Luke James


VER SINCE D'Angelo's infamous Untitled (How Does It Feel) video, singers have been stripping off in an effort to get attention, sell records and boost egos. But, as we know from the disastrous effect the Untitled video had on D'Angelo, getting naked isn't always good for the artist. And, as the music video has slowly but surely tipped over into the arena of softcore pornography, it might be worth asking is naked good for music?

The latest singer to pay homage to Untitled is up-and-coming hottie Luke James, in the sizzling promo for Dancing In The Dark. We're very excited about Luke here at kaos. He's the man we've been waiting for since we lost D'Angelo all those years ago. But in terms of music, Dancing In The Dark owes more to that other tragic, lost great, Ephraim Lewis, than to D'Angelo.

Let's hope Luke sticks around for longer than those other lost boys.


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