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||| Does this sound hot to you? No, me neither... The week-long, meth-fuelled sex parties taking over London's gay scene.

||| But of course! Gay parents have "happier, healthier" kids than straights. "More communication, openness and resilience to outside pressure is why gay families appear more happy."

||| Survey shows global shift in gay equality over 6 years, with growing acceptance in richer more secular countries while in some others acceptance has fallen.

||| Why don't the murders and suicides of gay people of colour get the attention they should?

Looking back through the years of black gay love.

||| Why won't "No Homo" die?

||| An iPhone 17 won't make the world like you. "Many gay men are obsessed with all that is new, shiny, and expensive, but buying things is no salve for the wounds caused by a homophobic society."

||| Why is it so hard to understand what's wrong with rape jokes?

||| Don't ignore online child sexual abuse. Report it. "Adults have a responsibility to draw attention to distressing images of children they discover on the web."

||| In the digital economy, we'll soon all be working for free.

||| The world at seven billion: What's your number?


< Police arrest four teenagers for assault on gay 25-year-old Kevin Kiadii.

> Gay teens Brad Taylor And Dylan Meehan win Cutest Couple photo in high school yearbook...

...And go to their high school prom:

||| Meet the man rescuing gay youth in rural Idaho. "Tom Nestor founded All Under One Roof to provide a safe space for LGBT youth in rural Idaho."

< California's AIDS LifeCycle race raises record $US14.2 million. 2,755 participants from 44 US states and 18 countries embark on a seven day, 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In pictures.

||| 72% of Americans think legalisation of marriage equality is inevitable.

||| Bradley Manning and us: a soldier for truth on trial.

> Queens Pride, in pictures.

||| CANADA: Police link three men's disappearances in Toronto's gay village.

||| CANADA: Coroner's Office urges research on gay teen suicide.

Lancel in Coronation Street, with co-star Alison King.

< Former Coronation Street star Andrew Lancel on child sex abuse case: "I'm not gay but I've dabbled." Lancel is on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy in the mid-1990s, with whom he allegedly had a six year sexual relationship. Lancel claims he was friends with his accuser for 20 years. The trial continues.

||| Two men jailed for raping 14-year-old boy in Manchester toilet. 55-year-old Abdelkader El-Janabi, a former intelligence officer for Saddam Hussein's regime, received 15 years in prison. More details of the trial here.

< Pro and anti-marriage equality rallies at the Houses of Parliament, in pictures.

||| Church of England stops fighting marriage equality.

||| London activists protest economic injustice by projecting giant penis on Gherkin building.

> When is a shop not a shop?

Clement Méric, second from left.

< FRANCE: 18-year-old activist Clement Méric attacked, killed by a group of far-right skinheads in Paris. Here's a video of Méric marching with a banner reading "Homophobia Kills".

||| GERMANY: Gay couples to be repaid the "millions" they overpaid while tax laws treated them unequally.

||| RUSSIA: Gay Ozyornaya airport official stabbed, trampled to death.

> RUSSIA: Could Vladmir Putin possibly be gay?

< TURKEY: The most powerful images from the protests. Left, activists attempt to wash tear-gas from a dog's eyes.


> BRAZIL: Millions attend 17th São Paulo gay pride despite heavy rain and cold weather. Video. In pictures; more pictures here.

|||  BRAZIL: Rio's cops get tolerance tutorial. "It's no carnival for gays and lesbians. Now the police — once part of the problem — are starting to change their tune."

Picture via Maurice Tomlinson.
||| GUATEMALA: No to marriage equality, President Otto Pérez Molina vows.

||| JAMAICA: So the Jamaican press thinks gay equality activists control all gays?

< JAMAICA: Straights are still kings of crime, not gays.


||| NIGERIA: Human rights groups in Nigeria - and Nigerian gay equality groups abroad - condemn "Jail the Gays" bill.

||| ZIMBABWE: Youth Militia assault gay activists, but "swift" police reaction sees suspects arrested.

