Issue 138: RuPaul, Hotrod, François Sagat, George Takei, Balletboyz, Zebra Katz, and the future of barebacking

a news compendium
with a gay bias


||| The gay equality war is nearing an end, apparently.

< Let's talk about gay men and body image. "At the root of all of this are belief systems not facts. Not being loved and accepted as a child does not make you unloveable... Nobody needs to be a slave to Hollywood oppression."

||| Being out and being gay is good for your health.

||| We need to talk about butt sex.

||| About fucking time: Flushing out the shitty side of bottoming.


> This is Jadin Bell, a 15-year-old gay teenager from Oregon, who attempted to hang himself in the schoolyard of his elementary school after a campaign of anti-gay bullying. He was taken off life support on Tuesday.

||| Before Jadin died, a vigil was held, attended by 200 people.

||| Last week we heard about Jacob Rudolph, the New Jersey teen who came out during assembly. He got to meet his idol, George Takei.

< Two gay men murdered in New York City. 48-year-old Charles Romo was beaten to death in Manhattan, whilst 53-year-old David Rangel was choked to death in Queens.

||| Police release sketches of suspects in the order of 62-year-old gay activist Lou Rispoli.

||| US President Barack Obama to allow foreign gay partners of Americans to be eligible for a green card.

||| Oh dear. Our marriage equality foes are deep in debt, and struggling to meet their Supreme Court costs.

||| Fastfood chain Chick-Fil-A hasn't ended its anti-gay donations.

||| Boy Scout troop Pack 442 succumb to pressure, remove gay-friendly statement from website.

> Gay playwright and composer Wayne Self mounts musical tribute to the 32 victims of the 1973 arson fire at the Up Stairs Lounge in New Orleans.

||| Dan Massey, the "activist for sexual freedom, scientist, blogger, and self-described queer, is dead. He was 70.


||| East London "Muslim vigilantes" victim makes contact with police.

||| Peter Tatchell: Equal marriage bill is commendable, but flawed.

||| Why introducing equal marriage in England and Wales will cost the tax payer £5m...

...And boost the UK economy by £18 million.

||| Nine in 10 gay people want UK marriage equality.

||| UK Catholic Church says "time to act is now" against marriage equality, and warns gay teachers they risk the sack if they marry or enter into civil partnerships.

||| Conservative minister Philip Hammond links incest with same-sex marriage.

Gay couple refused treatment by London beauty salon. Paul Creane and his civil partner Jhon Jairo Yepes Giraldo were turned away by Sapphire beauty salon in Woodford Green.


< IRELAND: This is Robbie Lawlor and Emmett Daly, a gay couple who were allegedly attacked by a security guard for kissing in a SPAR store in Dublin.

> FRANCE: Hundreds of thousands rally for marriage equality in Paris, Lyon Montpellier and other French cities. In pictures. And two in three French people back marriage equality.

||| FRANCE: Right-wing parties call for polygamy, incest to be added to marriage equality bill.

> SWEDEN: Meet Lawrence Kaala and Jimmy Sswerwadda, a Ugandan couple who fled from their anti-gay home, and who married last Saturday. But Kaala faces being deported.

||| RUSSIA: Award-winning biology teacher fired for protesting anti-gay bill. Journalist Anton Krasovsky has also been forced out of his job for the same reason. Meanwhile, foreign ministers of Germany and the European Union have slammed Russia for its gay equality failings.


< BRAZIL: Santa Maria club fire, in pictures.


||| ZIMBABWE: New draft constitution includes equal marriage ban.

||| CAMEROON: People may change their minds on "crime" of homosexuality, President Paul Biya says.

||| MALI: Conflict, in pictures:

THE BIG PICTURE: Boys in Timbuktu loot stores they say belong to supporters of Al Qaeda-linked Islamists, on 29th January 2013.


||| INDIA: Mumbai traffic control U-turns, grants Queer Azaadi Mumbai (Mumbai Pride) permission to march through the city on Saturday 2nd February.

||| INDIA: Report declares that "all sexual identities deserve protection".

||| SINGAPORE: Section 377A, the law that criminalises gay sex in Singapore, is to remain in place, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong confirms.

