• Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado: "I am writing to you about a tragic murder that has happened here in Puerto Rico. On November 14 the body of a gay 19 year old was found a few miles away from the town in which he was residing in called Caguas. He was a very well known person in the gay community of Puerto Rico, and very loved. He was found on the site of an isolated road in the city of Cayey, he was partially burned, decapitated, and dismembered, both arms, both legs, and the torso."

• Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado: Demonstrators
rally in San Juan; murder should be prosecuted as a hate crime, say LGBT community.

• Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado: Juan A. Martinez Matos
charged with first-degree murder.

• Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado: Matos
will use "gay panic" defense.

• Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado: Latino community shows solidarity in New York City;

• Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado: Vigils
planned across the U.S.

• Adopt a
Gay American Hero, and remember the boys taken from us.

• Mixed messages
from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on LGBT issues.

• Anti-gay Bishop Harry Jackson:
"Some of the smartest people I knew in college were gay," he says. "Some black students I knew who were gay were off-the-charts smart."

• He might wanna check up on his

• Silence equals sin:
out a priest!

• Another myth exploded:
Homosexuality no factor in priest sex abuse. Yes, WE KNEW ALREADY!

• God help us - because they won't: bible-thumpers
unite against the gays.

• Bucket c**t Carrie Precumjean has a back catalogue of
filthy sex videos. And pictures too! What would God say?

• And more of God's great

Is it wrong to report on a Marine starring in hardcore gay porn? This raises interesting points - what do you think?

• Photographer Jeff Sheng
seeks closeted military personnel for new project.

• Palin co-author Lynn Vincent's
anti-gay record.

• Palin admits she's a naïve quitter who loves porn.
• Retired military chaplains support repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

• Dolly Parton
on gay marriage: "I always say, 'Sure, why can't they get married? They should suffer like the rest of us do." Pink news has video.


• So some of us can get married - but how does one go about ditching the bitch? Seven tips for
dissolving gay marriages.

• Oops! Did Texas ban
ALL marriages? What will the Ewings do?

• Gay 16-year-old beaten with pipe; school
ignored plea for help; video.

• They sure do things differently in Americaland. Maths teacher Randolph Forde
put a hit out on a 16-year-old student after asking if he was gay. (Whereas in Blighty, he'd have given him his mobile phone number and sent sexts instead.)

Gays vs gays!

Gays vs ex-gays @ Palm Beach. It's ON.

• Out Magazine's
Out 100.

• Government expert:
Lesbians make better parents.

• Parenting lessons from straight people, Pt. 1:
Father 'executes son after teen confesses to sexually abusing sister'. Left and below right.

• Parenting lessons from straight people, Pt. 2: Mother of Shaniya Davis, 5, charged with prostituting daughter.

Gay man killed by sparring partner he paid to fight him.

• "Heterosexual audiences like laughing at gay men and so people like Alan Carr and Graham Norton fit that bill." Peter Tatchell
on how we're represented in mainstream pop culture.

• The German spy and his Macedonian informant: careless pillow-talk
between gay lovers.

• Austria
passes new law allowing civil partnerships for gay couples.

• Gay marriage
in Kuwait. Strict security was in place, apparently. File under: WTF?!

• We've been hearing about poor Beenie Man's living being stripped away city by city this year, and
last week, we heard about a planned appearance at New Zealand's Big Day Out. Well, OH DEAR. She won't be making any money out of this tour either: New Zealand have cancelled, and so has Australia (who can't be all bad, then).

• Meanwhile,
European homosexuals are recruiting in Africa. Apparently. No, it's not a snippet from the latest James Earl Hardy interview, it's Ugandan President Museveni.

Wig tief! OMG she didn't!
• The Italian town dreaming of a White Christmas.

Hate Obama? You may not be a racist. But you will be white.

• I wonder if Tupac could've worked
this factoid into his much-loved love song to California? "California, city of... banning..."

