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||| Model David Agbodji takes to the catwalk for Jeffrey Fashion Cares in New York.

||| Robin Williams becomes the official ka-os|theory Favourite Person.
He said Australians are "basically English rednecks". I love him.

||| Ricky Martin: How many variations of "Duh", "Yawn", "So what?" can the jaded, bitter, and joyless amongst us possibly come up with? Try and crack a smile, try wish someone well, try and be happy - go on, it won't hurt.

||| Ricky Martin:
Read his official statement.

||| Ricky Martin: Why it matters: "Whether U.S. fags approve or not, Ricky is a prominent figure here, and more importantly, in Latino América. Ricky’s coming out makes it possible for young boys in countless homes to imagine themselves as something other than confused."

||| Ricky Martin: Comes out after years
trapped in showbusiness hypocrisy.

||| Ricky Martin: Coming out will
boost his career.

||| Ricky Martin: He couldn't
elude gaydar.

||| Ricky Martin: What will the
economic fallout be?

||| Ricky Martin:
Why the GBLT community in Nepal particularly thrilled with the news.

||| Ricky Martin: The
20 Straightest Photos Of Ricky Martin.

||| Ricky Martin:
In pictures.

||| Ricky Martin: Did his (fellow Puerto Rican) boyfriend
threaten to out him?

||| Ricky Martin: Libel laws kept it secret all this time. So
does that mean that celebrity reporters are keeping a lid on many, many more gay relationships in Hollywood? Yes, yes, it does.

||| Ricky Martin:
9 lingering questions now that he's come out. (Only the last question really intrigues me.)

||| Ricky Martin: Okay, so
they got me. Pesky April Fools...

||| Bisexual wrestler Orlando Jordan (right, centre) premieres on "major U.S.-based professional wrestling promotion" TNA.

||| Derrick Martin - the Georgia prom teen who we've been hearing a lot about lately -
is made an honorary member of the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus.

||| What does the rest of the town - and his friends -
think about it all?

||| Oklahoma man who sued for 'IM GAY' license plate
found dead. Queerty has more.

||| Police investigate threatening messages about "gay Jesus" play.

||| Don't Ask, Don't Tell: The
impact of new rules on gays in the military.

||| Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Dan Choi ain't impressed with the new, "softer" rules: "The reason why 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is so repugnant is because it forces people to be in the closet and lie, and that hasn't changed."

||| Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
Casualties of the War on Equality: the victims of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

||| Can animals be gay? The answer, of course,
is yes: Various forms of same-sex sexual activity have been recorded in more than 450 different species of animals.

||| Can NHL players be gay? Yes - 42 percent of NHL players
believe there's a gay player in their locker room.

||| Can the United States President be gay? Maybe - half of Americans said they
would support an openly gay president.

||| Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives screening
will go ahead despite protests by GLAAD.

||| Failed Whore News,
just in: "Markus (left), Nevada's first ever legal 'prosti-dude', has packed up his peen and quit the ho business after only 2 months on the stroll."

||| Uganda: United States
giving millions of dollars in aid to anti-gay Ugandan regime.

||| Zimbabwean GBLT community
betrayed by homophobic Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

||| Iraq: The
most dangerous place on earth for gays?

||| Indonesia: Islamist fundamentalists
attack an international conference led by ILGA-Asia (a branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association).

||| Indonesia: The UK's Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association
condemn the surrender by Indonesian police to the Islamic mob.

||| Indonesia: The state
has failed in its job to protect the rights of the minorities.

||| India: Gay couple
forced to divorce.

||| New Zealand: Faggot, cocksucker, amongst
most unacceptable words in broadcasting.

||| Hungarian Constitutional Court
affirms registered partnerships for gay couples.

||| Why can't the media treat the Pope fairly?

||| Catholic priests
are not the only child abusers: Children are most at risk in their own homes, yet we don't demonise fathers.

||| Oh, and it's not a paedophilia crisis, it's a homosexual crisis. Yes, it's time to
blame the gays.

||| Raped by Father Flanagan? New "Priest-Off"
repels ordained clergy:

||| Conservative MEPs consistently vote against gay rights, women rights. Just a taste of what David Cameron's got in store for Britain: One Tory MEP opposed, and 16 abstained, a motion calling on the Croatian government to do more to crack down on homophobic attacks in the country. No Tory MEPs voted in favour.

||| David Cameron, the Conservative leader,
won't rule out rolling back a recent change in legislation that removes obstacles for lesbians seeking IVF treatment.

||| Conservatives evasive on gay rights issues...

||| ...And a Conservative councillor
is suspended after posting homophobic slurs on his Facebook page.

