him and use his huge, black-

Kind of makes you wonder just which demonic "Caucasian" ice princess stole Jill Scott's precious Black stud. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

Jill Scott talks about being pro-love, about unity, about fighting racism. She talks, but what comes out is hate. Jill Scott is disgusting: how dare she shit all over everyone doesn't fit her narrow world view of relationships? Who made her judge and jury?

What about those kids who are the product of interracial relationships, who read her righteous, pro-separatism garbage? Did she take a moment to think about how it would make them feel?

I'm so sorry you don't approve of interracial love, Jill Scott. But frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. The world's a bigger, better place than you would have us believe, and fortunately, people like you are in the minority. I'm sorry to have to inform you that black people, and white people, and every other kind, are very much in love (and lust) with one another - RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE - and there's nothing you can do about it.

Poor ignorant, blinkered Jill Scott wants no part of the solution: like fellow racist separatists Jasmyne Cannick and James Earl Hardy, she's The Problem. But perhaps a solution of sorts can be found there: Hardy could inseminate them both, breeding an army of nasty little separatists. A sort of Westboro Baptist Church set-up. Ah, but sadly, Cannick's a big dyke, and Hardy likes to keep the big
bBlack studs all for himself...

MORE: Jill Scott and Interracial Marraige (The Wince)

Title quote: "No race holds the monopoly of beauty, of intelligence, of strength." Aimé Césaire, Martiniquan poet, 1913-2008.


ZION`OLOGY said...

I read this article last night in disbelief in what she was sayin..I wish people would just live and let live!...this is 2010 and still blacks people are bothered by black men marrying white women, where in the bible does it state blacks should be married to blacks alone and not to any other race, this is very ridiculous and frankly its getting old and people needs to get over it already, the only thing that matters is find someone who loves and makes u happy regardless of skin color. Jill has had two black men in her life, her first husband and her baby daddy and she couldn’t hold on to either one of them. She nears to address the issues of her bitter, mean, argumentative personality first off. We don’t own black men and most of us don’t want to, but the weeping and moaning black women who blame other women because they cannot keep a man, are the loudest and get the most press. I am so sick and tired of this pity party from women like this. Live your life and allow others to live theirs.

Garçon Stupide said...

Well said Zion`ology.

This really hurt because prior to this I was a Jill Scott fan. Not no more. :(

Stupendous said...

wow. when did she say this?! i really thought she was a good, intelligent woman (and was actually about to buy her last album), but i can't get down with someone who thinks this way... thats a real shame.

ToddyEnglish said...

Her comments made me wince upon reading them. I am actually shocked that Jill would publicly air her grievances. I am shocked that someone so brilliant and earth mothery harbored these types of personal inadequacies.
Jill just further fueled the erroneous stereotypes about African American women being deemed: undesireable, bitter, and etc al.
I just feel that everyone should love themselves and care about finding the right individual for them...Packaging should NOT matter.
My grandmum and dad were together for 50 years (before he died)and had twelve children.
How can you begrudge anyone true love and happiness? I'm not feelin her on that.
In addition why is she not wincing at the numerous black women that are with a white man?

Trojan Gayle said...

I read the link that (Jill Scott's) and thought that her views didn't equate to what your article was saying.

In a perfect world love is blind, the reality is that love isn't blind and your colour and culture does matter and in turn effect the treatment society gives you.

All people should have the right to choose who to love, but when people choose one race over another especially their own. I can understand that wince that Jill Scott describes.

Your article implies that interracial love is the way forward and is without problems. You also imply that is supported by the majority of black people, I'm not sure where you got that opinion from.

I personally would have an issue with someone who only dated black men, as I would never really know if they with me because of me or because I am black.

I know this differs with the views expressed here... but i have know people who discount their own race as a potential partner and that is a real shame.

On another note, keep up the good work and I love your blog!

Garçon Stupide said...

Trojan - nowhere do I state that "the majority of black people" support interracial love.

What I said was that her hateful views are in the minority. That doesn't translate to majority support for interracial r/ships.

Clearly, it's something that bothers you - what does it matter if someone chooses one race over another? It doesn't matter, except to people with a chip on their shoulder.

