Issue 201: Dionte Greene, Baldwin, Brontez Purnell, AIDS, Wagstaff, Ferguson, WeHo, Brent Corrigan, Tomas Lopez, and more...

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| think, progress |

What sex really means to the queer person with a disability. Pictured: Paralympian Ade Adepitan visits homeless gay youth in Jamaica.

Veterans of an unpopular war. "The bittersweet life of the long-term AIDS survivor."

Generations of HIV. "Each generation of gay men has the distinct experience of being uniquely impacted by HIV. One of the best-understood and often explored generational experiences of HIV is the early years - a time when the disease violently and unexpectedly emerged in the community. For those of us who come of age after those events, HIV didn't arrive to alter the world, as we knew it. It was the world, as we knew it. For our entire experience, HIV has been incidental to our lives."

Nine gay icons who lost their lives to AIDS. Above, Sylvester.

What does Judaism say about gay people?

Are paedophiles hijacking "coming out"?

I was banned from a gay dads' group for raising Michael Brown.

The police's story about the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice doesn't match the video.

How racial discrimination in law enforcement actually works.

I'm black, British and just moved to New York. After the Eric Garner decision, I can't breathe. "Racism in the UK might be just as prevalent, but it doesn’t usually result in another dead black man at the hands of the police."

When is it legal for a cop to kill you?

Bill Cosby has made me confront my own do-gooder racism – but it's people like Eric Garner who pay the price. "The allegations against Cosby seemed more disturbing because he is black. Clearly I see black celebrities as under a greater obligation to be exemplars – and that’s wrong, because it suggests black failings are more serious than white ones."

| news from america |

This is 22-year-old Dionte Greene. Black, gay and shot dead in his own car, this is another Missouri killing we should talk about.

This is 12-year-old Ronin Shimizu. He committed suicide after a campaign of anti-gay bullying for being his school's only male cheerleader.

21-year-old Deshawnda Sanchez was shot dead while knocking on a stranger’s door, trying to escape a perpetrator, becoming the third transgender woman killed in LA within the last six months.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals has denied an attempt by anti-gay terrorist Scott Lively to have a crimes against humanity suit against him dismissed.

Congress kills the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which was a final attempt to pass a law outlawing discrimination against LGBT people in employment.

Gay hooker hot tub threesome ends in brawl.

Cyndi Lauper talks about her new project for homeless gay youth - and the surprising inclusion of 50 Cent.

American Apparel makes viral video "diva boy" Brendan Jordan a model.

West Hollywood - America's "gay city" - turns 30.

San Marcos, the fastest-growing city in the US, gets its own gay bar.

Arizona pastor Steve Anderson wants all gay people killed for an "AIDS free Christmas".

Evocative pictures of the first AIDS hospice center and its patients, from around 1992.

The touching hug photo from Ferguson protests is a blatant lie. "It’s absurd that a nation’s new, yet old, encounter with its most destructive division can be summed up by this soppy picture of a tearful hug."

How America's racial disparities look to a South African who lived through apartheid.

| news from latin america |

Jamaica | Grace Phelps, a former member of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, has travelled to Kingston to help homeless gays. In pictures.

Jamaica | Some signs of progress in "the most homophobic country on Earth", according to new Human Rights Watch report.

Chile may be next South American country to introduce marriage equality.

| news from africa |

Gambia | President Yahya Jammeh "relishing" his status as Africa's most anti-gay head of state, taking a pass on millions in foreign aid in order to keep his new "jail the gays" law.

Uganda | Why America's focus on the anti-gay bill is a lesson in hypocrisy.

Uganda | Frank Mugisha talks about the malign influence of Christian evangelicals in Uganda.

Uganda | Parliament speaker Rebecca Kadaga claims gay groups infiltrate schools through donated computers, and adopt African kids and train them to be gay.

Uganda | President Yoweri Museveni wants people to “put padlocks” on their genitals to avoid getting HIV.

Kenya | Lesbians are the forgotten victims of AIDS. "Brenda was raped to 'cure' her of being lesbian, leaving her with HIV which she passed on to her female partner."

