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| think, progress |

Is "fat sex" the last gay taboo?

Love and loss. "On February 11 2012, just shy of his 25th birthday my friend Daniel was found floating at the foot of the George Washington Bridge in the early morning hours."

I was a teenage fundamentalist: How I resolved the conflict between Jesus and my sexuality.

Who still hangs out at the mall? "Malls have been symbols of a certain kind of surreal suburban America for so long that they seem like permanent features of the landscape. But the truth is they're dying out, and it's not hard to imagine that in a couple generations malls will be just another IRL institution killed by the internet."

Are you totally screwed if your parents aren’t together?

What the world values, in one chart.

The End. "Death in L.A. can be an odd undertaking."

You're really nice, but I don't date black guys: Nelson's story.

| news from america |

This is 17-year-old transgender teen Leelah Alcorn from Union Township, Ohio. She was killed after having been hit by a truck on Interstate 71, leaving behind a suicide note blaming her parents’ negative reaction to her wanting to transition.

Prosecute Leelah Alcorn's parents, Dan Savage says.

This is 18-year-old Antonio Martin. He is the latest black youth to be gunned down by police, this time in Berkeley, Missouri.

Pro-Israel activists New York Times ad sparks "pinkwashing" claims. "This is called pinkwashing. Trying to paint over the blood on Israel's hands with pink paint. Using the LGBT community in this way is patronizing and despicable. And by the way Israel, it's not working, I can still [see the] blood."

San Francisco LGBT groups protest string of police abuse cases by blocking streets in the Castro.

Gay man attacked in Atlanta, pushed into oncoming traffic.

Seeking to change the story of black gay men.

Many whites today would have been classified as black in the 1940s.

The Lost Bones. "For more than a century, boys were sent to the Florida School for Boys reformatory. Many were beaten brutally and bear the physical and psychological scars to this day. Many others, though, never came home."

The horrifying true story of the 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders.

Tasers, drones, and cold chicken. "Inside the multibillion-dollar business of keeping foreigners out of America."

The tragedy of the American military. "The American public and its political leadership will do anything for the military except take it seriously. The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can’t win."

Most immigrants caught at the Mexican border aren't Mexican.

Looking back at the Batcave, Brooklyn's no-holds-barred funhouse for runaway teens and renegade punks.

How the fairytale of New York can become a nightmare.

Canada | Gay porn star Luka Magnotta handed life sentence for murdering, dismembering 33-year-old Chinese student Jun Lin.

Canada | Jun Lin's father has spoken out.

| news from latin america |

Brazil | Super-bacteria found in Rio sea waters.

| news from africa |

Zimbabwe | Thirty-five people injured after armed thugs stormed a gay party in Harare, according to Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ).

Gambia | Three more men accused of engaging in homosexual acts arrested by authorities.

Gambia | The US government has removed Gambia from a trade benefits program for abusing human rights, including a new law that imposes life imprisonment for some gay acts.

Uganda | LGBT magazine, Bombastic Magazine, launched: "[It] is a compilation of stories, testimonies and opinions by LGBTI Ugandans. The objective of this campaign is to end violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people countrywide."

Uganda | Spectrum Uganda Initiatives celebrates 2014's outstanding LGBT activists.

| news from asia |

Korea | The victims of the cosmetic surgery craze.

| news from the middle east |

Living dangerously: What it’s like to be gay in Iran.

Egypt | "Gay wedding" video participants get reduced sentences.

| news from europe |

Europe’s new gay cold war.

Great Britain | Talking to Bisi Alimi, the first person ever to come out as gay on Nigerian television.

Great Britain | Margaret Thatcher considered banning sex toys in the mid-80s.

England | The sad and shocking truth about London's poverty exiles.

England | This is 23-year-old Jordan Parke. He spent four years and $US150,000 on plastic surgery in an attempt to look like Kim Kardashian.

Ireland | How did Hitler's scar-faced henchman become an Irish farmer?

France | Tabloid fined $US24,000 for "outing" far-right politician Florian Philippot.

Denmark | The unsung heroes of the marriage equality movement.

Russia | Young and gay in Putin's Russia: Documentary.

Russia | The Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality has presented its Golden Enema awards for outrageously anti-gay statements and action.

| art & design |

The best photography of 2014.

These portraits aboard New York city's subway in 1966.

| word! |

The weirdest questions people asked librarians before the internet.

The entire run of Starlog magazine is available online for free.

Last Christmas of the War: December 1944, Auschwitz.

Book review | Bitter Waters, by Chaz Brenchley. "Prepare then to take journeys to worlds unimagined — to the harem of a Sultan who never was; to a land that isn’t quite ancient China; to a war-torn land of magic; some of these places may even resemble the world we know; only some of these places can be reached by the sea. But most of all, be prepared to travel the uncharted geography of the human heart."

John R. Gordon's writer's diary: Boring female characters.

The twenty-five best book covers of 2014.

Thirteen phrases from the ’90s we want to reincorporate into our vocab.

| shouting in the night |

| at the movies |

2014: The year that black cinema bounced back in America.

The Interview wants to be a brutal satire of North Korea and the media. Don't fall for it. "The movie is ultimately a celebration of American ignorance of other countries."

