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Is rape funny when it's gay rape?

||| What Serena Williams taught me about rape. "The tennis star's comments on the Steubenville, Ohio rape case were a slap to women. Her apology was just as disappointing."

||| Who speaks for "black America" now? "Hip-hop artists and athletes were once key black cultural voices. Now they are just calculated brands."

> Black kids deserve more black superheroes.

||| The secret gay language Polari and how it saved us in a dark time.

||| Gay people are more likely to be atheist than straights.

||| Marriage equality doesn't harm heterosexual marriage, study confirms.


< Elliot Morales pleads not guilty to the murder of 32-year-old Mark Carson (left). Anti-gay Morales shot Carson in May.

||| Six-person jury in George Zimmerman trial made up entirely of women, none of whom are black. Zimmerman gunned down 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012 as the teenager walked home with Skittles and a drink.

< Gay "cure" charlatans Exodus International apologise and announce shut down.

||| What Exodus knew and kept lying about.

||| On being gay at a Catholic university.

||| Gay Latino youth cite family acceptance as top concern.

> An annual benefit celebrating Judy Garland, Night of a Thousand Judys, raised funds for homeless gay youth charity the Ali Forney Center on 17th June.

||| Gay couples face rental market discrimination.

< This billboard has upset Dallas City Councilwoman Vonciel Jones Hill.

||| Meningitis warning given ahead of NYC's Gay Pride weekend.

||| Russian float to debut at the NYC Gay Pride parade.

||| 27th annual Pride Parade and Festival for Southern Maine, in pictures.

> Alaska Pride Fest, in pictures.

||| Man sues gay cruising hotspot gym after slipping on "white substance".

||| NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission criticised for ignoring gay historical sites.

||| NYC Hell's Kitchen country'n'western bar Flaming Saddles getting its own reality TV show.

< NYC's Second Avenue Subway project, in pictures.

> 100 Chicago-area arrest mugshots.


||| Tory and House of Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans arrested for further sex assaults against men in their 20s.

< Meet 16-year-old Jack Andraka, the gay teen who invented a test for cancer at age 15.

> British Museum launches gay history guide.

||| Why are so many of the UK's missing teenagers Vietnamese?

||| London's exploding pavements.

< Upmarket furniture retailer Dwell has collapsed, leaving customers (including kaos) and suppliers angry and out of pocket.

||| SCOTLAND: Government to announce legislation for marriage equality - and straight civil partnerships - next week.


||| FRANCE: Pope suggests lawmakers "repeal" marriage equality law.

||| FRANCE: First anti-marriage equality protester jailed.

||| FRANCE: Spate of anti-gay attacks at Lyon Pride.

> ITALY: Thousands celebrate gay Pride in Rome - including kaos favourite Diego Lauzen, right.

||| ITALY: Gay priests' dating forum uncovered in the Vatican.

||| ITALY: Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to jail for tax evasion.

< POLAND: Robert Biedron - the country's first openly gay member of parliament - beaten, spat on at Warsaw Pride.

||| BULGARIA: Sofia Pride cancelled due to fears of anti-gay attacks.

||| RUSSIA: What about heterosexual propaganda? Europe asks.

||| RUSSIA: Parliament votes to ban gay foreign couples from adopting orphans.

THE BIG PICTURE: Soaring temperatures in Thun, Switzerland call for desperate measures, 19th June 2013.

> TURKEY: Gay groups and the protests in Taksim Square.


||| JAMAICA: Maurice Tomlinson on the religious lobby’s gay sex court case lies. "Religious groups in Jamaica unite to say allowing adult gay sex in private would harm children, spread HIV, and prevent Christians from disagreeing" with gay equality...

...It really is a David and Goliath court battle.

||| BRAZIL: Human rights group approves bill legalise "gay cures".

THE BIG PICTURE: Protesters beg for shelter - from charging riot policemen -
at a gas station in Rio de Janeiro, 20th June 2013.
THE BIG PICTURE: Vandalised cash machines in Rio de Janeiro, 17th June 2013.

< TANZANIA: Gay men raped by police.

||| ZIMBABWE: Robert Mugabe promises to make the country a "hell" for gays and lesbians if his Zanu PF party wins the 31st July election.

||| SOUTH AFRICA: Johannesburg to have two gay Pride parades.

||| SIERRA LEONE: "My dad sent masked men with machetes to murder me for being gay."


||| IRAN: It can only get worse. Gay Iranians comment on the recent election.