South Africa | Is this the biggest pride flag ever flown?

| news from asia |

Meeting the cannibal tribes of Indonesian New Guinea.

India | New Delhi’s LGBT community stages the capital’s first pride march since the reinstatement of the colonial-era sodomy law. In pictures.

South Korea | Gay protesters occupy Seoul City Hall after rights charter is axed.

Japan | Activist Taiga Ishikawa is running to become the country’s first gay male lawmaker.

Japan | Shunkoin Temple in Kyoto has become the first zen Buddhist temple to officiate symbolic same sex weddings.

Singapore | Activists protest anti-gay speaker at EU human rights seminar.

Hong Kong | Coke and hookers: The lives of Hong Kong's young, wealthy British expats. "As a white guy, you feel like you're above the law."

Taiwan | Interior ministry announces marriage equality is "an inborn right" everyone can pursue - despite it being illegal in the country.

China | Gay men account for 25% of new HIV cases.

| news from europe |

United Kingdom | Asylum seekers should not have to undergo tests to prove they are gay, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

United Kingdom | Nearly half of all people in Britain don't know how HIV is spread.

United Kingdom | Gay youth charity the Albert Kennedy Trust asks celebrities "what would you do if your family had rejected you?"

England | This is 34-year-old doctor Nazim Mahmood. He committed suicide by jumping naked from the balcony of his London penthouse. Nazim was in a thirteen year relationship with fiancé Matthew Ogston. Days before his suicide, he had come out to his mother, who told him to seek a "cure" for his "illness".

England | London's anti-gay mayor, Boris Johnson - who once said marriage equality was comparable to a union between "three men and a dog" - thinks a phone app is the answer to the rise in hate crimes against gay men.

England | Gay couple told to move away from one another in a restaurant in the complex where the annual London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is held.

England | Bar owner destroys company who asked him to confirm whether his venue was “gay” because "it’s against some people’s religion".

England | Arrests follow last month's anti-gay attack on two gay men in Manchester.

England | Meet Richard Bowler (in wheelchair) and his carer, David Connor. They're on trial for the murder of Alun Williams, who died during their "kinky cling film sex romp".

England | The family of the late wife of Shrien Dewani are to sue him for not telling them that he was bisexual or gay.

England | Jeremy Thorpe, the former leader of the Liberal Party, is dead. He was 85. Thorpe was was involved in one of the biggest political scandals of the 1970s; he was forced to resign as party leader in 1976 when details began to emerge of his relationship with a former male model.

England | So, did Thorpe plot to murder his gay lover?

England | Jeremy Thorpe: The tragedy of a man who electrified British politics in the 1970s.

England | Jeremy Thorpe survived to see a better Britain. "When my father defended him in court, the great Liberal seemed to be on trial for his sexuality. Today it wouldn’t matter."

England | The best smackdown of anti-abortion bullies you'll ever see.

Ireland | Prime Minister Enda Kenny pictured enjoying drink in gay bar Pantibar with his party’s LGBT group.

Finland | Eight thousand Finns have left the official state church following the introduction of marriage equality.

Poland | Robert Biedron becomes the country's first openly gay mayor.

Austria | Gym security guards go undercover in sauna to stop men having gay sex.

Latvia | Member of parliament Inga Priede Tweets "Thank God! The Germans shot [homosexuals] in their time. Was good for demographics."

Ukraine | What life near Chernobyl is like today: Video.

Russia | Vladimir Putin claims the West has invented Russia’s record of homophobia.

Greece | Justice minister Haralambos Athanasiou: Marriage equality is "impossible" under the current government.

| art & design |

On Sam Wagstaff: The impresario who made Mapplethorpe.

Take a look at rarely seen images from Tom of Finland’s own archive.

The Art of Maurice Heerdink, a new book wedding Dutch precision with the sensual influences of classic Italian painting.

| word! |

Talking to Brontez Purnell about the joys of writing about sex.

John R. Gordon's writer's diary: Back-story needs front-story.

Twenty-six photos showing the enduring legacy of James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room.

Twenty-five genre novels that should be classics.

Book review | Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas, Divas, and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague, by Joyce Brabner.

