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||| Domestic violence: The most ignored gay issue?

||| Gays are poorer than straights.

||| Gay-friendly countries are also the "happiest" in the world.

||| Gay culture doesn't begin and end with Grindr and the scene. "Now that gay people have won the right to marry along with other freedoms, it's time we reclaimed all of culture for ourselves."

||| How society's notion of manhood leads to murder.

||| OK, this mug's got my name on it – but that doesn't mean Starbucks cares.


> This is 25-year-old Kevin Kiadii, a New York make-up artist who was attacked by a gang of teenagers in an anti-gay attack. (Is this the same Kevin Kiadii who alleges Kevin "Elmo" Clash "seduced" him when he was 16-years-old?)

||| Clash, meanwhile, is working on having the multiple complainants cases thrown out of court.

||| Eugene Lovendusky has become the latest gay man to be attacked in New York City this month.

< This is Jabbar Campbell, a Brooklyn man whose home was raided by cops during a gay pride party at his house. He's been found not guilty of assaulting the NYPD sergeant who led the raid.

> 32-year-old Mark Carson - who was shot to death last month in a hate crime - praised at memorial service in Harlem.

< South Beach 90's drag legend Wanda shot dead in Florida.

||| Attendees try to reconcile their faith and sexuality at gay Muslim retreat.

||| Why black gay youth don't need the Boy Scouts.

||| Rebuilding Fire Island's iconic Pavilion nightclub.

||| America's forgotten black cowboys.


||| Christians who refused to work with gays lose final court case. "Marriage registrar Lillian Ladele and relationship counsellor Gary McFarlane, who both refused to work with gay couples, have final appeal blocked."


< UKRAINE: First gay rally draws dozens Of activists.

||| SERBIA: Legal rights for gay couples are on the table with parliament presenting a draft law next week.

||| ITALY: A gay 16-year-old Roman boy attempts suicide jump at school.

||| FRANCE: Watch Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau tie the knot in the country's first gay marriage.


||| BRAZIL: 100,000 evangelicals protest marriage equality in Rio de Janeiro.

||| PUERTO RICO: Governor Alejandro García Padilla signs gay equality bills into law, stating: "We are all the same and we must be equal under the law."

> JAMAICA: Homeless gay men "take over" house in upmarket Kingston area, with angry neighbours claiming they "gyrate" in public, fight, and are prostitutes. (Picture via 76 Crimes.)

< Meanwhile in New York, protesters demonstrated against the ban on a gay tolerance ad in Jamaica. Veteran activist Maurice Tomlinson led the charge in Jamaica, right (in pictures).

||| GRENADA: Senate leader Lawrence Joseph says the "day is fast approaching" for Grenada and other Caribbean nations to lift colonial-era sodomy laws.

THE BIG PICTURE: Gun violence in Brazil. 17-year-old drug gang member "Giant" poses in a Salvador slum. More pictures.


> NIGERIA: Will the US cut aid to the west African country now the House of Representatives has passed the "Jail All The Gays" bill?

||| NIGERIA: London-based gay equality activist Bisi Alimi reacts to the "Jail All The Gays Bill".

||| UGANDA: Magembe Norman receives death threats for demanding arrest of "Kill The Gays" bill author David Bahati - as well as pastor Martin Ssempa and Rolling Stone editor Giles Muhamel for their roles in persecuting the gay community in Uganda. Norman - who is heterosexual - filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court, based in the Netherlands.

< SIERRA LEONE: Gay equality activist George Reginald Freeman escapes broken glass murder attempt after local tabloid outs him.


THE BIG PICTURE: A speeding train killed three elephants in Marghat, India, 30th May 2013. More pictures.

||| Inaugural Asia Pink Awards launched.

< THAILAND: Gay teens forced to become monks by parents to turn them straight.

> CHINA: Baby 59 sewer pipe rescue is a grotesque image of abandonment.

> HONG KONG: Gay equality activists stage "bed-in" for love.

||| SINGAPORE: New web censorship rule bans gay content.

||| AUSTRALIA: Government moves to ban gay discrimination under federal law.

||| AUSTRALIA: New national phone counselling service for the gay community.

< AUSTRALIA: Common sense reigns at last. The Sydney Mardi Gras Parade will once again be known as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. (Picture via ShotsByGun)

||| AUSTRALIA: The latest racism row is only the tip of the iceberg.

||| The sorry history of Australia's apology.


> ISRAEL: The gender-bending ad for Tel Aviv Pride.


< Creatures you never knew existed.

||| Boffins create lesbian mice.


||| Scientists crack HIV coating, leading to possible AIDS cure.

||| Can people with HIV donate organs to each other?

||| Can marijuana block HIV from entering the brain?

||| Are you more likely to get skin cancer?

||| London HIV vaccine trial hopes to improve on Thailand's promising results.

||| "Gay cure" victims tell stories of suicide, flashbacks and sex abuse.