> ZAMBIA: Couple face 14 years in jail for gay sex. James Mwape, a bricklayer, and Philip Mubiana, a hairdresser, both 21, were arrested in rural Zambia on 25th April.


||| INDIA: 10 things you might not know about India.
THE BIG PICTURE: Displaced Pakistani boys play a fighting game in a poor
neighbourhood on the outskirts of Islamabad, 12th May 2013.

||| CHINA: Watch video from Changsha Pride, China's "biggest ever" pride march.

||| SINGAPORE: Gay culture gaining momentum.

||| AUSTRALIA: Brothers pretend to be gay couple in scam. "A 41-year-old man coerced his brother with MS to pose as a gay couple to avoid paying $AU7,000."

> AUSTRALIA: 1930's same-sex marriages revealed.

||| AUSTRALIA: What lies behind yhe racist rants? "Australia's image of itself remains a white one – a realisation supported by what was said during recent public transport attacks."


||| ISRAEL: Three arrested for shooting at a Tel-Aviv gay youth centre in 2009 that left two dead and dozens injured.

< ISRAEL: Tens of thousands celebrate biggest ever Tel-Aviv gay pride. In pictures. There's more here. The Advocate's gallery is here.

||| EGYPT: Health Minister, Mohamed Mostafa Hamed blocks inclusion of gay health in World Health Organization's agenda.

||| UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Police entrap, arrest gay Kenyan.


||| Animal pictures of the week. Right, a dog ignores a scaled replica of a rubber duck by artist Florentijn Hofman.

||| The science behind de-extinction.

||| The documentary Sea World doesn't want you to see.


||| Can a supercomputer solve the mystery of HIV?

||| Half of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS are over 50.

||| High gonorrhoea rates among gay men are a "wakeup call". Cases of syphilis, genital warts, herpes and chlamydia also soar.

Famous alcoholic Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray) in Dallas.
||| Time to talk about being gay and disabled.

||| Humans are endurance champs – so why do we hate exercise?

< Alcohol is killing too many of us.

||| Half of UK population "will get cancer in lifetime".

||| Restaurant ice machines contain more bacteria than toilet water.

||| Do atheists turn to science during times of stress?

||| Gay men and relationships: the grey area.

Couples who meet online tend to have better marriages.

"I was drugged and raped."


< ET game excavation confirmed by studio.

||| Creepy Google Glass: 5 industries it will change forever.

||| Google bans adult content from Glass, but porn always finds a way.

||| Windows 8 failing to beat Windows 7... and XP... and even Vista!

||| 7 reasons to switch to Firefox, the browser with a conscience.

||| The state of the word processor: HTML compatibility.

||| UV rays in your fridge to keep strawberries perfect.


> The art of Fernando Carpaneda.

Head to San Francisco to see the Fairoaks Project: Photographs by Frank Melleno, at the Center for Sex and Culture.

> Meanwhile, in New York, the New-York Historical Society has AIDS in New York: the First Five Years.

||| At London's ICA, "Keep Your Timber Limber" explores politics, gender and sexuality, with art from, among others, Tom of Finland.

< London's sights as seen from the skies, in pictures.

||| Nathan Sawaya's The Art of the Brick exhibition is heading to Times Square...

< This is an entire amusement park crushed into a four-metre cube.

Anatomical wine carafes.


||| Tom Bianchi photographed his gay paradise before it disappeared forever...

Talking to Jeff Chu, author of Does Jesus Really Love Me.

||| Meet Max, 16, a Golden Boy and intersex. "Golden Boy, a new novel about an intersex teenager, is quickly becoming a critics' favourite."

||| Book Review: London Triptych, by Jonathan Kemp. "London Triptych doesn’t romanticize the life of prostitution, but neither does it flatten out the lives of male prostitutes and their clients to a pattern of easily understood exploitation."

> Queers Dig Timelords, a new anthology of essays on Doctor Who from a gay perspective, has just been released.

< 30 of the most beautiful sci-fi book covers ever made.


||| Broadway legend Harvey Fierstein rails against anti-gay attacks by preachers and politicians: "It's bigotry, it's hatred, it's prejudice, it's wrong and we need to knock it out."

Get ready for Broadway Bares 23: United Strips of America.

||| What your favourite Shakespeare play says about you.

||| Theatre Review: Boys’ Life. "A talented cast and slick production."


||| Behind the Candelabra producer Jerry Weintraub says his film will "change" Hollywood.

||| Hollywood didn't think Behind the Candelabra was "too gay" — it just didn't care about Liberace.

