Issue 136: Kriss Kross, Le1f, Aaron Swartz, poppers, Hotrod, HMV, HPV, Orlando Cruz, and more

a news compendium
with a gay bias


||| Wounded AIDS warriors are suffering, and dying on their own.

||| The unbearable invisibility of white masculinity: Innocence in the age of white male mass shootings.

< 50 black gay people every black gay youth should know. Left, model Milan Christopher.

||| The GLAAD Media Awards Nominees. Right, The LA Complex is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.


> This is Jabbar Campbell, a 32-year-old gay Brooklyn man, who claims he was brutally attacked by NYPD officers. Video.

||| Gay men allegedly attacked during screening of Barbra Streisand movie in Louisiana.

||| Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively appears in Federal Court. Lively is charged with crimes against humanity by Pepe Onziema, a Ugandan gay equality activist.

< This is Lisa Biron, an anti-gay activist who has been found guilty of filming child porn. Biron faces 25 years in prison for forcing her 14-year-old daughter to have sex with two men on camera, and for also having sex with her daughter.

Anonymous vs. Westboro. Just so awesome.

||| How many people have been killed with guns in America since the Newtown massacre?

||| Boys Scouts of America deny gay teen Ryan Andresen's application for Eagle Scout...

...Meanwhile Brooklyn Dad Todd Schweikert has started a new Boy Scout troop which allows gay members and girls.

< Morehouse College graduate Brian Alston Carter discuses the improved atmosphere for gay students at Atlanta's all black college.

> US retailer Crate & Barrel features gay couple in catalogue.

||| The fight to build a national museum to gay people.

> Bowling alley tells gay couple they are "not family".

< Gay soldier Bradley Manning was mistreated in military detention, judge rules.

||| Gay military personnel discharged under Don't Ask Don't Tell to get full separation pay.

||| US Marine Corps tell officers' spouses clubs to admit gay couples.

||| Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch refuses to discuss sexuality following gay claim in new documentary.

||| Examining Washington D.C.'s bear subculture.

||| San Francisco could rename its airport after gay equality hero Harvey Milk.

||| Troubled Boeing to provide equal pension benefits to gay couples.

> Jeanne Manford, the founder of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), is dead. She was 92.

< CANADA: This is 49-year-old HIV support worker Dolan Badger, who has allegedly been murdered by 22-year-old William Kootenay in Alberta.

||| CANADA: Canadian Blood Services moves to end lifetime blood donation ban on gay men.


||| A majority of MPs in the House of Commons have committed to vote for marriage equality England and Wales.

||| Police deny DNA "witch hunt" against gay men.

> Essex has been named the gay-cruising capital of the UK.

||| London LGBT+ Community Pride chosen by City Hall to run London Pride, following last summer's catastrophic World Pride.

||| London bar "bans" gay couple.

||| Accenture named UK's best gay employer by Stonewall.

||| The truth about being a gay 16-year-old at an all boys boarding school.

< UKIP fires Olly Neville - chair of the party's youth wing - over his pro-marriage equality views.

||| The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children - a "pro-life group" - wants schools to oppose marriage equality.

||| Oxford University debating society invites three anti-gay hate speakers - including Scott Lively, Winston McKenzie - to discuss gay parenting.

> Senegalese student activist Serigne Tacko Mbengue told to "prove" sexuality in asylum case.

||| Anglican Nigerian church threatens to split from Church of England over gay bishops row.

||| "Christians" Lillian Ladele and Gary McFarlane defeated at European Court of Human Rights. They lost their jobs because they refused to work with gay couples.

||| Senior Rabbi: Gay people are "unfortunate" but public must rise above "aggressive" attitude to them.

||| Why do mobile providers automatically block gay news sites on smartphones?

< "I don't care if you were born a woman or became one," columnist Suzanne Moore (rightsays in response to accusations of transphobia. Fellow columnist Julie Bindel jumps in with the "trans cabal" are running a witch hunt.