Black liberation is queer liberation: Regarding Black Poets Speak Out.

| shouting in the night |

Married Alvin Ailey dancers Antonio and Kirven Douthit-Boyd raise money for AIDS cause.

Fun Home - a coming-of-age musical based on lesbian cartoonist Alison Bechdel's relationship with her closeted father - to open early on Broadway.

Village Voices, a new play examining the lives and losses of New York's LGBT community.

| at the movies |

Why is gay cinema so fixated on the past? "The new docudrama Der Kreis looks back at a groundbreaking gay rights organisation facing prejudice and harassment in 1950s Switzerland. Why is LGBTQ film trying to reclaim history?"

Hackers revealed Sony Pictures' real secret — media companies are really boring.

The James Bond movies had to go darker because "Mike Myers f—ed us".

Lily Tomlin reveals why she waited so long to come out publicly as gay. "I wanted to be acknowledged for my work. I didn’t want to be that gay person who does comedy."

Female Trouble was the film that made me realise I could be a wretched little slut.

The pimp, the playmate, and Peter: How a famed Hollywood director lost the love of his life to jealousy and madness.

I believe Shia LaBeouf – a person doesn’t have to be likable to be a victim. "The actor’s history of bizarre behaviour doesn’t mean we should take his allegations less seriously. That would be as bad as dismissing them because he is a man."

Bill Murray: Five best moments.

Cinema review | Eastern Boys. "One of the best gay-themed films of the year, bringing together a great romance and genuinely tense thriller, shot through with a mix of social issues."

Cinema review | Selma. "Perhaps there’s no better time for a reminder of the power of non-violent protest, but Selma also provides a potentially dangerous reassurance that the battle has already been won."

DVD review | Big Gay Love. "Big Gay Love’s point that the tubby and unfit don’t seem to fit into what gay culture perceives as desirable is valid, but in looking at it through the eyes of someone so needy and self-obsessed, you’re more likely to end up thinking that gay culture has a point if Bob is supposed to be typical of those not in the homo in-crowd."

DVD review | The Dark Place. "It may be a bit silly and lots of it doesn’t work, but thanks to the enthusiasm of all involved and its sheer power of will in trying to keep the viewer entertained, The Dark Place just about pulls through."

DVD review | In Their Room. "While not for everyone, those interested in gay sexuality stripped of societal pretence will find plenty to offer the inquiring viewer, pulling them in with its impressive intimacy and smart but sexy use of very explicit imagery."

DVD review | More Scenes From A Gay Marriage. "An entertaining follow-up which may actually be the better film. More Scenes certainly doesn’t believe in happily ever after, but in its look at a relationship on the point of breakdown, it does a great job of exploring how it is often personal insecurities as much as incompatibility that causes the problems."

The most exciting film breakthroughs of 2014. Above, Chadwick Boseman.

Watch the trailers for The Last One, a new Showtime documentary on the birth of the AIDS Memorial Quilt; and Der Kreis (The Circle);

| the box |

Terry Crews’ inspiring crusade against toxic masculinity.

Why are so many people upset about the new HD version of The Wire?

The definitive ranking of every holiday Will & Grace episode.

All ten series of Friends explained in under three minutes.

Gay newlyweds Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton to be rocked by closeted pro baseball player Paul Narita (actor Christopher Sean) on US daytime soap Days of Our Lives. Watch Narita make his move, below.

Gays of our lives: The latest from our favourite gays in soaps, with Anthony D. Langford.

Watch the latest episode of Triangle; and here's the trailer for the second season of Looking, HBO's San Francisco-based gay drama, which premieres 11th January...

| beats, rhymes & life |

How to date someone with a totally different music taste to you.

The world’s biggest popstars are walking contradictions.

Talking to androgynous deep house musician DJ Nick Monaco about honouring the queer, trans roots of dance music, defying the gender binary, and the rising tides of "bro" culture.

The fifty best singles of 1994.

Video | Jessie Ware - You & I (Forever); Labrinth - Jealous; Queer singer-songwriter Dylan Wright - Iron Gates; and Sniffles, by Aya Sato...

| sex |

Veteran model Brent Corrigan opens up about his battles with depression, and the problems facing models in the industry - including vitriolic bloggers and "fans".

