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| ponder this |

|  The Forsaken: The rising number of homeless gay teens being cast out by religious families.

>  Too many LGBT kids are still homeless. And we still throw money at marriage? "The pre-eminence of weddings in the gay rights movement ignores the basics that so many of us can’t even afford."

|  And guess what else: Gay youth face worse treatment in foster care than peers.

|  The long walk to gay equality is the great civil-rights stumble of our time. "It’s been a stop-and-start kind of year. But equality is not all court cases and headlines, because a judge doesn’t change hearts and minds. Queer people do."

|  Countries that criminalise homosexuality don't just hurt adults.

|  Ninety-nine people who are in prison for being gay, 148 more awaiting trial.

|  The fear of being seen as racist.

| america |

<  Gay equality activist Ty Turner arrested after distributing literature on voter’s rights.

>  This is 21-year-old Henry Lee. He was found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool at a popular Atlanta Pride Pool Party. It took attendees approximately fifteen minutes to notice Lee at the bottom of the pool and attempt to save him.

<  Thomas Guerra, the 29-year-old San Diego man alleged to have knowingly exposed dozens of men to HIV, has been banned by a judge from Internet dating sites.

|  Chicago named world’s top travel destination for closeted men.

<  Oakland Pride: Yes to babies, no to leather.

>  No one bothered to proofread San Francisco's new Rainbow Honor Walk.

|  Atlanta's Lost N' Found organisation to open a homeless shelter for gay youth...

...Lost N' Found is the same organisation helping disowned gay Georgia teen Daniel Ashley Pierce, who received over $90k in donations when his family kicked him out. Daniel has redirected donations to Lost N' Found.

<  Arturo Galster, the legendary drag pioneer, is dead. He was 55.

|  Watch twin brothers come out to their parents.

>  The FBI is now investigating the death of 22-year-old Victor White III, who apparently shot himself in the back of a squad car while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

|  Black people "five times as likely as white people" to be injured by police.

|  Twenty-five years ago, President Bush escalated the war on drugs. Here are the results.

|  The class war in American politics is over. The rich won.

THE BIG PICTURE: Fast food workers strike back, 4th September 2014.

| europe |

|  United Kingdom: How government cuts are disproportionately affecting LGBT voluntary and community organisations.

<  England: This is 18-year-old Connor Huntley, who was left brain damaged when his straight flatmate embedded a hammer in his head.

|  England: Gay man facing deportation back to South Africa over £361.20.

|  England: Anti-gay Ugandan Rebecca Kadanga speaker has been axed from a business forum in London due to her homophobic views.

|  England: Half of gay police officers experience homophobia at work.

>  Greece: Irish couple John Lynch and Kevin Devine drown on holiday.

|  Russia: Gay equality activist Nikolai Alekseev attacked by men "in black hoods".

| latin america |

<  Bahamas: Death threats force organisers to abandon Pride event.

|  Brazil: Presidential candidate Marina Silva backtracks on an earlier promise to support marriage equality.

| africa |

|  Uganda: The Anti-Homosexuality Law is back from the dead.

>  Cameroon: Track star Thierry Essamba rejected first by the national team, and then by his family, for "suspected homosexuality".

|  Cameroon: Anti-gay landlords evict groups serving LGBTI people.

THE BIG PICTURE: 8-year-old James Dorbor, suspected of having Ebola,is carried to a treatment facility in Liberia, 5th September 2014.
| asia |

|  Hong Kong: Court to decide if gays dancing in public requires licensing.

|  Hong Kong: Lack of equality putting foreign workers off working in the former colony.

|  China: 16-year-old cheated out of $US20,000 by online boyfriend he never met.

<  China: Are advertisers ready to target the pink Yuan?

|  China: 90% of young people "accept gays", survey claims.

>  India: Sushant Divgikar made it to the Top 10 of the Mr Gay World 2014 contest, and bagged two other title: Mr. Congeniality and Mr. Art, as well as the People’s Choice Award.