< Did Liberace intentionally infect three lovers with AIDS?

||| Why is being gay such a tragedy in Indian queer cinema?

||| Gays and marriage in the movies.

||| Rock Hudson admitted to being gay to his then-wife - and she got it on tape.

||| Call Me Kuchu to open this month in New York and LA.

> 10 beloved summer blockbusters the critics got dead wrong. Right, Die Hard (1988).

After Earth: The Spoiler FAQ. "A Will Smith movie that bombs at the box office? An M. Night Shaymalan movie that people say could actually be worse? After Earth is just confusing as hell."

||| Cinema Review: Behind The Candelabra. "A humane story, beautifully played and strongly written, with performances that simply stun." So So Gay review here.

||| Watch The Ending:


Watch In The Deep, a new web series created by British-Nigerian producers Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor and Joseph a. Adesunloye.

> Gay rapper cartoon comedy Chozen coming to FX's new channel FXX.

< Mexican soap star Sebastián Ligarde comes out as gay.

Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Right, Lari and Elias in Finland's Secret Lives.

||| Bruno Langley returning to Coronation Street as gay character Todd Grimshaw after nearly ten years absence.

Smash is over: Marc Shaiman on what went wrong.

||| The 30 most dateable gay TV characters.

||| Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who - but the damage is done.

||| Matt Smith leaving is not Doctor Who's biggest problem - show-runner Steven Moffat is.

||| David Tennant is still the public's favourite Doctor; incumbent Matt Smith doesn't even come close.

< Chiwetel Ejiofor is the number one choice for new Doctor on premier fan blog Blogtor Who. Idris Elba comes in at number six.

||| Why the next Doctor should be a woman. "In the Doctor they’ve created one of the most lovable, resilient, moral, inspirational, and entertaining characters in modern culture. If they can imagine all that, they can imagine a world without gender essentialism or rigid sex roles."

||| Doctor Who and the fear of an asexual female protagonist.

||| The most awkward local TV news moments ever.


||| Lauryn Hill defends anti-gay lyrics in new song.

||| Faggot-slur rapper Azealia Banks attacks GLAAD for "picking and choosing when to be offended".

Tyler the Creator shouldn't be allowed to verbally abuse me. "After I tweeted the artist, I received sickening abuse from his fans. Last night, his live misogynist rant aimed at me had me horrified."

||| Music has died now I've thrown away my CDs and only listen on my laptop. "Streaming music has made it so dull I've lost all interest in it."

Listen to the new Pet Shop Boys single, Vocal.

||| Videos: Matt Fishel - When Boy Meets Boy; Bright Light Bright Light - Moves; Bonnie Raitt - Not Cause I Wanted To, live on Later... with Jools Holland; and Zebra Katz (feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx) - Ima Read, live at XOYO London.


> Whatever happened to Skittlez from Cocodorm? You'll be surprised.

||| Bel Ami's New American In Prague movie to feature 12 scenes, 6 documentaries, a vintage flashback version - and it'll be 3D too.

< Paddy O'Brian ravages kaos krush Diego Lauzen for Lucas Entertainment.

||| Rock and Tokyo work it at Thugboy.

||| Watch the Grabby Awards red carpet video.

> Cockyboys Roadstrip concludes with a Kevin Warhol surprise.

||| Matinée Las Vegas Festival, in pictures:

< Tyson Beckford naked for charity; video, pictures.


||| Should sports reporters reveal gay rumours?

||| Athletes a big draw at this year's gay pride festivals. "Jason Collins, Chris Kluwe, Brendan Ayanbadejo, Orlando Cruz, David Testo and Wade Davis headline pride events around the country."

> Nike releases #BeTrue line to benefit the LGBT Sports Coalition.

||| Gay Games 2018 bid could go to London, Paris or Limerick.

||| Adrian Peterson is creeped out by gay guys in the shower.


> The secret world of underground bunkers.

||| The world's most bizarre aircraft graveyards.

||| Lego paradise.

< OMG! The world's hottest male twins! Left, Peter and Paul Okoye.

||| How to be a stripper; Julian Serrano twerks; Rogue "Marbie" Scott steps out on the red carpet; and would this public service ad make you think twice about drink driving?

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