• The death of the CD player
is announced. Again.

• Google's digital book library moves a step

• Meet Saya, the
robot shop assistant. Yes, we're talking Japan.

Blue lights installed in Tokyo train stations to stop suicides.

• The Big Picture: On the shoreline
(36 pictures).
BigPic China soldiers
• India's solution to global warming: West must stop eating beef.

Indian woman divorces over husband's soap opera ban.

• Some African countries
are not viable. "Who are we to think that we can have 53 tiny little countries and be ready to compete with China, India, Europe, the Americans? It is a fallacy," philanthropist Mo Ibrahim says.

Word of the year: unfriend.

You can earn mid-3-figures modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch.

• One year on, the full story of Woolworths'

• A ghost forest springs up
in Trafalgar Square; in pictures.

• Plane stupid: bloody polar bears falling
from the sky.

• Good news for men and alcoholics: drinking everyday
protects your heart.

• Water
won't improve your skin, but fruit and vegetables will.

• A
brain a day keeps the doctor...

• Plastic is
feminising baby boys. (And that's a bad thing how, exactly?)

• Boffins have developed a
penile implant. For those of you who need one.
Animal pictures of the week sea horses
• Animal pictures of the week (30 pictures).

• Pig factory horror: "The video
shows a slew of horrors, including workers as they hurl baby pigs and slam them into transport carts, pick piglets up by their ears and tails, cut off the animals' tails with pliers, and rip off their testicles with their bare hands without any painkillers. (The sound of screaming piglets in the video made my skin crawl.) Their squealing mothers are shown scrambling to escape workers who slam spiked mallets into the animals' sides. Many pigs bear sores from their constant confinement—one mother pig suffered an excruciating prolapsed rectum for at least 13 days before she was killed."
• And there can't be anyone who hasn't seen the partially fried fish eaten alive.
• N-Dubz boys give rape statements.

Big Brother's Noirin gets her talons
into JLS's Aston. Slut.

• JLS: Christmas lights

"devastated" by the incident. Aww, never mind, come here boys, yeah, closer, ole Garçon will make it all better.

• Michael Jackson's face appears on baby scan. Getting them fresh in the womb now, eh Mikey?

• They had to be useful for something, I suppose... The new
Naked Men furniture range. Must be anchored to the wall to prevent toppling.

• Ian McKellen on the forthcoming remake of The Prisoner - and much more besides.

Charlie's Angels is the latest hit from yesteryear to face

Christmas is the season of awful adverts. Ain't it just.

• Ricky Whittle: "I
wanted to be white like everyone else at school."

• 22-year-old Devon Anderson will return to EastEnders after 12 years away to reprise his role as Billy Jackson.

Gays of our Lives; Anthony D. Langford guides us through a round-up of this week's gays in soaps, with plenty of video. Left, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

The art of writing a sex scene.

• Who thought it would be a good idea to build a subway station
that looks like a vagina?

• This is more like it:
Gimpo Art Hall, left, in South Korea.

• Or how about
Rotterdam Market Hall?

• And lastly, the boys and girls from ADTV ask Is It Too Big?!? Super sexy model Darnell Jefferson joins the discussion.

This edition of
World Outside My Window
(The Week According To Garçon Stupide)
was built from articles collated during the week
14th-20th November 2009.

"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come.
The whole thing's been ridiculous."


Eric Arvin said...

This was a truly shudder-worthy edition. There are some real pieces of ass-holery out there.

Anonymous said...

...interesting post
beenie man on the defense in jamaica



Dusty Boot said...

More disturbing than usual, but the last video is hilarious!

Garçon Stupide said...

Eric and Dusty... I didn't realise at the time but there really were a lot of really horrific stories this week. And that was without including Jason Mattison Jnr, who I covered separately earlier in the week, and had me quite literally in tears as I was writing.

thegayte-keeper said...

Two stories REALLY stuck with me this week: the killing of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado and that father killing his son...

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