Issue 187: Mr Gay World, Thomas Guerra, Hotrod, Hussain Turk, True Blood, Michael Sam, Marcus Collins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and more...

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| ponder this |

| The black HIV epidemic: A public health mystery from Atlanta’s gay community.

|  The death and deformity caused by male circumcision in Africa can’t be ignored.

|  Do you know the terms for different kinds of lesbians?

<  What happens when white people move in to your neighbourhood?

| america |

>  This is Thomas Guerra, a San Diego man who has been charged with knowingly exposing twenty-five men to HIV - and "hundreds could be at risk".

|  Georgia teen Daniel Pierce speaks out about his family's horrific "Pray The Gay Away" intervention.

|  Gay Mississippi man claims teacher raped him to "hate men".

|  Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie blames primary loss on his support of gay marriage.

<  Oakland Pride causes controversy over "ban" on leather groups.

>  He’s gay, HIV-positive, and Muslim. Meet Hussain Turk.

<  Officials have unveiled the proposed designs for the West Hollywood AIDS Memorial.

|  Let's talk about "black-on-black" violence.

|  "I could have been Mike Brown": Your stories of racial profiling by the world's police.

>  I’m black, my brother’s white... and he’s a cop who shot a black man on duty. "I never thought that my brother would be one of those police officers. He was supposed to be different because of me."

|  How police are racist without even knowing it.

>  Wasted: A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck just six miles southwest of Napa, California, the centre of California's winemaking region.

<  Canada: Opera singer Valerian Ruminski sacked by Ottawa’s Opera Lyra company after he took a photo of a gay man on public transport and then mocked him on Facebook.

| europe |

|  England: Man jailed for two years and four months over London gay "blinding" attack.

<  England: Marcus Collins is to co-host Fusion, a media festival for the gay black and Asian community.

>  Ireland: Police station flies flag in support of gay parade.

|  Ireland: Dublin marches for marriage equality.

|  Germany: Berlin’s first gay mayor Klaus Wowereit has announced his retirement after thirteen years in the job.

|  Italy: First gay couple allowed to adopt a child.

>  Italy: Mr Gay World 2014 winner crowned in Rome. In pictures.

THE BIG PICTURE: Architects Marek Idziak-Sepkowski and Jedrzej Idziak-Sepkowski marry in Krakow.

< Kazakhstan: An advertising campaign for a gay bar has won an award despite causing outrage by showing Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and Kazakh composer Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly kissing.

| latin america |

|  Jamaica: Police have once again raided the gully where dozens of homeless gay youth have been forced to seek refuge.

>  Jamaica: Activist Javed Jaghai withdraws legal challenge to the island’s anti-sodomy law after growing fearful about violent backlashes.

<  St. Thomas: Bigots march in an anti-gay demonstration in the US Virgin Islands.

>  Chile: 24-year-old sailor Mauricio Ruiz (pictured here with his boyfriend Jorge Velasquez) has become the first member of Chile’s armed forces to come out.

| africa |

<  Ghana: Police arrest 21-year-old student in response to threats from locals "that they would kill him for wearing women’s clothing, having gay sex and seeking gay partners".

>  Tanzania: Fueled by superstition, people are violently attacking albinos.

| asia |

|  Cambodia: The rat meat business is booming.

<  Taiwan is officially wooing gay tourists in the hope of becoming Asia’s top tourist destination.

|  India: Gay men are resorting to arranged marriages to hide same-sex attraction.

|  India: How the new Mumbai Metro is making it easier for men to get together.

|  Australia: An attempted rapist had his penis bitten half off after he attempted to force another man to perform oral sex on him.

| middle east |

>  Isis: an apocalyptic cult carving a place in the modern world. "History has witnessed millenarian violence before. But Islamic State’s modern barbarism is a daunting new threat."

|  Jordan: Society still anti-gay, despite decriminalising same-sex relations.

|  Lebanon: Twelve men are still in jail seventeen days after a police raid on a Turkish bath.

|  Lebanon: Police are using messaging app WhatsApp to target men they suspect of being gay.

| planet earth |

< America is facing megadroughts that last decades. Left, Folsom Lake in Northern California.

|  The Pacific islands are drowning, we need the world’s help.

|  The plastic microbeads in your body wash are messing up the great lakes.

>  Boffins have solved the mystery of how huge stones move across the desert.

|  Dogs really do look like their owners. But why?

<  Where are all the dead pigeons? The short answer: Inside other animals.

|  Severed snake heads can still bite you.

|  Don't miss this incredible footage of a cirrate octopus - or Dumbo octopus.

| inside the spaceship |

|  What happened to Motorola. "How a culture shift nearly doomed an iconic local company that once dominated the telecom industry."

|  How Facebook users self-censor on controversial topics.

|  Smartphone "kill switch" becomes law in California - and how it could affect everyone.

|  Jimmy Kimmel dupes passersby with the "iPad Maxi".

| art & design |

>  Male superheros, supersized and sexualised...

|  Sex sells - even in the olden days. Check out this gallery of posters that used the male physique to sell sh*t...

