Issue 190: Frank Ocean, Freaky Boiz, Bootycandy, Cosby, Kris Evans, LZ Granderson, gayborhoods, high-rises, hipsters, and more...

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| ponder this |

|  Rape culture pervades gay culture too.

<  Gayborhoods are fading with "growing acceptance", apparently...

...And the depressing prevalence of "post-gays".

|  And this: Big gay power couples are "ripe for the picking" by the GOP. Just add marriage!

<  Priced out of Pride.

|  Are gays better with money?

|  When "queer" is not enough.

|  Objectivity is a privilege. "Objectivity is a luxury of those who don't have to fight to be seen and heard. And as queer people, we often can't afford to be impartial."

|  "Gay voice" is ruining lives. "Does the world despise our voices, or is it just us?"

<  The Advocate's 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media. Right, LZ Granderson.

|  If a black woman in Hollywood can't kiss her white husband in public, have we gotten anywhere on interracial love?

<  Is it okay to hate hipsters?

|  Corporations are not people, so don't let them guilt you into tipping the maid. "Gratitude is a very good thing. It makes us happy. But this is what happens when Marriott and the corporate do-gooder police co-opt your feelings."

| america |

<  Ugandan gay equality activist John "Longjones" Wambere granted asylum.

|  No room at the inn in Texas for Uganda’s President Museveni over anti-gay laws.

|  The Human Rights Campaign has released a new report exposing some of the most vitriolic American activists promoting anti-gay bigotry abroad...

...Such as anti-gay terrorist Scott Lively, who claims the HRC is "deliberately trying to incite murder against me".

|  San Francisco could become the first city to offer free PrEP to prevent HIV.

|  Lifting the ban on blood donations from gay men could help save over a million lives, UCLA study shows.

|  The Census Bureau to count gay families for the first time.

<  True Blood star Joe Manganiello receives the Ally for Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign.

|  The Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream has melted.

<  Three reasons America still leads the world in imprisoning people...

...How gangs took over prisons. "Originally formed for self-protection, prison gangs have become the unlikely custodians of order behind bars—and of crime on the streets."

|  Detroit's new policing strategy is stop-and-frisk on a massive scale.

|  Nine questions about Detroit's bankruptcy you were too embarrassed to ask.

|  Americans' stagnant incomes, in two depressing charts.

|  The child migrant crisis seems to be over. What happened?

<  Young Carlos. "As many as 74,000 children could come into this country by themselves this year, undocumented. There are more in New York than in any other state save Texas, many awaiting court rulings that could send them back home. Here’s one."

The Big Picture: A resident carries belongings from a fire devastated neighbourhood.
California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in response to raging wildfires,
in what is being called the state's worst-ever fire season.
| europe |

<  Britain’s social order is bankrupt.

|  And this: Downton Abbey’s class nostalgia is another toxic British export. "The period drama is the latest conservative cultural product to peddle our outdated national stereotypes to foreign audiences."

|  Scotland: The independence vote was a class war and the rich won.

|  Iceland: Troy Jónsson - aka Mr Gay Iceland - opens up about being raped by one of his brother’s friends at the age of twelve.

|  Russia: Anti-gay gang storm gay festival and release gas, leaving sixteen in hospital.

|  Russia: Tom of Finland stamps pass postal service despite "gay propaganda" ban.

<  Bulgaria: Visiting the country's abandoned communist mecca. "They thought they were building the future – but it just ended up in the past."

|  Ukraine: Chernobyl's nuclear tourists.

| latin america |

|  Jamaica: Parliament to review anti-gay Sexual Offences Act. Gay equality lawyer Maurice Tomlinson has written to all members of the country’s Parliament urging reform.

<  Jamaica: Access to justice is sparse for gay citizens.

<  Chile: Clothing brand La Polar Chile removes ad containing gay kiss, sparks parody.

| africa |

<  Sudan: On seeking gay equality in Sudan.

|  South Africa: Death threats as "gay mosque" opens. Founder Taj Hargey says his "Open Mosque" will help counter growing Islamic radicalism.

|  Nigeria: Police torture is "out of control".

|  Cameroon: Drinking Baileys proof of homosexuality, judge rules.

THE BIG PICTURE: In Kenya, Bukusu boys submerge themselves in cold water at a river to numb their bodies in preparation for the circumcision ritual currently taking place in Bungoma 8th August 8 2014. The boys bathe in the river to numb their bodies before the ritual, which they must undergo without flinching; in the second picture, a Bukusu youth stands covered in mud in preparation for the ritual.

| asia |

|  Bangladesh set to veto UN rights gay people.

<  Indonesia’s Aceh province to introduce sharia bylaw that will punish gay sex with one hundred lashes.

|  Indonesia: Islamic extremists force college to cancel gay seminar "LBGTI: We are One".