> Meanwhile columnist Julie Burchill's anti-trans rant in The Observer newspaper has led to former equalities minister Lynne Featherstone calling for Burchill to be sacked. Burchill's article referred to transexuals as "bed-wetters in bad wigs" and "d**** in chick's clothing".

||| Law & Sexuality blog examines the controversy, and concludes, "for an apparently professional writer to resort to spiting hate in a national newspaper is beyond the pale."

||| "Hate speech has no place in a national newspaper," says Trans Media Watch. Hate crime charity Galop have also criticised Burchill.

< 150 demonstrate outside the offices of The Observer.

||| The Observer withdraws Burchill's vitriolic article (the Daily Telegraph republishes it), whilst Moore apologises (and attacks PinkNews). Julie Burchill doesn't.

||| The Press Complaints Commission launches an inquiry into Burchill's anti-trans column.

THE BIG PICTURE: A helicopter hit a crane and crashed onto a busy street in London's gay village, Vauxhall.


||| Majority of Europeans support marriage and adoption equality, poll finds.

||| FRANCE: Socialists agree to drop medically assisted procreation from marriage equality bill in compromise attempt.

< FRANCE: 340,000 protest against marriage equality in Paris. But the Mayor bills anti-gay marriage protesters €100,000 for the clean-up.

||| FRANCE: Muslim activists unite with Catholics to protest the country's plans for marriage and adoption equality.

||| FRANCE: Court refuses permission for new Paris gay bar after complaints from nimby residents.

||| ITALY: Catholic Church likens gay parenting to selling children...

...The Supreme Court disagrees, ruling gay parents are as good as straight ones.

||| ITALY: Salvaging the Costa Concordia. In pictures.

||| ITALY: A year on, the 32 victims of Costa Concordia tragedy are remembered.

||| SWEDEN: A law forcing sterilisation for people who undergo gender reassignment has been struck off.
THE BIG PICTURE: A cleaner stole a train and crashed it into a house in Saltsjobaden, Sweden, 15th January 2013.

||| SERBIA: Landmark ruling delivers the country's first ever verdict against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

||| GEORGIA: Gay sex tape blackmail scandal exposed. Prosecutors are accusing officials of filming high-profile figures having gay sex in order to blackmail them.


||| BRAZIL: Violence mars Brazil's ascendance, but activists and the government take action.

||| CHILE: Bishop Juan Ignacio González says gay domestic partnerships will bring the "destruction of human beings".

||| JAMAICA: A campaign against anti-gay hate by Jamaicans for Jamaicans.


Can gay hate ever be born out of love? Gay equality campaigner Bisi Alimi (left) "considers how his mom and dad, and his friends' families, reacted to the news that their children are gay."

> NIGERIA: Three men who were allegedly caught having gay sex were stripped naked, paraded and brutally molested by their fellow villagers.

||| UGANDA: Is Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi distancing himself from aspects of the proposed anti-gay legislation?

||| UGANDA: Treasury minister Keith Muhakanizi admits MPs will damage the country's economy if they pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

||| UGANDA: Facebook has taken down the ant-gay page used to out gay Ugandans.

||| UGANDA: UK university cuts ties with Uganda over anti-gay law.

||| CAMEROON: Gay man stoned to death for sex with 17-year-old high school student.

||| CAMEROON: "Gay" men jailed for wearing women's clothes, drinking Baileys, acquitted.

||| TUNISIA: Militia raids pro-gay charity that criticised minister.

THE BIG PICTURE: Boys look at a car covered with woven raffia palm cane in Ibadan, south-west Nigeria, 10th January 2013.

||| SOUTH AFRICA: Has the gay serial killer gang moved to Cape Town?

||| SOUTH AFRICA: "We cure gays," claims Christian arts academy in Bloemfontein. The justice ministry asks the country's Human Rights Commission to investigate.

||| SOUTH AFRICA: Not a rainbow nation if you're gay.


< INDIA: Secret sex workers. Inside the world of Mumbai's exploited male masseurs. In India's largest city, where gays and lesbians are ostracised, boys from poor rural areas sometimes end up selling themselves.

||| INDIA: Traffic control refuses Mumbai Pride permission to march.


||| CHINA: A gay man who married a woman that committed suicide isn't to blame for her death, a court rules.