That's not to say I don't understand why some people get uptight about seeing "one of their own" sleeping with the enemy (which is what it boils down to). People like Jill Scott think that someone's choice to date someone from another race is a reflection on them, which is massively egocentric, and warped.

I've dated mostly black men my whole life - so I guess that means you have an issue with me. I'm sorry who I date is such a problem for you - but it's my choice, and the choice of the men I've dated.

Your assertion, "I would never really know if they with me because of me or because I am black" is a tired argument trotted out by racial separatists who wish to paint the white men who "steal" "their" black men as jungle fever-struck.

Such an argument not only makes sweeping assumptions about every white person in an interracial relationship, but also those black people who like whites (and others - or is it just black on white that you object to?)

It seems to me that black separatists only really object to black/white relationships, and not black/Asian/Oriental/Latin etc.

I know a few black guys who exclusively date white - so what? Who's it a shame for? Does their choice suddenly leave you short of black men?

Lastly, do YOU only date black men because they're black, or because you like them as individuals? Your argument applies to you too: if your criteria is race, then you're guilty of what you're accusing "interracialists" of...

taylorSiluwé.com ..... said...

Garçon Stupide ...

Maybe she's distinguishing "inter-racial love" (which she says she supports) as different from inter-racial relationships, though I don't see how anyone could parse such a thing.

My conclusion from what I listened to and read is she's speaking from a painful, soul-sucking place of black women in the long history of America, and voicing that quiet twinge of "betrayal" that a lot of black women feel when they see a black man with a white women. As much as I like and respect you and want to find a basis for the vile racist claims you're making, I can not.

Its all about acceptance, and it happens by degrees. A friend of mine told me that the gay equality movement won't be fully successful until we get past what he called the Two Beats syndome. As out and proud as we may be, when first making acquaintances or with new co-workers, there is that moment when its time to make it clear. They may asks, "Do you have a girl?" And thats when many of us pause, just a second or two, before we either make it clear or skirt the question. Two beats to decide to be authentic or not.

Historically, what Jill says is true. As an out and proud black gay man, I sometimes feel twinges: when I see inter-racial couples, when I see a black woman pushing a white baby in a stroller, when I kiss my man in public or hold his hand and display overt same sex affection.

None of those twinges are ones I want to feel, but I do. We've come a long way, but we have much further to go. I think that's the dialogue Ms. Scott is inspiring, and I think its our sensitivity to these uncomfortable subjects that make us bristle at the thought of having negative reactions to couplings that we all know are as natural as breathing.

Love is love, and its what Jill Scott sings about. I think we need to give her a break, and applaud her (and anyone else) who speaks about uncomfortable subjects such as this.

Garçon Stupide said...

Taylor: That all sounds very reasonable, but I can't help thinking this:

What about us? And by us, I mean the many of us in interracial relationships (whatever form they take). When the righteous separatists start talking about the horrors of slavery, and the injustices of the past, and use that to justify why they think "their own" should stick with "their own", no one defends us. We're easy targets.

Jill Scott sugar coats it and talks about love, but actually, she's advocating division, and hate.

That "little wince" is a cutesy, false, cowardly way of defending her ignorant views: sugar-coated hate nicely packaged for the masses.

taylorSiluwé.com ..... said...

Garçon Stupide ...

I still can't find the racism, or even separatism in what she said. She talks about retaining our heritage, and that goes for everyones, be they Irish, Native American, Palestian et al ....

That 'twinge' is something that is beyond our control. In my example, its internalized homophobia at its root. Though I know in my rational mind my gay relationships are just as deserving of respect, still, there's a twinge.

I know the struggles of interracial couples over the years and applaud them when I see them, still, theres a little something, a kernel in my soul that still feels something is askew with the relationship.

Yeah. Its wrong as hell. But its also involuntary and a result of society's twisted history of class and racial hierarchal structuring. We'll all be dead by the time they straighten out all the indoctrinated BS we have in our heads (if ever).

But we all get those twinges about this or that. Still, the "us" you speak of does have its defenders. You, me, and a lot of other people defend mixed-relationships. Just that fact the we even SAY inter-racial or mixed marriages or even Same-Sex marriages says we have so far to go.