THE BIG PICTURE: In Manila, a boy plays in front of a passing bus.
The capital 
is inundated by tropical storm Fung-Wong, 19th September 2014.

THE BIG PICTURE: A boy victim looks at the ruins of his fire razed house
in Paranaque, Metro Manila 16th September 2014.

<  China: Singer Zhou Youping, a serial killer who hanged six "slaves" he met online during sexually abusive choking games, has been executed.

|  Taiwan: Legislator promises to put marriage equality bill on agenda.

|  Thailand: A report conducted by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has found that while the tourism authority actively promotes Thailand as a gay-friendly destination, acceptance of gay people in society is still low.

<  Australia: What is it like to be a doctor in immigration detention centres?

| middle east |

|  Iraq: ISIS describes gays as pedophiles, "the worst of creatures".

<  Israel: Twice-cancelled Jerusalem Pride attracts low turnout. In pictures.

THE BIG PICTURE: A man is scrubbed at a traditional steam bath "hammam" in Cairo, 15th September 15 2014.

| inside the spaceship |

<  Gay people "driving an upheaval" in video games.

|  The one percent has bought its own internet. What's next? Words with Rich People?

|  We might not trust Amazon, Google and Facebook, but we should still give them a chance.

|  Twitpic lives! Mystery hero buys Twitter photo host.

<  Your loud headphones are making you prematurely deaf.

|  Smartphone updates? How about some domestic appliance action? "It may be a teensy bit more useful to have our dinosaur domestic appliances updated rather than our mobiles."

|  Ten horrifying technologies that should never be allowed to exist.

| art & design |

>  More of Mitch Kitter and Shalem Mathew's pictures of gay couples across America. Left, Eric and Brian in Las Vegas.

<  The photographer who rejected racism in the American south.

|  Book review: Art & Queer Culture, by Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer's. A "beautiful and enlightening book."

|  London’s Garden bridge: Barking up the wrong tree?

| word! |

|  Why you shouldn't fear writing sex or violence.


|  Book review: The Road to Emmaus, by Spencer Reece. "...A dark road of tragedies from personal heartbreak to the Holocaust, to be illuminated by this ray not of light, but of listening.

<  Book review: Barracuda, by Christos Tsiolkas. "Although Barracuda is moving and powerful, it is not perfect."

>  Book review: Prelude To Bruise, by Saeed Jones. An "electrifying book — one of the most exciting debut collections I’ve read in years."

| shouting in the night |

|  Five performances not to miss at the Queer New York International Arts Festival.

<  Theatre review: Bootycandy. "Aside from a deliciously frank treatment of race and sexuality, the most daring aspects of O’Hara’s play are in its composition, including scenes that break the 'fourth wall,' asking (even forcing) the audience to digest the play’s deeper implications beyond sidesplitting laughs."

<  Theatre review: Confusions. "As I let it all wash over me, I was simultaneously frightened, aroused, repulsed, angry, ashamed, prurient, and exhilarated."

|  Is acclaimed film Pride heading for the stage?

| at the movies |

>  An archive of the stories of gay Kenyans has resulted in Stories of our Lives, a new film directed Jim Chuchu.

|  Are these the 50 Worst Movies Ever Made?

|  Considering Tim Burton, Hollywood’s most disappointing auteur.

|  Of course: The Imitation Game is strangely shy about Alan Turing’s sexuality. "The biopic makes soft-focus cinematic capital from the prejudice that led to its hero’s fate."

|  The amateur's guide to Godzilla.

|  Why time travel movies are garbage.

<  DVD review: My Straight Son. "...An entertaining, often moving look at the families we make and the connections we need to face the difficulties of life."

|  I miss the video store: What Netflix’s algorithims get wrong.

| the box |

>  The trouble with Teen Wolf. "Weak references to LGBT characters and storylines on TV aren't enough for millennial viewers."

|  The sexism of the television industry, in six charts.

>  Seven new fall TV shows to watch — and three to avoid at all costs.

|  Every single new show this season, reviewed.

|  Twelve returning TV shows to watch this autumn.

>  The Mysteries of Laura's biggest mystery: How did this show get made in 2014?

|  Eleven things you learn in the first season of your TV show.

|  Weird facts you probably didn't know about the original Star Trek.

>  The original USS Enterprise model is being restored to its former glory.

|  This man officially has the biggest Doctor Who collection in the world.

|  Was Friends homophobic?

|  The comprehensive new Bill Cosby biography is missing one big story.

|  The Cosby Show is thirty. Celebrate the genius of its opening titles...

...And the definitive ranking of every credits sequence.