> HONG KONG: Anti-gay protesters have rallied in their tens of thousands, angry at a government consultation on gay discrimination. Meanwhile, a new short film examines the issue of workplace discrimination.

||| MALAYSIA: Anti-gay rime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak receives doctorate from Ohio University for achievements in democracy and unity.

||| MALAYSIA: The reality behind the headlines. "After a year of headlines about shockingly homophobic statements from the government, Gay Star News visits Malaysia to find out what life is really like for LGBT rights activists there."

< NEW ZEALAND: Advertising Standards Authority dismisses complaints against Pope marriage equality billboard.

||| INDONESIA: Newspapers blast new Islamic Sharia laws introduced in the province of Aceh, which propose flogging gay people.

THE BIG PICTURE: South Korean forces take part in a winter season drill, 9th January 2013.


Growing up gay in Iran. "Mahmoud Ahmedinejad says there are no homosexuals in his country. This is the story of an invisible community."

||| IRAN: Jewish Mafia is controlling the US and pushing the gay agenda, the state-owned Press TV announces.


||| Why winning a $US7,000 piracy lawsuit could be the worst news ever for book publishers.

< GunnShots: Celebrating great gay mysteries.

||| H.P. Lovecraft's advice to writers: Read the King James Bible and develop a love for unusual words.

> The battle against sexist sci-fi and fantasy book covers.

||| Author Jackie Collins reveals the long ago tragedy that made her a lifetime gay equality advocate. The gay drama school classmate who she adored killed himself as a teen.

||| My dad and HIV: a double life. "Marco Roth grew up with a secret: that his father had contracted HIV while conducting important medical research. But after his father's death, that story began to unravel – and with it everything he thought he knew about his family."

< Review: H, by Jim Elledge. "By turns rhapsodic and menacing, the early erotic longings of H cannot be separated from his awareness of death and obsession with the palpably-impalpable force that pulls fate's strings."

> Review: Queer Cinema: Schoolgirls, Vampires and Gay Cowboys, by Barbara Mennel. "The insight into technique as well as rich exposition of public and critical reaction makes Queer Cinema a worthwhile reference. Mennel is unstinting in gender parity, discussing as many films about queer ladies as about queer gentlemen. Asian films are included, and not everyone in the book is white."

< Loss-making French gay magazine Têtu bought by friend of President François Hollande.

||| One-half of gay superhero couple comes out in Supurbia.

||| Check out these minimal Posters of NYC's subway lines:

||| Still looking for a calendar to cross off the days till summer? How about the 2013 Orthodox Calendar?

||| The NOH8 Campaign marks its fourth anniversary.

||| Check out photographer Sergey Semenov's breathtaking view of Manhattan:

||| 125 years of National Geographic, in pictures. Below, a "spirit bear" in British Columbia.


> New theatre project Beneath the Surface explores British Asian gay lives.

< Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil production Zumanity spice up their show with new "Scottish Fantasy" character.

> Matthew Dickens, the writer, director, producer and choreographer, is dead. He was 52.


||| Rupert Everett, the man with the new face, has warned actors (again) not to come out in anti-gay Hollywood.

||| "I'm not your slave and you're not my master. You can't make me dance to your tune." What made Quentin Tarantino lose his rag?

< The 100 oldest living Oscar nominees. Left, 89-year-old Glynis Johns, perhaps best known for her role in Mary Poppins.

||| Why the Oscar nomination for How To Survive A Plague is so important.

||| Tel Aviv's International gay film festival, TLVFest, survives bid by the culture ministry to have it shut only to face funding discrimination.

Talking to Bruce LaBruce about his new film, Gerontophilia.

||| 10 Sundance 2013 movies we can't wait to see.

||| So, with kink and Interior. Leather Bar. both opening at Sundance, just why is James Franco so interested in gay culture?

||| The Top 10 Gay Crime Films.

||| The scariest scenes in cinema.

Check out a gallery of vintage Swedish movie posters.

||| 25 great gay sex scenes from modern movies.

> Review: Nowhere To Go. "A rarely seen film, Nowhere to Go is a neglected gem... The film feels very much on the cusp of the 1950s and 1960s. Nader is well cast, his stony faced detachment perhaps providing something of a one note performance and yet rather effective for a character that in the end only reveals a little of his inner self beneath an essential and calculating selfish masculine ambiguity."

||| Watch the trailer for God Loves Uganda, a new film by Roger Ross Williams about anti-gay American evangelicalism in Uganda.


||| Pride and prejudice: The New Normal puts a relationship between two gay men centre stage. "Ryan Murphy's new sitcom is groundbreaking but the show's subversive streak is spoilt by Ellen Barkin's hateful homophobic character."

