Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

LHIS IS 25-year-old Team GB sprinter Harry Aikines-Aryeetey.

Here at kaos, we like to think of him as a living God, or if that's a bit OTT for you, settle for The Most Beautiful Man On The Planet. This London-born superhero (his parents are Ghanaian), "discovered his talent for running fast when a dog chased him in the local park". He describes himself on Twitter as "a bubbly guy who happens to run fairly fast in a straight line".

Harry only bothers with the gym once or twice a week, he says (slacker), and is shocked at the suggestion he could bench press a person (let me be the first to volunteer).

Sadly, we've only managed to track down round 120 pictures of Harry, but there's a bunch of videos after the jump to make up for it.



Shane Smith said...

Wow. 😜
Let's just say I'm wild about Harry.😉

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