> INDIA: An idol of Hindu Lord Shiva in the flooded River Ganges in Rishikesh, 18th June 2013.


< The gayest hangover cure yet.

||| The American Medical Association votes to oppose FDA ban on gay men donating blood.

||| A workout especially for HIV-positive people.

||| The mental illness taboo is a problem for all of us.

||| How dimming the lights boosts your creativity.


||| Animal pictures of the week.

||| Why naked mole rats are immune to cancer.

||| This is why spider monogamy is terrifying.

> Poignant photos of animals contemplating life in zoos.

< Don't miss Martin Usborne's superb dog portraits.

||| The new tectonic fault system that could kill the Atlantic.


> Sony launches Bravia X9, 4K televisions, with resolution roughly four times that of full HD.

||| But for size queens, only Sharp's 90 inch set will do.

||| Robot wars: after drones, a line we must not cross. "We are on the dangerous threshold of investing in machines the power to make autonomous life-or-death decisions over humans."

||| From memory to sexuality, the digital age is changing us completely.

||| What is Project Loon?

||| Google is starting war on child pornography - not ending it.

> Forgotten arcade games, in pictures.


||| Andy Warhol's photos of 1984 New York Gay Pride Parade released.

||| You've got until the end of the month to catch an exhibition of John Palatinus' work. He "is perhaps one of the last living male physique photographers of the 1950s."

< Baltimore's drag royalty, in pictures. Left, Onyx D. Pearl.

||| The crumbling chaos of abandoned amusement parks, in pictures...

Talking to photographer William To about his new exhibition Foreseen Paths, which explores the marriage equality debate.

< Gay advertising's long march out of the closet. "Gay imagery is much older than you think..."

...And the 16 of the gayest ads in history.


Why you should read the AIDS-inspired graphic memoir from artist David Wojnarowicz. "Because reading 7 Miles a Second is a little like opening a time capsule or being transported back to the 1980s and catching glimpses of a gay kid's life on the streets of New York City, hustling to survive."

||| The strange case of Walter Lee Williams. How the renowned gay writer and academic ended up on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.

||| Daddy's Roommate, the new children’s book that explains gay parenting.

< Book review: My Three Dads, by Zane Silva. "A delightful young adult novella."

> The 50 books everyone needs to read, 1963-2013.

||| Why everything you know about Jules Verne is probably wrong.


||| Crowd funding and gay cinema: a perfect match?

< 10 straight-directed films that got us wrong. Left, Cruising (1980).

||| Lunch conversations with Orson Welles, in which Welles takes shots at Bette Davis, Woody Allen and many, many more!

||| Meet Nicholas Ryan, who spent $US5,000 on cosmetic procedures so he could look like Ryan Gosling.

||| On yer bike, Taylor Lautner.

> 14 sci-fi and fantasy movies that killed actors' careers. Right, Brandon Routh.

||| 7 bizarre early versions of famous characters.

< 10 of Hollywood’s most legendary troubled productions.

||| The actors and directors who trashed the remakes of their classic movies.

> New documentary Families Are Forever, about a Mormon mother who supported Proposition 8, and then discovered her son (Jordan Montgomery, right) is gay, to open.

||| DVD review: Horrors of the Black Museum. "A lurid, overripe sensation... now worthy of a chuckle over a glass of wine."

||| Trailers: Before You Know It, a new documentary looking at the lives of gay seniors; The New Black, a new documentary by Yoruba Richen, explores the relationship between the gay civil rights movement and the African American community; In The Name Of, the winner of this year's Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Festival; and Truth, in which former porn star Brent Corrigan plays a "deranged killer".


> Under siege former Sesame Street star Kevin Clash wins three Emmys. Clash faces several lawsuits alleging he had sex with under-age male teens decades ago.

||| What's wrong with dirty, old Betty White? "Is the sexualization of the nonagenarian evidence of our culture’s exploitative obsession with turning sex into a big joke?"

||| Disney Channel to feature first ever gay character in 30 year history.

||| Comedian Barry Cryer reckons Ian McKellen comedy Vicious is homophobic. It isn't.

< Forget the joyless Sex and the City - classic sitcom Birds of a Feather (featuring legendary cougar Dorien Green) is set for a 2014 return...