> Andrew Rannells - star of The New Normal - says he is a "purebred" gay man.

||| Gays of our lives: All the latest gay soap developments from around the world, with Anthony D. Langford.

< Emmett Scanlan is leaving his Hollyoaks role as "gay gangster" Brendan Brady.

||| Coronation Street's ground-breaking - and much-loved - transsexual character Hayley Cropper is to leave the series after fifteen years.

Meet Harvey Price's latest stepfather.

||| 22 of (newly out) Matt Dallas' hottest photos.

||| The strange original pilots of 10 popular TV shows.

< Sophiya Haque, the actress, is dead. She was 41. Haque had a brief stint in Coronation Street, and was appearing on stage in London's West End in Privates on Parade. She was diagnosed with cancer at Christmas.

||| Robert F Chew, the actor best known for playing Proposition Joe in The Wire, is dead. He was 52.


||| Outkast reunites on Frank Ocean's Pink Matter remix.

Don't miss Le1F's Morning Glory.

< The Freaky Boiz get down with sex siren Arquez.

||| Azealia Banks' record sales have spiked since she said Perez Hilton was a "faggot" who should kill himself. And she gets to keep her record deal.

< Kris Kross is reuniting.

||| Mary J Blige on being a born again Christian, and supporting marriage equality: "God said not to judge anyone lest you be judged. That's it. Who am I to point my finger? You've got to walk in love. To say you do not want people to be happy is so mean, so not me."

Talking to identical gay twins Gary and Larry Lane about their road-trip documentary Hollywood to Dollywood.

||| Beyoncé: being photographed in your underwear doesn't help feminism. "The singer's interview in American GQ offers a perfect snapshot of where the western women's movement is. And it's not pretty."

||| Elton John's nanny has a new brat to look after.

Kanye Kardashian (née West) played a little game of "One Of These Things Is Not The Other" when he tweeted this "FAM" (real-talk translation: "VOM") picture yesterday.

||| Frank Ocean is eye candy.

||| 10 music documentaries you need to see in 2013.

||| Amazon AutoRip service gives out free digital copies of CDs.

||| Amazon AutoRip is cool, but I still won't buy CDs.

||| Video: Aiden James' Hurry Hurry.

> HMV, the 92-year-old high street chain, and the UK's last "bricks and mortar" retailer of CDs and DVDs, collapses.

||| HMV was beset by digital downloads and cheap DVDs, but limped on.

||| What really killed HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster?

||| Is there good news in HMV's collapse?

||| HMV: world's biggest record companies won't be riding to the rescue.

||| HMV: Smaller record labels are left reeling.

||| HMV: The collapse of HMV has sparked reminiscence over the pleasure of buying records and books in high-street stores. But what about games?

||| HMV: Music stars respond.

||| HMV, Our Price, Virgin: The place where you bought your first CD.

||| HMV: punk singles, picture sleeves and coloured vinyl – it was another world. "There is reason to be sad at the passing of what seemed like a portal into a slightly illicit, transgressive alternate universe."

||| HMV and the death of the British high street: why do we care?

||| HMV's flagship (and profitable) Oxford Street store has a future.

< HMV on Oxford Street, in pictures.


||| Talking to Hotrod about ass injections, drugs and marriage equality.

> Former FlavaWorks star Logan Heart is appearing for Randy Blue as Adrian Fields.

< The conspiracy theory around the "suicide" of Corbin Fisher's Sean.

||| Porn stars vs. high schoolers: Who needs condoms more?Y

||| Horses used to cure internet porn addiction in South Korea.

||| Why porn stars are better than Hollywood stars.

Here's who would play whom if Cockyboys did a One Direction movie.

||| The delusional world of Jake Bass' female fan base on Tumblr. Nuts.