> AUSTRALIA: This is 32-year-old Ben Roper, a flight attendant missing since last Saturday. He has been found dead in the basement of his home in Sydney.

< AUSTRALIA: Sydney Mardi Gras Museum opens.


||| What does this floating illuminated phone number mean?

> Tokyo garden and house, by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa.

< 10 skinny buildings squeezed into tiny spaces.


||| Listen John R. Gordon reading an excerpt from his brilliant new novel Colour Scheme.

||| Review: Where You Are, by J.H.Trumble. "A 21st century love story, Where You Are is a touching and heartfelt story containing so many twists and turns that you'll be flipping pages faster than Robert can turn a flip on the dance floor."


> Review: BalletBoyz: The Talent. "There is a classical linearity to some of the choreography, while the dominant impression is of mass and heft. Scarlett roots his movement deep inside the bodies of his 10 dancers."


< "The worst development in film-making – particularly in the last five years – is how badly directors are treated. It's become absolutely horrible the way the people with the money decide they can fart in the kitchen, to put it bluntly. It's not just studios – it's who is financing a film. I guess I don't understand the assumption that the director is presumptively wrong about what the audience wants or needs when they are the first audience, in a way. And probably got into making movies because of being in that audience." Steven Soderbergh parts ways with Hollywood.

Talking to Brides of Sodom star Domiziano Arcangeli. "He partied with Elizabeth Taylor at 5. He posed semi-nude for Helmut Newton at 12. And he inspired legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini."

||| What's behind Hollywood's obsession with old man action heroes?

< Cinema's greatest plane disasters.

||| 12 things that ruined Superman.

||| 20 characters who ruined their own movies.

A look at I Am Divine, a documentary by Jeffrey Schwarz on John Waters's iconic drag star.

||| The original endings of 10 famous films.

< Review: Out In The Open. "There are times when Out In The Open feels like it's trying to fit a bit too much in and it briefly loses track of itself as a result... but it's largely a well-made, interesting and heartfelt film."

||| Review: Walk A Mile In My Pradas. "A body-swap flick for sexuality is a great idea... we may have to wait for the definitive take on this set-up."

RuPaul in Atlanta, 1979.
||| Review: Keep The Lights On "...has so much going for it in its premise and the music, and acting and shooting is all great. However, the slow developing plot that makes you lose interest allows the film to fall flat."


> Why RuPaul is now mainstream, and why RuPaul matters.

||| 20 tips for winning RuPaul's Drag Race.

||| 30 Rock's gayest moments.

Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford. Left, Irish soap Raw.

> Outgoing EastEnders actress Nina Wadia suggested onscreen son Syed's gay storyline: "The whole story about Syed being gay came from something real that happened in my life. I really wanted to explore this huge part of Muslim culture that exists, but is not acknowledged."

< Bernard Horsfall, the actor, is dead. He was 82. Horsfall is known to Doctor Who fans for appearing in fourteen episodes of the series, between 1968 and 1976, most notably as Chancellor Goth in The Deadly Assassin . He also starred in the feature films On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Gandhi.

||| A look at the Finding Me The Series season finale.


||| Listen to new Zebra Katz x Boyfriend - W8WTF.

> Omarion. Naked.

< The Sword has this take on Bieber's "cum gutters".

||| On the subject of Bieber, is this what happens when you go to a Canadian hospital and you ask for a mammogram?

||| John Mayer on Frank Ocean: "I think it has more to do with just being that expressive about anything in this day and age, and the depth of his writing. I think it's as much about taking a stand against being fucking boring as it is about sexuality. It's about standing up and going, "I know what you're going to say about this, and I don't care." And I think that was the heroic part. I know there were parts that were heroic for other people. For me, it's just the heroic self-expression."

> The "difficult Brown" thinks he's on the cross...

...He might well be feeling a lot worse soon, if Frank Ocean does press charges. How does that go? "Proceed to jail. Do not pass go...."

