• The much anticipated Do Começo Ao Fim (From Beginning To End) has premiered. So what's the verdict?

• Donnie McClurkin is at it again, seeing sexy young fem boys everywhere, and coming out against Tonex, who recently... er, came out. "I see feminine men, feminine boys, everywhere I go," she announces in the YouTube clips. Well point me in that direction love, I'm partial to a smooth'n'sexy fem Queen myself. But wait, there's more: "There are some evil young hard butch girls," Big Momma warns. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my...

• But all is not lost!
Enter Bishop Yvette Flunder... "I believe that these public hateful words directed to the Same Gender Loving community come from the need to instill fear of public ridicule in the hearts of those who may be considering coming out and come from folks who felt they were denied the opportunity to be authentic in their sexuality and remain successful in the mainline church."
• Speaking of bible nuts... "I think you are being extremely inappropriate right now and I'm about to leave your show." That's Barbie doll Carrie Precumjean talking to US chat show host Larry King. Well if anyone knows about what's appropriate and what isn't...

• The Starlite Lounge, New York City's "first black-owned gay bar, the oldest gay bar in Brooklyn and reportedly the oldest black gay bar in the United States", could close.

• Kenny Dash's Scandalous Stud Search Contest:
Camera Obsessed Michael has the pictures.

• The House of Xtravaganza hosts its first ball in five years.

shut down live massage. Killjoys.

Remember the New York cabbie who kicked a gay couple out of his cab for either hugging or having full sex (it depends who you believe)? Well, he's not an ignorant bigot, he's a poor, hard-working immigrant who's the victim of media-savvy guppies. Apparently.

• Larry Johnson
cut by Kansas City Chiefs following his homophobic outburst (amongst other things).

• We've previously heard about the war on Obama. Now, Fox News "For Stupid People" has
declared war on "politically-inclined blog[s] that leans to the left". As Oz's O'Reilly would say, "Nazi f**ks."

• File under "WTF!" The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormons)
have announced they support a gay protections bill approved by Salt Lake City Council.

• OMG! Joe.My.God., Gay Terrorist.

• The
economic case against homosexuality. (Well, they've tried everything else.)

• Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center
arson attack.

• Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center arson attack:
military link.

• University of Florida study
suggests military personnel with a gay or lesbian colleague in their unit had no significant impact on the unit's cohesion or readiness.

• That news will come as cold comfort to Nathanael Bodon, serving in Iraq, who's
being discharged under Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

• Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal
in 2010?

AllAmericanGuy Jasen Bruce (left) claims gay panic defense in priest attack case. Towleroad has video.

• Come work for the Cheesecake Factory! The pitch? It's a
"horribly dysfunctional workplace where male workers lived in fear". Hmm... maybe not.

• Elsewhere in the workplace, there's been a hoo-ha over
which restroom a transgender woman should use at a gym.

Restore Equality 2010 (the campaign to repeal Proposition 8 in California) will kick off later this month.

• David Kaufman writes in The Huffington Post about
marriage equality and the myth of gay Apartheid.

• Meanwhile in Connecticut...
Gay Marriage: One Year Later.

• Why legalising gay marriage would
protect straights as well as gays.

• Marriage and the generations: graph depicts the
generational shift on marriage equality.

• Gay rights, Obama and
low-hanging fruit left on the tree.

This stuff, for example.

• Jesus, Mary and Joseph! The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington D.C. is throwing its Catholic toys out of the pram. It's threatening to stop "
all social service programs in D.C. related to adoption, homelessness, health care and other areas".

• Demonstrators in Maine have held the Catholic church
to account following last week's equality defeat.

• Conclusive medical proof: these curbs on our freedom are bad for our health. The American Medical Association
have voted to oppose bans on gay marriage and openly gay personnel in the military.

• Sex sells HIV.

New Queer Cinema: Now or Never,
"a panel discussion on the state of independent queer cinema – then, now and toward the future" – was held yesterday.

• The British Government has been defeated in its attempt to introduce tough new laws against homophobic hate crime. A Conservative ammendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill - protecting freedom of speech - is to be retained.

• But it might
not be the end of the issue.

• Liverpool
will host Liverpool Pride 2010 - the city's first Pride festival in more than ten years - next August.

