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||| Rape behind bars. Michael Lucas on Milan Gamiani and the tragedy of prison rape.

||| New gay survey shows progress - and problems. "Over 90% say it has gotten better, but many report discrimination they've experienced."

||| 50 years of gay culture in 5 minutes.

||| 10 things gay men need to stop doing.

||| The gay island community created by Italy's Fascists.

||| Neoliberalism has hijacked our vocabulary. "'Customer'; 'growth'; 'investment'. We should scrutinise the everyday language that shapes how we think about the economy."

||| Should we all eat less meat?


> Gay 9/11 firefighter Phillip Curtis McKee dies after long period of ill health linked to complications from injuries and illness, after three days fighting the Pentagon fire.

< Two sentenced to probation and house arrest for the hazing death of gay Florida student Robert Champion. Pamela Champion - Robert's mother - isn't impressed with the sentence handed to killers Rikki Wills and Shawn Turner.

||| Homeless 19-year-old allegedly raped in New York City park bathroom stall.

> NYPD officers caught on camera violently arresting gay man and harassing two others.

||| Gay couple receive $US147,000 in damages for anti-gay abuse from apartment maintenance staff. Charles Anderson and Brandon Morehead were branded "queer pillow biters" by maintenance man Allen Emert.

||| Mike Huckabee: "Every fear" over marriage equality has come true, including "television commercials portraying same-sex couples".

< Why One Million Moms don't like this Kraft ad.

> Chicago fraternity pulls nasty anti-gay, racist prank on postman Iran Becton.

||| The pitfalls of putting minors on the sex offenders register. "The punishment should fit the crime, certainly, but our system could brand a teen for 'sexting' almost as harshly as a rapist."

||| L.A. Pride, in pictures:

||| Capital Pride, in pictures:

||| Boston Gay Pride, in pictures:

||| The best cities for black gay men.

> This is Kent and Diego Love-Ramirez, and their son Lucas. They were invited to the White House by President Obama for Father's Day.

< Menswear label Nasty Pig launches Shred of Hope, a fundraiser for homeless gay youth charity the Ali Forney Center. Shred of Hope is an auction of one-off "shredder" T-shirts created by celebrities and notable members of the gay community.

||| Fire Island's Cherry Grove Community House and Theater added to the National Register of Historic Places.

||| Meet Colin and Joe, a gay bi-national couple fighting the uncertainty brought on by DOMA.

||| America's private prison system is a national disgrace...

...And why the US locks up prisoners for life.

THE BIG PICTURE: Colorado wildfire leaves a landscape of destruction.

> Andrew Pierce, a gay columnist for right-wing tabloid the Daily Mail, has been crying about being labelled a "homophobe" and "Uncle Tom" for opposing marriage equality. Well, if it walks like a duck...

||| Pierce is just one of many Uncle Toms, of course - or the gay people against gay marriage. The BBC has taken an in depth look at the subject.

< The mother of murdered gay teen Michael Causer wants to build a hostel for homeless gay youth.

> Former Coronation Street actor Andrew Lancel cleared by jury on all counts in child sex abuse case in just 29 minutes. Lancel had been accused of sexually assaulting a boy aged 14 and 15 in the mid-1990s.

||| NORTHERN IRELAND: Belfast man jailed for anti-gay attack - in the toilet of a gay bar.


||| IRELAND: Record levels of new HIV cases for gay and bisexual men.

< FRANCE: Five suspects charged for death of 18-year-old gay equality activist Clement Méric.

||| ITALY: The town where gay couples can't marry but can die together.

How Bel Ami imagined a scandal at the Vatican.
> ITALY: Pope Francis admits to "gay influence" in Vatican. "Leader of the Catholic Church says the highly secretive Roman Curia is part of the 'gay lobby', which was claimed to be responsible for the resignation of Benedict XVI."

||| RUSSIA: State Duma passes "homosexual propaganda" law unanimously, fining people and organisations for so-called "gay propaganda" with foreigners jailed and deported.

||| RUSSIA: Gay film festival fined under "foreign agent" laws.


< JAMAICA: Evicted gay man Javed Jaghai and his mission to overturn the island's buggery law.

||| BRAZIL: Anti-gay evangelical Christians a growing political force.

||| PERU: Police raid underground gay bar to stop wedding.


> ZAMBIA: Gay couple facing sodomy allegations go on trial. James Mwape and Philip Mubiana (right) face up to 14 years in jail.

||| GHANA: Religious leader Kwabena Tawiah blames fires at markets on gay sex.

||| UGANDA: Talking to Frank Mugisha.

The architect of African homophobic hate. "A brief history of recent actions by former Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi of the Church of Uganda, who has been described as 'the architect of homophobic hate in Africa.'"


||| PAKISTAN: One of the least tolerant societies in the world has the highest amount of Google searches for gay sex terms.

||| AUSTRALIA: Leaving the bodies of asylum seekers in the sea is inhuman. "Australia's leaders have reduced asylum seekers' lives to sound bites. Would this abject indifference be extended to passengers of a luxury cruise liner?"