Read a fascinating interview with the man behind Randy Blue studios.

Watch Randy Blue skewer Hot House, Sketchy Sex, Bait Bus, and others in satirical skit; and an interview with the cast of A Very Bareback Christmas.

Read the latest on Brent Everett, Steve Pena and Jayson Smith's "throuple".

Talking to the adorable Liam Riley.

Bruno Knight sentenced to two years in prison after being caught with two pounds of crystal meth up his arse on a flight from LAX to London.

Should you wish, you can read the letter Knight wrote to the judge who sentenced him.

Behind-the-scenes with Fernando Torres, Tomas Lopez, Rafael Carreras, and Joey Pele.

The Worst Michael Lucas Moments Of 2014, by his best enemy, Zach.

Regulators have banned porn producers in the UK from making films featuring fisting, face-sitting and water-sports.

Living God Kris Evans bottoms again - this time for Rhys Jagger.

Sizzling behind-the-scenes shots of Ken Ott.

Here's some jaw-dropping pictures of Armand Rizzo and Noah Donovan, in new movie Cockquest.

Trent Ferris gets f**ked while arguing with a neighbour. Genius!

Next Magazine (New York City’s gay guide) counts down the 10 Sexiest Gays Alive (amazingly, they aren't all white guys!)

| arena |

The 2014 Gay Games injected $US52 million into host city Cleveland’s economy.

Gay ex-Olympic gymnast Kris Burley remembers the isolation, fear.

Michael Sam (that's his boyfriend in the background) wryly remarks that his not being in the NFL isn't to do with his talent. "I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year... so I don't think it had to do with talent."

Ask Torii Hunter about gay marriage, get called a "prick".

NFL players stir controversy with "hands up" Ferguson tribute.

White domestic abusers get a second chance. Ray Rice is black, so he won't.

Robbie Rogers was 25 when he kissed a man for the first time: "It makes me sad to think I'd waited so long to experience something that should have been a natural part of my adolescence."

Team GB divers strip for UK gay magazine Attitude.

The Warwick Rowers take it all off "to fight homophobia".

The World Swimming Championships in Doha, Qatar, in pictures.

| betta work! |

America's most violent jobs, in five charts.

Things I learned working every minimum wage job in the UK.

Left-handed people earn ten percent less than righties.

| body, mind & soul |

World AIDS Day 2014, in pictures.

HIV is evolving to become less deadly and less infectious...

...But HIV is still real. Two stories make the point.

Newly diagnosed with HIV? Here's what's next.

Sixty percent of HIV-positive Americans aren't getting treatment for it.

HIV: Why is the virus so "successful"?

The HIV Year in review.

Longtime activists - and friends - Peter Staley and Sean Strub debate PrEP.

Ten diseases that might afflict us in the future.

Why you would die if you stopped sweating.

Nine surprising facts about flatulence you may not know.

"Dry sex" is the African sexual health issue no one’s talking about.

More needs to be done to help male rape survivors.

Our need to sleep is eighty percent genetic.

Nine things I wish people understood about anxiety.

Things you learn when a long-term relationship collapses in your twenties.

| hell's kitchen |

Can you drink too much water?

Why "detoxing" is nonsense.

America's obsession with raw meat porn.

Eleven foods with way more calories than a McDonald's cheeseburger.

The right way to count calories.

| inside the spaceship |

A privacy lawyer explains what Facebook's new terms & conditions mean for you.

Google's plan to kill CAPTCHA.

Seven strange fails to celebrate the demise of CAPTCHA.

Why does your microwave oven mess with the wi-fi connection?

How will the 5G network change the world?

Why are people charged for "landline rental"?

| and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this... |

This transgender guy has an awesome song about hooking up with girls while home for the holidays.

And finally, Martin gets handcuffed; Andrew gets kicked out; Rogue "Marbie" Scott gets Jesus; and Walter gets on the case of the black community...

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01-07 December 2014
On the cover: "Snowman" (1982), by Sadao Hasegawa.

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