>  Gays of our lives: The latest from our favourite gays in soaps, with Anthony D. Langford. Right, Hollyoaks.

|  Meet The McCardles - the totally happy, totally straight "ex-gay" couple.

| beats, rhymes & life |

|  The paradox of authenticity in pop music.

>  Frank Ocean has got himself a new manager - is his comeback imminent?

|  At what point did gay fans stop going gaga for Lady Gaga?

|  Kanye's latest rant was silly, but it made five good points.

>  Talking to Yoshi Omori about his cult book, Mouvement 1984-92, which documented the birth of French hip-hop.

|  Conclusive proof that rap music does not influence crime.

>  Freaky Boiz throwback!

...And the kaos favourites will be performing at Nashville Black Pride in October.

|  Talking to Perfume Genius...

...He wants to be your gay icon. “People don’t realize that I can still kill you. I’m little and wearing a silken robe, and I can still kill you! Realize that about me! I don’t need to be super muscly or take on a bunch of masculine traits to be fucking dangerous.”

>  Stream Perfume Genius’s new album, Too Bright.

|  Videos: Cazwell - Dance Like You Got Good Credit; and Annie Lennox talks about her new album, Nostalgia. It's not "simply a saccharine journey into the past."

| sex |

|  Arbitration slated for Treasure Island Media's suit against former executive Jeffrey Smith.

<  Thaddeus Works' adventures at the ATM.

>  Talking to "British bombshell" Mickey Taylor.

>  A sneak peek at Kris Evans' bareback bottoming debut, possibly the porn event of the decade.

|  So, has Bel Ami finally run out of condom scenes?

<  Jake Bass throws all kinds of shade about Duncan Black’s new dick tattoo.

|  Dato Foland premieres first bareback scene with Lucas Entertainment.

<  The sixth annual "Out on the Mountain" event at California's Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park, in pictures.

>  Behind the scenes with Sean Zevran on the set of Falcon Studios in Las Vegas.

|  Watch highlights from the annual Folsom Street Fair.

| arena |

<  Michael Sam making progress on Dallas Cowboys practice squad...

...That aside, "a lot of terrible things are happening in the NFL right now... There are currently six players who have been punished for very recently doing awful things to their loved ones."

<  Tom Daley is the face for Adidas' youth NEO label. So much for big-time sports companies running away from gay athletes.

|  England international rugby player Zak Hardaker will not be charged over an alleged anti-gay slur made at a recent match.

|  The Australian Football League terminates its sponsorship with Royal Brunei Airlines, because of the nation's stone-the-gays law.

|  Catching up with out US gymnast Josh Dixon...

| the human body |

<  Next year, half of all people with HIV in America will be over the age of fifty.

|  Old research from decades ago leads to possible HIV vaccine for children.

|  Watch the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new video campaign, HIV Treatment Works.

|  Neuroscientist Carl Hart debunks common beliefs about drug addiction.

<  Adrian Peterson didn't just "go too far" — research shows it's never okay to hit a child.

|  Why selflessness evolved for selfish reasons. "The pressure to act charitably – whether in celebrities or chimps – is all about indirect reciprocity: ensuring future cooperation."

|  How to rearrange your environment to lose weight.

<  Here's a story about identical twins Lewis and Owen Harrison, and their matching 44 inch chests.

|  Doctors wanted to extend life. Instead they extended death.

| hell's kitchen |

< This pig is a cake.

|  The slaughterhouse that wants you to see where your meat comes from.

<  Why buffets bring out the best and worst in us all.

| betta work! |

|  Who stole the four-hour work day?

|  The hidden underclass: How Australian underemployment is concealed. "Casualisation has created conditions in which employers can take advantage of workers’ desperation."

| planet earth |

<  Do not miss Rafael Mantesso's awesome pictures of his bull terrier.

|  I worked for a puppy farm.

|  Mammals respond instinctively to the cries of other species' babies.

|  Swans aren't the most grateful of creatures...

|  Tarantula vs. wasp. Who will survive?

<  Climate change is a global emergency. Stop waiting for politicians to sound the alarm. "The truth about our planet is horrifying, but the true leaders aren’t the ones at the UN – they’re in the streets."

|  China, the climate and the fate of the planet. "If the world's biggest polluter doesn't radically reduce the amount of coal it burns, nothing anyone does to stabilize the climate will matter. Inside the slow, frustrating — and maybe even hopeful — struggle to find a new way forward."

|  Antarctic sea ice is increasing.

<  Light pollution is erasing the night sky. Can we bring it back?

|  NASA is supposed to spot 90% of dangerous asteroids by 2020. It's at 10%.

| and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this... |

|  The things you should avoid before you die.

|  And finally, who is stalking Andrew? (No, it isn't me.) Rogue "Marbie" Scott laces up; Martin gets hot under the collar; and Walter posits why African Americans are a lost cause.

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