Gay marriage in the Netherlands.

• Gay marriage
(again) in the Australian Capital Territory.

Gay marriage in Argentina. (A little late for Marvin and Andreas, right, but there you go...) Towleroad has video of the gay Argentine couple who will be "the first gay couple in Latin America to get the right to marry".

• Philippines: The Commission on Elections has
rejected LGBT organisation Ang Ladlad on the grounds of sexual immorality and immoral doctrines.

• Gay groups in New Zealand are
calling for Beenie Man's invitation to perform at the annual Big Day Out festival be revoked.

• Indian election authorities will allow voters to three choices of gender voter forms: male, female and "other".

• India's Northern Railways
employs boxers and wrestlers in fight against ticketless passengers.

• Sébastien, a member of the Association for the Defense of Homosexuality, gives his
own account of his detention by Cameroon police for "promoting homosexuality".

• Three young Iranian men
are facing the death penalty for having homosexual relations.

UN special rapporteur says wealthy US ignoring deepening homeless crisis while pumping billions into bank rescues.

• September 11's other
legacy: cancer.

• September 11:
work starts on United flight 93 memorial park.

• "Bloodless" Obama
makes Americans wistful for Dubya.

Flip burgers in McGuantánamo Bay. You'll be lovin' it.

American soldier. Incredible photo essay showing a soldier's recruitment, induction, training, deployment, and return from combat. You must see this.
• From the sublime, to the ridiculous:
• It takes a boy to make it bad. Double standards in New York City.

• White is right! It's snowing in New York... at the Calvin Klein Jeans and underwear presentation, anyway.

• Grandpa Lagerfield
puts his little boy in suspenders. Altogether now - Aaaaaaaahhh!

Andy Warhol's Polaroids.

• Brazil is
plunged into darkness. More at Bloomberg.
The Economist: Brazil takes off.
• The Big Picture: Scenes from Havana, above and below (35 pictures).

• The Big Picture: The Berlin Wall, 20 years gone (38 pictures).
• David Haye relaxes in his boxers after beating Nikolai Valuev last Saturday.

Police given 3,000 word 'A to Z of drugs slang' to stay ahead of criminals.

• Koalas extinct
within 30 years.

• Bad move: deer jumps into the lion enclosure at Washington D.C. National Zoo.
• Animal pictures of the week (26 pictures).
Shark gives birth through bite wound at Auckland Aquarium.

• Polar bear

• Micro-pigs:

Winter bees.

• JLS debut album reviews: The Guardian, Scotsman, The Independent, The Observer, Digital Spy.

• The newly reformed Blue have
returned to the recording studio.

• Chipmunk
threatens suicide. On Twitter.

Fergie: Kanye made hip-hop gay-friendly. (And made himself look like a twat, but that's another matter.)

Omarion: No bisexual women for me. (I know - YAWN.)

The graph the record industry doesn't want you to see. It's here.

• Global warbling and Mutyageddon.
Be afraid.

• A fourth series of Torchwood
has been greenlit.

• Digital Spy talks to True Blood's Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette).

• File under "Things You'll Never See In America": Channel 5 is to use a newsreader with a facial disfigurement
for a week.

Why Britain could never make a show like The Wire.

• This week's
Gays of our Lives with Anthony D. Langford.

• Now
THIS is a building. Of course, Zaha Hadid is behind it...
• And lastly, a word from Timaya...

This edition of
World Outside My Window
(The Week According To Garçon Stupide)
was built from articles collated during the week
7th-13th November 2009.

"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come.
The whole thing's been ridiculous."


thegayte-keeper said...

Ahead of the curve...I like that...



Eduardo Guize said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about JMG controversy.

Timaya should be on TV!

Boy Uninterrupted said...

excellent wrap up as usual.

gay panic. hmmm. girls hit on me all the freakin time, sometimes shamelessly ... no str8 panic here: i've yet to reach for a crowbar.

Eric Arvin said...

That building is gorgeous!...and a little scary. It's scorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Donnie really made himself look stupid again..his statements were silly...but approved by Christians..

gotto love carrie prejean..- she's hot lol

Dusty Boot said...

Wonderful, as always, especially the photo essay on the soldiers. Lord knows I couldn't do Army. Navy is much more civilized. :)

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