Jill Scott is just speaking an ugly painful truth about the horrible things that flash through our minds, but since we are not ourselves "horrible", we don't speak them.

What flashes in your mind when you see a beautiful young man with old fat chick? She must have money. Not that they'e in love, or that it shouldn't matter that she's not hot, just that she makes be paying for it.

Or a beautiful young woman with an ugly older dude. Same thing. Gold-digger.

None of these are necessarily true, but we think them. We judge each other and make snap assessments every day. Jill just pointed out one of those things involving race, but I believe when she stressed that she celebrates love in all its forms it should put to bed any claims of racism.

Not racist, just true. And if she does have racism in her heart, its just a kernel, and one we all have despite how progressive we believe ourselves to be.

Garçon Stupide said...

Well argued Taylor, but I simply can't agree. Perhaps that's inevitable, because she's attacking me personally, and those I love.

In this instance, you're a black man standing alongside a black woman, talking about shared pain and suffering and experience. I suspect (and I might be wrong), that although you defend mixed race relationships, ultimately, you'd rather be in a relationship with "someone who looks like you" (to coin a phrase). On that basis, your testimony is skewed in favour of the separatists - as much as mine is skewed in favour of inclusiveness.

As someone I respect enormously, I want to be convinced by your argument, but I'm not.

Assuming for a minute that one agrees with her, you have to then ask why she feels it necessary to air her views, and what possible purpose it serves.

The separatists and racists (again, assuming they're not one and the same) will already agree. A bunch of people will be indifferent because it's not relevant to them. And then there's all the people she's hurting with her words: those of us in "interracial relationships", and, importantly, their children (who, ironically, will grow to be people the black separatists claim as "their own".)

What positive benefit does this wealthy celeb

There is none.

On that note, it's a bit disingenuous to compare her disapproval of mixed race relationships to a scenario whereby we look unfavourably upon "a beautiful young man with old fat chick". There's no comparison. I appreciate the point you're trying to make with the analogy but it's not helpful. It's like saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover, but hey, there's no smoke without fire!"

Her comments are straight out of the James Earl Hardy "pro-black means anti-white" school of hate. I doubt she cares about brothas stepping out with Puerto Rican, Japanese or Pakistani gals.

One last thing. You say, "she stressed that she celebrates love in all its forms" and that that puts "to bed any claims of racism".

She said it defensively, when she was challenged. It's like a white person saying "some of my best friends are black."

You're right. We all get twinges, and we all judge. But she's doing so with a malicious agenda, and she's coming after a whole group of people, some of whom don't deserve it (and some who do: yes, there are black men who prize the white trophy wife, and white women desperately seeking a "big black stud"). She's coming after me, and those I love, a diverse group of people in interracial relationships, gay and straight, black and white. I'm not going to take that lying down.

Oura said...


Just read through all the stuff that she said in the link at the top and I'm a bit confused...

on the one hand, I don't believe she's said anything that's racist, just that there is still a lot of internalised issues going on around the world (similar to internalised homophobia).

on the other, I really can't stand it when people go on and oooonnnnnn about stuff that happened aaaages ago and try and link it to current day affairs. In this case the slave trade

Now I know that racism is still a major issue around the world, but the slave trade isn't!! (at least not for the part of the world that we live in) So for her to bring up all that "History" for the soul purpose of saying "this is why I wince" is complete bull shit.

You are not a slave Jill Scott, you may have grown up in a rough part of america but that is not the same thing as slavery. Do not use history to justify your present woes (all of which are internal as she freely admited).

This isn't to say that her issue isn't shared by others, as per my example lots of people aslo suffer from internalised homophobia, among other things, but that's not an issue she has a right to throw at a whole group of people just because "it hurts"...

Yes we can blame our current society and media for maipulating us, brianwashing us, and instilling these horrible thoughts into our minds (be they a "wince" of any kind, or internalised phobias), but that means ultimately your gripe is with mass media and the way of the world, so there's no reason to blanket an assault against a MASSIVE group of people like that with a personal confusion.

We all have issues Jill, just deal with it, the rest of us do!!!

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