Why I'm optimistic that Abercrombie & Fitch learned a big lesson.

||| 20 reasons why going to the gym is a huge waste of time.

||| Eunuchs reveal clues to why women live longer than men.

||| Common foods that should carry a health warning.


||| Time to question our love affair with new tech. "Unless we examine our relationship with computing, its advances could lead to trouble for mankind>."

> Google refuses to pull "gay cure" app.

||| Want the worst? Search for "gayest".

||| WordPress celebrates ten years online.

||| Why programming is the core skill of the 21st century.

< Microsoft confirms the return of the beloved start button...

...And why tablets are killing desktops faster than ever.

||| The search for a smartphone that is not soaked in blood. "Phone companies do too little to ensure the minerals they use are conflict-free. Here's what you can do to hold them to account."


> Gay superhero web comic The Young Protectors reaches $US14,000 Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours.

< Psychedelic vintage Norwegian sci-fi book covers, in pictures.

||| Book review: Harvard Square, by André Aciman. "A thoroughly inclusive love letter to those who have ever felt excluded."

||| Team Angelica Publishing is looking for new voices for its forthcoming anthology, provisionally-titled Black and Gay in the UK, and scheduled for release in Autumn 2014. Find out more here.


> The new play exposing an ugly chapter in Hong Kong's gay equality history.


||| The problem with celebrating straight actors in gay roles.

||| Too gay for the movies Behind the Candelabra scores big for HBO...

...But does the extraordinary Liberace deserves better than textbook gay biopic Behind the Candelabra? "The gays are campy and fun — that is until they die of AIDS — and the straight men that portray them on film are commended for their bravery. Meanwhile, the gays in Hollywood sit silently, watching as their stories are told for them."

||| Behind-the-scenes on Behind the Candelabra...

||| What's it like to be gay and live in the US South? A new documentary, South Of The Ohio, examines that question.

||| Tom Hardy to play Elton John in biopic?

The 10 strangest quotes from Will and Jaden Smith's New York interview.

||| 30 of Marilyn Monroe's smartest and most insightful quotes.

90 amazing behind-the-scenes photos from your favourite summer movies. Above left, Ghostbusters, and below leftEscape From New York.

> Cinema review: The Comedian. "A brief, crisp glimpse of an everyman's everyday issues, winningly engaging." (Read the kaos review here.)

> DVD/Bluray review: Dr. Who and the Daleks: "The film remains visually pleasing and attractive, as a magical side-step in the Doctor Who canon that still provides unsophisticated, big screen family adventure par excellence.

||| DVD/Bluray review: Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.: "It may not be as glossy and otherworldly as Dr. Who and the Daleks but this still whips along very effectively and is enormous fun as Daleks get knocked over like skittles, flying saucers blow up vans and Philip Madoc gets exterminated inside a garden shed."


||| Television: Why you've never had it better (or worse).

||| The 10 most anticipated TV shows of summer 2013.

Talking to True Blood's Joe Manganiello.

Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Right, Gary Lucy in EastEnders.

||| Newsnight asks was Doctor Who rubbish in the 1980s? (No - but it certainly is now.)

||| Veteran Coronation Street actress Beverley Callard returning after an absence of nearly three years.

kaos krush Dexter (Khali Best) attacks Dad Sam's car in EastEnders next week. Sam is played by Cornell West, star of Colonial Gods, one of the shorts on Peccadillo Pictures new Boys On Film anthology.


> Le1f owns it in Platinum Love Magazine.

||| Get Zebra Katz Drklng, and Ken Dahl's Bleep U.

||| A track-by-track preview Pet Shop Boys' new LP Electric.

||| Lauryn Hill in new anti-gay hate tirade.

< The hottest shirtless boyband pictures ever! Left, B2K.

||| Video: Le1f - Spa Day.


||| The 2013 Grabbys Winners list. In pictures...

...And the Top 20 most amazing photos from previous Grabbys ceremonies. Right, Brent Corrigan and Brent Everett in 2011...

...And more (definitely NSFW) pictures here.

Why is there no gay porn award for best double penetration? Left, kaos krush Diego Lauzen (second from the left) who takes on boyfriend Wagner Victoria, and Adam Killian in Original Sinners. More pictures from that must-see scene here.

||| Why the porn industry still bothers with scripts.

> François Sagat has launched a range of T-shirts.

< Meanwhile, CockyBoys' Jett Black is getting into Liberace's pants. Literally.

||| The gay porn stars who've retired in 2013.

> HustlaBall Brussels, in pictures.

< Go-go dancers and porn stars in the CloneZone window on Old Compton Street in London's Soho, in pictures.


||| Openly gay professional boxer Orlando Cruz will be grand marshal at this Sunday's Queens Pride Parade.

< Gay water polo player Mike Crosby testifies before city council in his speedo.

> Adrian Peterson on marriage equality: "I'm not with it."


||| Is being a "Fag Hag" bad? Why is there a Black Gay Pride? DoubleDoubleZero can't couple, and don't miss the Drunk Dialers season finale!

25-31 May 2013

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