THE BIG PICTURE: Indonesian boys play video games in Jakarta, 25th August 2014.
They rent video game consoles for U.S. 3 cents per-hour.
<  Australia: This is Jarrod Dark, who was found dead on nude beach with his hands tied behind his back after a gay hookup went wrong.

| middle east |

|  Lebanon: Gays fear ISIS massacre.

|  Egypt: Authorities arrest nine men on charges of inciting debauchery and undermining public morals after they appeared in a video purporting to show the country's first gay marriage.

| inside the spaceship |

>  Vine stars are the new boy bands, apparently. Right, DQ4E.

|  Grindr app turns off distance option over privacy concerns.

|  Reading hate on Facebook is bad for your health.

|  Wait a second – that upgrade high won’t last. "People queueing for weeks for an iPhone 6; manufacturers releasing new models every year; devices rapidly becoming obsolete. This is not sustainable."

|  What would happen to the internet without net neutrality?

|  It's time to kill the online security question.

|  Why Twitter becoming more user friendly is upsetting so many people.

|  Twitpic shuts down after trademark spat.

>  How to prepare for your digital afterlife.

| art & design |

<  Check out Fabulous Alberta, a photo and video journalism project by Yiorgos Boudouris, which "chronicles the individual lives of Alberta's diverse LGBT community".

>  The RED HOT calendar tackling the "desexualisation" of gingers.

<  Don't miss these fascinating pictures of New York City’s East Village locations in 1984 and today.

>  And inside Britain's long-lost lunatic asylums.

| word! |

|  George Orwell: Why I write

>  Pakistan's first anti-homophobia book for children, My Chacha Is Gay.

|  John R. Gordon's writer's diary: The right words.

|  Check out these very queer science fiction magazine covers...

| shouting in the night |

<  A new generation is discovering inspiring disco queen Sylvester's story in Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical, Off-Broadway this autumn.

>  Mighty Real's Kendrell Bowman (director), Sheryl Lee Ralph (producer) and Anthony Wayne (actor) on what made Sylvester a disco legend.

<  New off-Broadway comedy Bootycandy explores the black gay experience. Out actor Phillip James Brannon stars.

|  Theatre review: Bootycandy. "It has dynamic pacing and goes back and forth from drama to comedy. The writing is smart and challenges your perceptions on faith, race, and sexuality." (Next Magazine) "A freewheeling, nothing-is sacred look at some closely held social memes, and a pointed jab at the absurdity of some of our most closely held social 'norms'." (GBMNews)

| at the movies |

|  Five charts that explain why we didn't go to the movies this summer...

|  They've started shooting Magic Mike XXL.

>  Why the man behind the "worst gay movie of all time" doesn’t care if you hate it. "Sam Mraovich’s 2002 movie Ben & Arthur was panned by critics and audiences alike, but more than a decade later, the filmmaker explains why he deems it a success."

|  The test footage from the early '80s showing a very different Roger Rabbit.

<  Blu-ray review: Victim. "It may sometimes feel like an archaic gay rights lecture, but it’s nevertheless an involving and well-made thriller that brought homosexuality to the filmic mainstream for the first time."

| the box |

|  Why you should care about cropped TV shows.

|  The intriguing spat between Doctor Who's missing episodes hunter Philip Morris, and current showrunner Steven Moffat.

|  Vain and inane: The rise of dickhead vloggers. "Really, the subject matter is a side issue; the videos are just a vessel for a friendly face, one that laughs really loudly, constantly and for no reason, gurns like a dog on fire and feigns awkwardness in an attempt to disguise its own vanity. All set to a soundtrack of ukeleles and whistling."

<  Joan Rivers, the comedienne, is dead. She was 82.

|  Joan Rivers: Why she mattered.

|  Joan Rivers: Behind the laughter. "As much as Joan Rivers was a comedic icon, she was also a complex and, at times, dark woman."

>  Joan Rivers, in pictures.

>  Joan Rivers enduring connection to the gay community.

<  Joan Rivers' very Hollywood funeral, in pictures.

|  Joan Rivers: Watch eleven moments that made gay fans love her.

>  The five most promising shows of the fall 2014 season. Right, Black-Ish, in which "Andre is beginning to worry that his family has assimilated too much to the middle-class world around them and are beginning to lose their racial identity or, to put it bluntly, are not black enough".