> Ricardo Solis imagines the tiny people who make animals possible.

| word! |

|  Read a previously unpublished chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

|  Should the word "slut" be in a children’s book in 2014?

|  The curious case of the prison publishers.

|  John R. Gordon's writer's diary: Art as service. "In Vodou believers are called serviteurs. In my religion of writing, as I sometimes feel it is, I believe in art as service to humanity."

|  The matter of Time. "What should a magazine company be now? The most storied one in America has to come up with an answer fast."

|  Read Stranger in the Village, a 1955 piece by James Baldwin, on being the only black man in a Swiss village.

<  Book review: Best Gay Stories 2014, edited by Steve Berman. "These stories are truly quite memorable and attentive."

| at the movies |

>  A sexual abuse lawsuit against openly gay X-Men director Bryan Singer has been dropped. Michael Egan III had claimed Singer forced him into sexual activities at parties in California and Hawaii when he was 17-years-old...

...But Singer is already facing a new investigation.

|  The Normal Heart wins an Emmy for Best TV Movie.

<  Talking to Bruce LaBruce about Gerontophilia, a new kind of love story.

|  Love is strange, says the US film board, but violence and torture are fine. "The R rating given by the Motion Picture Association of America to Love is Strange is a shocking reflection of its homophobia."

|  Acclaimed new British movie Pride picks up glowing reviews ahead of its release.

>  Cardiff LGBTI Iris Prize Film Festival to feature double the films in 2014.

<  Jurassic World set photo reveals Richard Attenborough tribute.

|  DVD review: A Man, His Mother And His Lover. "A well-made and written slice of gay-themed drama, with complex characters that many of us will be able to empathise with."

|  Trailers: Boys; Pride; Last Weekend; and the Iris Prize Festival 2014.

| the box |

>  Why we need more gay sex on TV.

|  UK regulator Ofcom to take no action over complaints about "lesbian kiss" on Doctor Who...

...But the kiss has been cut from Asian broadcasts.

|  TV review: Doctor Who - Into The Dalek. "What's so bad with hating the Daleks, anyway?"

<  How to rescue Doctor Who's most shamefully underused companion.

< How the sexual progressivism of True Blood imploded on itself.

|  Gays of our lives: The latest from our favourite gays in soaps, with Anthony D. Langford.

|  Check out the trailer for new webseries Triangle; and the latest episode of Where The Bears Are.

| beats, rhymes & life |

|  The 123 worst musicians of all time. "Beyoncé™ sings like the member of the choir who no one likes trying to show off, but the only people Beyoncé™ is showing off to are her corporate sponsors. No matter how many GIFs you make of Beyoncé™, you will never manage to make one of her being sincere."

<  Radio hosts ask openly gay rapper Cakes da Killa if it's “the penis directly that turned him on.”

| sex |

>  Philippe Delvaux, the porn star who appeared for studios such as Colt and Hot House, is dead. He was 24.

|  Did Hot House photoshop Sean Zevran to make him look more white?

<  Talking to Hotrod.

>  Pornstars Ace Rockwood and XL, 31st August 2014. Source.

<  Tyson Tyler, XL and Damien Brooks, 30th August 2014. Source.

>  Sean Zevran takes a moment to snap a selfie on the Raging Stallion set.

|  Sean Zevran: To wax, or not to wax?

|  Dear God, the rack on new guy Arad...

|  Here's a video wet, naked shenanigans at the "biggest open air gay party of Europe". In pictures...

| arena |

<  Out gay football player Michael Sam did not make the final cut to play on the St. Louis Rams. He was also passed over by every other team.

|  St. Louis Rams coach spoke well of Sam, insisting football was the only consideration. "I was pulling for him, but it didn't work out," Jeff Fisher said.

|  The Rams' decision to cut Michael Sam was never going to be based on homophobia.

|  ESPN apologises for crass segment on Michael Sam's showering habits. Teammate Chris Long Tweeted:

>  Six months after the Olympics, Sochi looks like a ghost town.

<  2014 U.S. men's gymnastics championships, in pictures.

| betta work! |

|  Can ambient noise make us work harder?

| the human body |

|  Study: Need for intimacy plays role in condomless sex.

|  Nine questions you were too grossed out to ask about the bacteria living on you.

...And what coffee does to your brain.

|  What is sleep drunkenness, and who does it effect?

|  Why bad people wash too much.

| and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this... |

|  How to find every naked hotel in Europe.

>  Abercrombie & Fitch to phase out all logos from its clothing by spring.

|  The dos and don’ts of aeroplane etiquette.

<  Every Ikea catalogue cover since 1951.

|  And finally, Andrew discusses rappers on the down low; Walter ponders on Afrocentric names, dreadlocks and tattoos; Davey Wavey meets Sister Paula; and Rogue "Marbie" Scott is on the case.

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25-31 August 2014
On the cover: Hotrod.
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