...But can the girls cope in Towie's Essex of today?

||| Doctor Who: David Harewood on a black Doctor. Video. Red Dwarf, Coronation Street star Craig Charles reckons he could be the first black Doctor.

||| Doctor Who: The Doctor and love – should it happen?

||| Ah, sad, slushy, no-balls modern Doctor Who... Spend some quality time with the manliest version of Doctor Who.

||| Maybe those Doctor Who missing episodes rumours are true after all?

Don't miss Karen Hallion's brilliant Fairy Tale Who series.

||| What's the worst Star Trek episode of all time?

< Why do we keep coming back to True Blood? "It’s indisputable at this point that True Blood, HBO’s supernatural drama chock-full of skin, sex, and camp, is Not a Good Show." (Oh, really?)

||| True Blood's Rob Kazinsky on brutal EastEnders schedule: "There is nothing harder than working 50 pages a day, working 16 hours a day, trying to be good with only shooting rehearsals. If you can be good on a soap then you can honestly be good in anything."

> In the Philippines, new gay TV drama My Husband's Lover has been praised for "mature, nuanced and honest" depiction of gay characters.

||| Check out episode four of Freefall, and the season finale of Finding Me: the Series:


||| Parkinson's charity criticises "cruel" Kanye West song.

||| Talking to the Pet Shop Boys about their new album, Electric.

< Zebra Katz (left, at the Rockness Festival earlier this month) biggest highlights of London Collections: Men.

||| What's the deal with these (not remotely legal) boys bragging rapping about sucking dick and balls? Have I entered some parallel universe? Nuts.

||| Videos: Cazwell - Guess What?; Pet Shop Boys - Vocal; Branden - Roc With You; Elmo - GUAP (Sex Symbol Remix). Read more on Elmo here.


> Oh-oh. Chase Coxx (right) and Diesel Washington are at war. Just fuck and make up, boys...

...And the hated gay-for-pay star Cody Cummings v.s Next Door Studios. Cummings, incidentally, has also now "retired" from gay porn.

< CockyBoys' excellent RoadStrip movie to screen at Philadelphia's QFest film festival.

||| Talking to CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson.

> You too can taste Marcus Mojo - if you're in Manhattan, and you're quick.

< Krave Massive nightclub opens in Las Vegas, in pictures.

||| A gay performer at has tested positive for HIV.

< Bel Ami put together a 6-way Hungarian orgy for us. Ain't that nice?

> Vegas's hottest gay pool party, in pictures.

||| Meet the men of LA's new gay strip club, Adonis Lounge.

> We're loving new MenAtPlay model Dato Foland (far right). Is he Diego Lauzen's long lost brother?

< Beefy blond Abe at Sean Cody also tickles our fancy: built, blond and cut, he's like the porn stars of old - before the internet killed the industry.

< Tyson Tyler and Jay Black are looking good.

> Lovin' Day Day and Dontae at Raw Rods.

||| Five gay men's dilemmas that will make you their bitch – unless you read this first!

||| Spice up your pool party or backyard barbecue with an anal ring toss!


||| Human Rights Watch blasts the International Olympics Committee (IOC) over their failure to speak out against Russia's treatment of gay people.

||| Straight athletes: Stop shoving your sexual orientation in our faces.

< Cristiano Ronaldo has completed his transmutation into a Ken doll. More pictures here...

> Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are just good friends...

...And here's footballer Danny Welbeck with his equally hot (and nearly naked) chums. Did someone say "orgy"?

||| 55 inspiring gay athletes for Pride: vote. Right, Orlando Cruz.

...Who is one fight away from making gay history. The world's only openly gay professional boxer could become the number one featherweight.

||| Greg Louganis is getting married to boyfriend Johnny Chaillot.

Meet your cover stars, the Prancing Elites, Atlanta's all-male cheerleader squad. Support the boys and visit their Facebook page...


> OMG remember Fabio? He's still knocking around, and now he's picking up men in stores!

||| Beware supermarket wine "bargains".

< The ballpoint pen turns 75-years-old today.

||| How to dominate at Monopoly using basic math!

||| 10 hotel secrets from behind the front desk.

||| And finally, Davey Wavey discusses rimming, Ashelly and Marbs from Drunk Diallers are back with their make-up tips, doubleDOUBLEzero draws for us, and Walter wonders if it's okay to have bareback sex in 2013.

15-21 June 2013

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