He was just 15-years-old, and he was one of our own: Jason Mattison Jr.

From The Baltimore Sun:

"It didn't happen often, but sometimes a student - usually a boy - would poke fun at Jason Mattison Jr.

About his skin-tight jeans and funky sweaters. About his boisterous voice that seemed to run nonstop. About his exuberance in recounting the most mundane of events. About his flamboyant mannerisms. He was 15, a sophomore in high school, and he was gay.

Last week, at his aunt's house, one of the few occupied homes on a block boarded and sagging, he was found dead - raped, gagged with a pillowcase, stabbed repeatedly in the head and throat, and shoved into an upstairs closet."

More on this at The Baltimore Sun.


Eduardo Guize said...

This needs to stop

Joseph said...

Our Gay Angel Jason died because of the hellish institutions of heterosexuality and gender, institutions which must be completely destroyed.

Heterosexuality & gender must be destroyed because they are lies, lies that Jason's killer Dante lives within. Because all Homo Sapiens are attracted to all so-called "genders" to some degree, the lie of heterosexuality becomes a psychic poison and force of repression that leads to cruel social behaviors.

Dante used Jason because he was vulnerable and controllable, a way to maintain the facade of heterosexuality in the most oppressive way possible, by keeping his "same-gender" attraction imprisoned within a forced relationship that mirrored traditional gender constructs of patriarchal manhood and submissive femininity. Dante tried to keep Jason under control as well as SECRET. Dante probably killed Jason because Jason was no longer willing to let their forced relationship remain SECRET, a way to maintain the facade of heterosexuality & the alleged submissiveness of Femininity.

Dante seems to have a prison history, and in American prisons "manhood" is defined by rape; that is, the "man" is that which rapes the "punk" and the punk is that which is oppressed by rape. This prison construction of "same-gender" attraction mirrors the heterosexual lie. "Rape" is the effect of the lie of gender, the lie that "men" and "women" exist, the lie that "men" are all masculine and "women" are all Feminine.

Homo Sapiens is by far mostly Feminine; masculinity is but a form of Femininity, an evolutionary derivation.

Again, the lies of heterosexuality & gender killed Jason. Dante, as cruel and Self-hating as he is, has lived in heterosexual and gender hell for far too long. His cruel behavior was somewhat inevitable. This by no means is to ignore the damage he did to Jason's family, but i am sure Jason is doing more than fine...

Notice that "Angels" are neither female nor male, but both, and hopefully quite Gay!!!

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