> ISRAEL: Prime suspect in 2009 Tel Aviv youth centre shooting named as 23-year-old Hagai Felician.

||| ISRAEL: Is Tel Aviv really as gay friendly as we're led to believe?

||| SAUDI ARABIA: Religious police raid "gay marriage party" in Mecca.

||| EGYPT: Is life getting easier for gay Egyptians?


What is skeuomorphism?

||| How to stop the NSA spying on your data.

||| When will Yahoo actually start making money?

||| Facebook follows Twitter by adding clickable hashtags.

||| How to update your software without stress or disruption.

||| Are tech goods cheaper in the US than the UK?


> Andy Warhol's gay pics go up for auction.

< Joey Terrill's retrospective a magnificent exhibition on homos, homeboys, and HIV.

> The weird and occasionally WTF world of matchbox art.

These are some of the worst architectural disasters in history. Left, Ronan Point Tower, London, 1968.

||| The buildings made out of ships.


> A girl grows up in San Francisco's gay community: Talking to Alysia Abbott, author of Fairyland. "You can't overestimate how exciting it was to be openly gay in San Francisco in the 1970s. I mean, Stonewall had happened in 1969, gay civil rights legislation was passing in different states, and, you know, for the first time you could love openly and not be considered sick, not be arrested. It was a very exciting, heady time, and naturally my father would want to take part in that."

||| The great (gay) novelist you've never heard of.

||| 1984: When the news boosts book sales.


||| Joe Manganiello to play the iconic role of Stanley Kowalski at Yale Rep in Tennessee Williams' 1947 classic A Streetcar Named Desire.

||| Jazz composer Terence Blanchard's new opera Champion inspired by gay boxer Emile Griffith.

< Falling in Love With Make Believe, a new play opening in Los Angeles, aims to enlighten audiences about Lorenz Hart's gay life in a closeted era. Hart wrote some of the greatest love songs ever, but his own story was largely kept a secret.

||| Black actors get a raw deal in British theatre, warns director Rufus Norris.

||| For black actors, equality is a long way off.


> "Too hot" poster for Stranger By The Lake pulled in Paris suburbs.

||| HBO to premier The OUT List, a film of intimate docu-portraits of "well-known and lesser-known figures in the LGBT community, [who] speak directly into the camera and divulge intimate tales of their careers, activism, and pride, as well as details of personal discrimination they've experienced and overcome."

< Will Smith makes out with son Jaden on TV.

||| Would you mourn the end of Hollywood? "Veteran directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have predicted the 'implosion' of the traditional Hollywood cinema industry, with high-profile productions more likely to appear on pay-TV networks such as HBO than in movie theatres. Would you feel sad about the end of Hollywood cinema?"

||| But, oh, the laughable hypocrisy of Spielberg and Lucas’ diatribe against blockbusters.

> The very best dick jokes from movies. Sadly, this list omits Holly McClane's epic put-down in Die Hard 2.

< Stunning behind-the-scenes photos show iconic movies in a new light. Left, Alien. Who'd have guessed he was so damn pretty?

||| Super-weird facts that you probably didn't know about Superman.

||| The 12 weirdest moments from Superman: The Movie.

> 18 reasons why Henry Cavill is the sexiest Superman yet.

||| Talking to Michael Shannon, the new General Zod.

||| Man of Steel is the Superman of this moment — unfortunately.

||| Cinema review: Man of Steel. "This is a great, big, meaty, chewy superhero adventure, which broadly does what it sets out to do, though at excessive length. What I missed were the gentle, innocent pleasures of Superman's day-to-day crime-fighting existence, depicted in normal sunlight and in primary colours."

||| DVD review: Men To Kiss. "Very silly... doesn’t make much sense... more than a little camp, jumps along with a smile on its face and certainly manages to entertain – even while it’s challenging your credulity."

||| Trailers: Stranger By The Lake; 300: Rise of an Empire.


||| Modern Family and The New Normal: Two liberal gay couples with a side of white supremacy, please.

< Graham Norton splits from boyfriend Trevor Patterson.

> There's fresh rumours that some of Doctor Who's 106 missing episodes from the 1960s have been found. Believe it when you see it.

< Six unforgettable gay moments from True Blood.

||| And yes, True Blood is back this week...

...To whet your appetite, here's a video of Joe Manganiello's Men's Health shoot.

||| Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe has a shirtless workout.

> It's a miracle - Australian soap Neighbours has cast a non-Caucasian actor! Even more amazingly, Remy Hii is to play the new love interest for gay character Chris Pappas.

< I don't even like Friends, but this replica of the apartment - made entirely out of paper - is amazing.

> Former Noah's Arc star Ben Patterson (aka "Crazy Guy") is one of the stars of new show Honey Do.

||| Why we need a gay Good Times. Michael Arceneaux wonders when we'll see some new shades of gay life on television.

||| Watch Tha Life Atlanta, a new black gay reality series.