<  Gays of our lives: The latest from our favourite gays in soaps, with Anthony D. Langford.

| beats, rhymes & life |

>  Nicky Da B, the gay New Orleans bounce rap artist, is dead. He was 24.

|  Nicky Da B: Why his death will be felt past his New Orleans roots.

<  "Ebola pop" is taking over Liberia.

|  Boyz II Men and Oasis became stars 20 years ago. They wouldn't chart today. "We came up at a time where there was an R&B group pretty much on every street corner, and every record company had one. But now, it's dwindled down to solo artists, or the duets, or even bigger bands — where you have bands like The Roots that got seven or eight people — but the actual R&B group is a dinosaur."

|  And this: US album sales have hit their lowest point on record.

>  Revelations. "When a gospel singer came out." Read an indepth 2010 interview with gospel singer Tonéx.

|  Sam Smith's hit album inspired by unrequited love for a straight guy.

|  Twenty-five thought-provoking Tupac quotes about life and art.

<  This 19-year-old US air force serviceman on The X Factor.

>  Listen to Ken Dahl's new single, Casper. Video coming soon.

|  Videos: Remembering Nicky Da B, with Go Loko; new Fly Young Red (of Throw That Boy Pussy fame) - U Don't Want It; Michele Grandinetti - Say Something; and talking to Cakes Da Killa.

| sex |

<  Bruno Knight pleads guilty to federal drug possession charges, faces twenty years in jail.

|  Why gay porn stars are turning to PrEP.

|  Last week, we heard how 24-year-old Philippe Delvaux had died from alcohol poisoning. Apparently, "his entire death was staged in order to effectively 'kill' his gay porn persona".

>  Don't miss this fascinating interview with kaos favourite Tyson Tyler, talking about celebrity clients, why he won't do bareback, his plans for the future, and being back in the States.

>  Talking to XL.

|  More Marc Williams (in a disappointing NextDoor scene).

<  Flavaworks is bringing back its calendar.

>  Here's some new pictures of sizzling new model Flex.

<  And this just blew my mind: Flex has filmed a scene with kaos favourite Diego Lauzen and his boyfriend Wagner Vitorria.

|  As if that wasn't exciting enough, Bel Ami's "Superboy" Kris Evans is to make his bareback bottoming debut on 27th September.

>  Here's pictures of the delicious (wasted on lame sites like VoyuerBoys) Ken Ott. Sign him up, Lucas Entertainment!

|  Here's a teaser for a documentary about Rod Orlando (better known as Hotrod).

| arena |

<  The Cowboys signing Michael Sam has saved the NFL from a P.R. fiasco.

|  But the "domino effect" of NFL teams turning their backs on Michael Sam in the first 48 hours after he was cut will push athletes deeper into the closet.

|  The American Decency Association (really) were there to protest.

>  Michael Sam a distraction? Here are your real NFL distractions. Hello, Ray Rice!

|  Does watching the NFL make you evil?

|  Watch Arsenal's cute anti-homophobia video.

| the human body |

|  PrEP, shame and the intentional spread of HIV.

|  HIV is no longer a death sentence, but it still isn't easy. "No one hears the difficult conversations you have to have with your partner, your family, or your doctor throughout the multiple appointments you must maintain for the rest of your life."

|  Lab study finds effective HIV-suppressing antibodies.

<  Arien Chang's pictures from Cuba's bodybuilding scene.

| planet earth |

>  What would happen if the Yellowstone supervolcano actually erupted?

|  Dogs prefer petting to vocal praise (which has no effect on them, apparently).

<  Portraits of nocturnal animals.

|  The fish that spits light.

<  A blinging beetle!

>  A two-headed snake!

|  Invasion of the jellyfish!

|  Watch a stray puppy living by a railway track get rescued. Warning: may provoke tears.

| and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this... |

|  The disturbingly inexact science of food expiration dates.

<  Edible Lego!

|  Can putting a plant on your desk make you more productive?

>  The incredible story of Edith Macefield, and the shopping mall developers built around her little house.

|  And finally, Walter talks about the tragic drowning death of Henry Lee; Andrew discusses leaked nudes (sadly, not his own - Goddam, we'd pay top dollar for those); Rogue "Marbie" Scott discusses unusual recipes - and Martin is back!

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On the cover: Nicky Da B.
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