< John Bruno, the Falcon director, is dead. He was 45. Blogger A.J. Llewellyn writes about his friend's struggles, and suicide. "John Bruno died because his dreams not only didn’t come true, they were trampled once too often."

||| Talking to DawgPoundUSA star Shawn Foxx (aka Brandon Chanel from the house of the Chanel).


Talking to openly gay Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz. "When he was 19 years old, Orlando Cruz competed in the Sydney Olympics. He had a girlfriend in Puerto Rico and a growing reputation as a fast, tough, counter-punching lefthander. Before he left for home, he had his first sexual experience with a man, pitching him into a state of complete confusion. 'I was wondering, What is wrong with me? Am I crazy? What is going on?' Cruz says."

||| Cruz also spends some time talking to The Advocate.

Talking to openly gay former NFL star Wade Davis about the gay NBA, NFL players he knows, and the reaction if they come out.

> Is Manti Te'o gay? Girlfriend hoax has many people asking.

||| Was football star Manti Te'o secretly f**king a gay porn star? And if so, who? The Sword lines up some suspects.

||| Why do we wonder if Manti Te'o is gay? Because of homophobia in religion and sports.

< Olympic venues offered to organisers of 2018 Gay Games.

||| Out rugby star Gareth Roberts once took part in anti-gay jokes, and prayed the game could turn him straight.

||| Dlisted puts drug cheat Lance Armstrong's Oprah confession under the microscope, and is troubled by the set decoration.

||| Ashley Gill-Webb, the man who threw a bottle during the Olympic 100m men's final, has been found guilty of public order offences.

||| Gay snowboarder Daniel Rajcsanyi makes nude "German Sausage" video showing his skills.

> The 100 hottest male tennis players. Right, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.


||| The UK's British Medical Association is urging gay men to receive the HPV vaccine.

||| Almost half of gay men bareback.

||| HIV-positive guys have sex - and they enjoy it. What the deuce?

||| Nearly half of people in the UK think you can get HIV from being bitten or spat at.

||| Gonorrhoea resistant to antibiotics has arrived in North America.

Poppers are dead, long Live poppers. "Is alkyl nitrite the gay peyote or just a vestige of a different time that we no longer need?"

||| 10 health tests positive peeps need now.

||| New Origami condom adds pleasure to safe sex.

||| Could physics, not biology, be the key to beating cancer?

||| Why do healthy people have strokes?

> Battle of the bottle: How to curb overindulgers.

||| Diet drinks linked to depression.

||| Are you infected with the discrimination virus? Gay men propagate their own stigmas.


< A killer whale surfaces in Northern Quebec, 8th January 2013. A pod of whales are "locked in" by ice off the coast of Canada.

> Australian zoo-keepers weigh a 21-foot-long python, 9 January 2013.

< At Milagros Caninos in Mexico City, abused and abandoned dogs find sanctuary.

||| Watch a Labrador teach a puppy how to work some stairs. Amazing.

||| How unborn sharks freeze to avoid predators.

< Australia got so hot the government was forced to add a colour to its heat maps.

||| Has global warming ground to a halt?

||| Drought, fire, ice: the world is gripped by extreme weather.

||| It's time to stop our massive waste of food.


||| Nokia's last moment of hope?

||| 7 reasons passwords are doomed.

||| 5 New Year's resolutions to manage your tech habits.

> Hey PC industry: Stop being so damn touchy-feely! "Do we really need to have touchscreens on every new computing device?"

||| Facebook apologises for deleting gay content containing the word "faggot".

||| Facebook posts are more memorable than faces and books.

||| Facebook Graph Search: Noisier and nosier than ever, and three privacy settings you should change before using it.

||| Irish newspapers want to charge for links.

||| How the new "six strikes" anti-piracy scheme could ruin public WiFi.

< Aaron Swartz, Reddit founder, is dead. He was 26.

||| The persecution of Aaron Swartz.


||| How to make a skyscraper disappear.

> Letter boxes: The red heart of the British streetscape.

||| Scrabble: Should letter values change?

||| Why writing with our hands is still important.

||| Stereotyping you by your favourite Monopoly piece.

||| Coffee to go: Is this the end of our favourite drink?

||| And finally, first love, what gay boys do during sex, how to dance, and Rogue becomes a Dryathlete.

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