US distributors airbrush Pride's gay theme away.

Brokeback Mountain author Annie Proulx regrets writing it because of obsessive fans. "A lot of men have decided that the story should have had a happy ending. They can’t bear the way it ends—they just can’t stand it. So they rewrite the story, including all kinds of boyfriends and new lovers and so forth after Jack is killed. It just drives me wild."

Everything Back To The Future got right and wrong about 2015.

How Westworld pioneered modern science fiction.

Luise Rainer, the first person to win an acting Academy Award in consecutive years, taking the best actress prize for The Great Ziegfeld in 1936 in and The Good Earth in 1937, is dead. She was 104.

| the box |

Surprise! LGBT TV characters are whiter, male-er, and richer than real queer people.

Openly gay news anchor Don Lemon branded "the worst" by journalism magazine. Why he ended up there.

Why I'm moving out of Shondaland. "'I knew it from the minute I saw you,' says Annalise Keating’s white husband on How To Get Away With Murder. 'All you’re good for is rough sex, you disgusting slut.'"

Why I'm kind of tired of the "smartest man in the room".

Doctor Who accused of "promoting homosexuality".

Which classic science fiction do you not understand the nostalgia for?

A pilot for a new Australian drama, Subject to Change - featuring two gay leads - is to debut at festivals in 2015, with a TV pick-up hoped for.

Canadian Idol finalist Marshall Williams to play gay "football stud" in upcoming final season of Glee.

Are Modern Family's Mitch and Cam the "gay equivalent of blackface"Former Desperate Housewives' cast member Tuc Watkins thinks so.

Saved By The Bell's Screech arrested for stabbing a man with a switchblade in Wisconsin.

Why we all love a bit of Walford woe at Christmas. "EastEnders’ festive misery is the perfect antidote to all that turkey and tinsel. Here are my top five Christmas special plots."

Gays of our lives: The best and worst of 2014.

The thirty best TV shows of 2014. Above, Looking.

The best black TV of 2014.

The worst TV moments of 2014 that you’ve already forgotten.

Watch the latest episodes of BoyDrama; and Triangle...

| beats, rhymes & life |

Igloo AustraliaIggy Azalea: Dumb or evil? A brief investigation.

Are these the twenty best songs of the year? kaos favourites Freaky Boiz (above), Zebra Katz and Le1F make the list.

The Freaky Boiz also make it onto Cypher Avenue's sizzling top twenty LGBT Hip Hop and R&B Videos of 2014 list.

Tom Goss and Amber Ojeda celebrate Festivus; and the Freaky Boiz - Jockin' Em.

| sex |

What is "hot felon" Jeremy Meeks up to now?

Modern Family character actor turned Tumblr porn star David Pevsner on being shameless.

Two bareback gay porn models infected with HIV on set in Nevada.

NakedSword’s shoot for Golden Gate 5 cited in federal court case over San Francisco’s nudity ban.

Twenty times Sean Cody videos summed up your New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the lovely New Year’s resolution that Treasure Island Media just retweeted.

Ken Ott. Ken Ott. KEN-MOTHERF**KING-OTT!!!

Sean Zevran, Peter Le and six other porn stars work it for the Andrew Christian's New Year's Eve fantasy.

| arena |

Can "facial coding" really predict a pro athlete's performance?

Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal erection.

Bristol Rovers' Lee Mansell kisses opponent J.J. O'Donnell on the lips, gets a yellow card.

Oprah talks to Michael Sam. Watch:

| body, mind & soul |

There is no room at the inn for homeless people living with HIV and AIDS.

Unless you're a heroin addict, you probably don't need to detox. Here's why.

Americans still believe diet pills work. They don't.

Neither do natural remedies that claim to “boost your immune system”. And that's a good thing.

Want to fall asleep faster? Don't use an iPad before bed.

| hell's kitchen |

The top-secret food that will change the way you eat. "The scientists at Beyond Meat have concocted a plant-protein-based performance burger that delivers the juicy flavor and texture of beef with none of the dietary and environmental downsides."

The truth about "cage free" eggs.

The ten most surprising origins of the animals you eat.

| zoo |

The Brazilian canine who doggedly ran alongside the ambulance carrying his human.

Animal pictures of the week. Above, the seven-month old bitch who downed a litre bottle of 17.2 proof advocaat.

| planet earth |

The wreck of the Kulluk. "Three years ago, Shell spent millions to send a colossal oil rig to drill in the remote seas of the Arctic. But the Arctic had other plans."

| inside the spaceship |

Eight internet memes that defined 2014.

The dark web: what it is, how it works, and why it's not going away.

| and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this... |

This admirable response to anti-gay bigots.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority is taking on "man-spreading."

Here's what happens to the luggage you lose at the airport.

2014 was a surprisingly safe year for air travel.

Twenty-two problems only people with "resting niceface" will understand.

And finally, Andrew talks about giving and receiving; Martin flaunts it; Walter gets serious; and Rogue "Marbie" Scott gives thanks.

Issue 203
22-31 December 2014
On the cover: Peter Le, for Andrew Christian.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Nelson's story: We're forever hearing about black gay men rejected by racist white guys, but where's the stories about white guys rejected by black guys, both online and in the real world. Their stories are real, too.

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