The one you love won't love you back. "When an artist you love says 'you suck' — hello, Lauryn Hill — can you still listen to them? I’ve decided I won’t buy Lauryn’s new album because she’s probably homophobic, definitely a millionaire who doesn’t pay her taxes, and, well, Neurotic Society just isn’t that good."

||| The 25 great gay moments in music.

||| The 10 most over-hyped albums of 2013 so far.

||| A history of R&B and hip-hop.

||| Kanye West has plenty of rage, but he isn't a true black leader yet. "His new album Yeezus shows his anger, yet West rarely champions social causes and closed his charity."

||| Chris Brown wants straight people and gay people to love each other.

||| Concert review: Zebra Katz, XOYO, London. "A deeply entertaining, painfully hip art-house novelty act."

> Zebra Katz is next at London's Madam Jojo's on 18th June. Get his new track Red River here.


Talking to porn legend Race Cooper. "I kind of wanted to present the variety that black men can personify. We are more than just thugs. And that is the only thing I won't do with sex and race... Is thug porn. It's boring, and I want to be anything but boring."

||| A very different perspective on bareback sex.

||| How your masturbation habits support America's infrastructure and you (or: the social and economic benefits of porn and the adult industry.)

> Porn God (and kaos krush) Matthew Rush strips at the Grabbys in Chicago.

||| So, just where is Anthony Romero?

< Here's the poster for Bel Ami's An American In Prague remake. The '90s original was the "highest grossing and most successful gay porn feature of all time."

||| Bel Ami also promise a 20-man bareback orgy in South Africa to celebrate the studio's 20th anniversary.

||| Gamma Entertainment - who own NextDoorEbony, NextDoorBuddies etc - have acquired Pride Studios. Founded in 2002, Pride's portfolio comprises of sites like, and

> My Teenage Wedding couple TreDarrius and David Anderson are back in the limelight as FlavaWorks models Lamar Love and Meko Millz.

< Speaking of FlavaWorks, check out adorable CocoDorm wannabe Demarkus Phatt.

> Meet Trap Boyy, Natalie Nunn's gay porn reality TV home-wrecker.

||| How porn stars might look in 100,000 years.

||| Former porn star Johnny Hazzard writes about the recent spate of gay porn deaths, and asks why did I survive?

> Boston Pride, from Titan star Jesse Jackson's perspective.

< The tragic story of Joey Stefano. "How does a nice Catholic boy from Chester end up as one of gay porn’s biggest stars, only to suffer a sordid death in a Hollywood motel at the age of 26? A new film on the life of Joey Stefano aims to find the answer."

||| It's been a year since Erik Rhodes died, but his twin brother says "it's as if 6/14/2012 happened yesterday."

||| Barcelona bar Bimbambum offers a taste of what a hot summer in the Catalonian city is like...


> French Open targeted by anti-marriage equality protest.

< French Olympic swimmers pose as gay couple. Gold medallist Florent Manadou and freestyle world record holder Frédérick Bousquet were contributing to an anti-homophobia campaign.

> Openly gay NBA player Jason Collins marches in Boston Pride parade.

< NFL Players Association sells gay pride shirts for Athlete Ally.

> Plastic boy toy Cristiano Ronaldo works streaks.

< Competitors at the Gladiator Rock N' Run in California manoeuvre the "beast," a wall they must scale to make it to the finish of the race.


10 amazing HIV-positive gay men.

||| Why dating an HIV-positive man might be safer. "The old notions about risks in dating don’t take treatment, testing, and honesty into account."

||| European HIV epidemic driven by poverty more than sex.

||| The rise of the Daddies.

Why do so many of us date our clones?

||| Eating disorders plague teenage boys, too.

||| 8 facts about food that will totally creep you out...

||| These two psychological tricks will get people to do you favours.

||| I'm an everythingist – craving new experiences, but unwilling to put the work in. "Everythingism is the deadly combination of perfectionism plus narcissism plus utter laziness."


||| Is the Earth getting heavier?

||| Massive floods are coming, and we are not prepared.

||| The man who tried to make human-ape hybrids.

||| How unborn turtles choose to become male or female.

||| Why don't birds have penises?

Naked PETA celebrities! Right, Ricky Whittle.


||| A Tube map made entirely out of Lego.

Lego faces are getting angrier. "Scientist says classic, smiling face of Lego figures is increasingly being replaced, with more themes based on conflict."

||| Lego people are right to be angry – they have to live with Barbie.

> The 21 hunkiest superheroes. Right, Dean Cain as Superman.

||| To tip or not to tip... or should it be banned?

||| Watch evocative video of a pre-sanitised New York City thirty years ago.

< Six abandoned asylums with genuinely chilling back-stories.

> A time capsule from 1930s Paris. "This apartment was abandoned just before the start of World War II, and no one gave thought to it until the owner died and her heirs were reconciling her property."

||| And finally, being gay in college; Rogue "Marbie" Scott tortures his sister with horror movies, and himself with Pink Flamingos; come back to 1993 for a ballroom throwback; and what is sexy?

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