||| Manchester: 17-year-old left a bloody mess following homophobic gang attack.

||| 500 march in Exeter's
first ever gay pride paarade.

||| With FIT, we finally have an anti-homophobia school film in a language that speaks directly to kids.

||| Peccadillo Pictures will release the fourth volume of gay film shorts,
Boys On Film, on 26th April.

||| EastEnders: Controversial gay Muslim storyline
will climax this month with an anti-gay hate crime.

||| Me and my school photo: Boy George
remembers lots of shouting and canings.

||| Every boyband's got one - so which of the JLS boys
is gay?

||| A staggering 24 teenagers have so far
been arrested in connection with the stabbing of Sofyen Belamouadden last week.

||| Joanna Lumley: boys are carrying knives
because Britain no longer has an empire.

||| Oh dear. The rightwing British National Party have had to
hire security guards to protect a billboard (below) - the party's first - from graffiti and other damage.

||| Stuck for a gift for that special someone? How about some designer kidnapping?

||| Beekeepers
no longer outlaws in the Big Apple.

||| Why did Cameron Dabaghi, left,
jump to his death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building?

||| The Big Picture: Afghanistan, March 2010, below
(41 more pictures).

||| Polaroids from Marlon Teixeira's MTCasting go-see. Exceptionally newsworthy, I'm sure you'll agree.

||| Does British Summer Time
damage our health? It damages mine, that's for sure.

||| Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change: inertia and democracy
to blame for lack of action.

||| The Big Picture: Earth Hour 2010, above (25 more pictures). Very cool "click image to see it fade" transitions, make sure to check them out!

||| Toads
know when earthquakes are coming.

||| Now
this is what I call vision: Solar City Tower for Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Olympic Games.

||| Event Horizon.

||| Good ole Georgie boy's up to his old tricks again (
according to the tabloids anyway). All I can say is: You go gurl! And give him one from me!

||| N-Dubz (right)

||| JLS to record second album
in United States.

||| Jill Scott doesn't think black people and white people should mix.

||| The wait is over. The redesigned TARDIS interior - which will make its debut on Saturday -
is unveiled in the Radio Times.

||| The Bill cancellation: More on the
impact the cop drama's axing will have on actors.

||| Idris Elba
on The Wire: "I didn't watch it much".

||| David Mills (right), the television writer and producer behind The Wire, is dead. He was 48.

||| David Mills,
remembered by journalist peers.

||| From the Baltimore Sun: David Mills' death
hits creative community hard.

||| Shame... Uma Thurman movie Motherhood
closes after taking £88.

||| Ashley Walters (left)
returns to prison to meet inmates.

||| Contracorriente, a new gay film from Peruvian filmmaker Javier Fuentes León:

||| The origin of coffee.

||| Pac-Man
eats the moon!

||| Finally, let's visit the Tired Old Queen At The Movies - it's his 25thbirthdayepisode, ya know!

Issue 59 of Garçon Reports covers the period
27th March - 1st April 2010 - plus some stuff I missed!

(What do all the top headlines for each edition of
"Garçon Reports" have in common?)

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"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come.
The whole thing's been ridiculous."

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ToddyEnglish said...

I just want Ricky to record some more club bangers and start droppin it like it's hot again (this time in a thong)!
I read that male giraffes have orgies. It is time to get these animals converted to Christianity and saved.
Ironically, I thought we would have a gay President before a black one.
Are Markus' employers still hiring? If so I wanna submit my resume.
the second JLS boyband member (from the left) would be too obvious. My wish would be the one on the far right. So I'm guessing it's the one in the striped purple shirt...Something very Lance Bass going on there.
George Michaels is so gross now. He could have got it 20 years ago...Now. Ew.
I am still dissappointed with Jill. I love her music and voice.

Garçon Stupide said...

Toddy, the JLS boys, from left to right, are: JB, Aston, Ortise and Marvin. Everyone wants Marvin, so get in line. I'd take any of them, except maybe Ortise.

I'm not actually a fan of Ricky's music. I love "She's All I Ever Had", though...

Congrats on commenting in record time! lol

Corve said...

The biggest story is the one with Ricky Martin. I am happy he has done the honest thing, his kids will love him for that

Oura said...

Jesus was BI don't get it twisted! lol :p

Eric Arvin said...

I find Ricky Martin much more attractive now.

Trojan Gayle said...

Happy Easter Christopher - hope you got a visit from the Easter bunny!

Garçon Stupide said...

Who's Christopher?

thegayte-keeper said...

LOVE that Orlando Jordan...

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