< Review: Trey Songz, live at the London Hammersmith Apollo. "He makes us wait all night for... some dazzling promise after so many filthy, formulaic shades of Trey."

||| What your favourite record as a kid says about you now.

||| The most beautiful record stores in the world.

||| Videos: Sharon Needles - This Club is a Haunted House; Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox - Boy Is A Bottom.


> Grindr's Holocaust fetish.

< Matthew Rush: "I usually treat my body like a temple. Last night I treated mine like a whorehouse above a liquor store next to a motherfucking Taco Bell." Via.

||| Treasure Island vs. Dean Monroe. Did they bareback, or didn't they? This is one for Jude Judy.

||| François Sagat has retired from the industry.

Who got to deflower new CockyBoy Levi Karter first? Max Ryder or Jake Bass?

||| Spend some time with Hot Rod. Really, WATCH.

||| Here's another contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race with a gay porn past.

< Meet the boy who's got everything you ever wanted in a bottom, and then some.

||| Harry Louis – from gay porn star to chocolatier.

> Real life lovers Trey Turner and Jessie Colter playing for the boys in West Hollywood.

< Photos from the Lucas Entertaiment set in Costa Rica, featuring Rafael Carreras and Adam Killian.

||| How to get a gay porn star to notice you.

> Review: Manly Seduction, from Kristen Bjorn's Sarava Productions.

< Karim, the COLT model, is dead. He was 52.


> Russian footballer Alexander Kokorin says he's not gay, in the wake of those "intimate" holiday pictures with team-mate Pavel Mamaev.

||| Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the man who duped Manti Te'o, says he was "deeply in love" with the football star.

< Former NFL player Kwame Harris charged with attacking his ex-boyfriend in fight over soy sauce on rice.

||| Kwame Harris is gay. It's OK, you can say it.

> Chris Culliver doesn't want gay teammates...

...His non-apology for those comments doesn't impress.

||| Eventually, Culliver manages to recite a media-friendly apology.

||| So, thank you, Chris Culliver, for speaking your ignorant homophobia out loud.

||| It Gets Better project removes San Francisco 49ers video after two players claim they were never in it. They were.

||| Inside the NBA hosts play a game of anti-gay hate one-upping.

< Leading sports magazine features gay kiss in Super Bowl preview.

||| Super Bowl XLVII for the clueless: The gay guide to the big game.


Justin Monroe
> The bright future of bareback sex: "We don't have to clobber each other with condom fascism, discredit the value of our sex lives, or promote a singular strategy that doesn't work for everyone. We can accept that gay men are making educated choices to engage in a variety of risk reduction techniques. We can acknowledge that all of these techniques reduce the risk of HIV infection and all of them constitute 'safer sex'."

||| Justin B. Terry-Smith on bug chasers and gift givers.

||| HIV testing kits, by mail.

||| The 10,000-year bender: Why humans love a tipple.

||| Your DNA stays in his mouth for an hour after you kiss him.

||| DNA privacy: don't flatter yourself.

||| No fats, no fems: Can a big boy get some love?

||| Can a fruitarian diet land you in hospital?

||| The cancer death rate is down 20%.


||| Cats killing "billions of animals" in the US.

< This is the "gay dog" left by his owner in a "high-kill animal control center" because he was thought to be gay.

||| The "gay dog" has been saved!

||| How do owls twist their heads all the way around without dying?

||| Too big for the hole?


> U.S. Cyber Command to recruit 4,000 new Cyber soldiers.

||| Twitter's Vine service flooded with gay porn despite moves to reduce explicit content. And the problem is...?

||| The rise of over-familiar websites.

< 10 cures for TechnoStress.

||| The cloudy future of facial recognition in stores.

||| Why do Americans hate technological change?


> Benetton continues to spread the UNHATE with new ad campaign.

||| And finally, Andrew and Rob are getting married! Rogue Marbie Scott dreams! Martin wants a tip! And Walter Lee Hampton II has the T on black Greek fraternities...

26-31 January 2013

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