Issue 134: Shaun Akandi, Fontella Bass, Shada, 2012, Freefall, Senegal, Arquez, and more

a news compendium
with a gay bias


< JLS have been hard at it this year. More in MUSIC.

||| The 25 worst anti-gay villains of 2012.

||| The top international gay stories of 2012. (Take this with a huge dose of salt - Anderson Cooper coming out makes the list, yet Frank Ocean doesn't. Dumb.)

||| Exploring prejudice and ingrained discrimination: Why do I still feel uncomfortable playing a gay man on TV?

||| A New Year's reflection on the fight for full equality.

||| From gay marriage to cougar wives, the Victorians have much to teach us. "Contrary to the stuffy stereotype, our ancestors were in many ways more enlightened than we are today."


> This is 25-year-old Darren Hayes, who has been sentenced to three years in prison for stabbing Rubin Robinson (left) during Black Pride on Chicago's Halsted Street in Boystown. Long-time readers might recall this story from Issue 101.

< In Baltimore, 30-year-old Kenni Shaw was the victim of a horrific anti-gay attack over Christmas.

||| Renato Seabra receives the maximum sentence for castrating, murdering Carlos Castro in a New York City hotel.

||| Bullied into murder: Destruction of a closeted youth. "Mark Obbie tells how young Tim Ginocchetti, struggling with the loss of his dad and his own sexuality, was so bullied by his mom he ended up killing her in a fit of rage."

||| Charges - relating to his participation in a 2011 White House demonstration - against Lt. Dan Choi dismissed by judge.

> Westboro Baptist Church blames "fag marriage" for the Christmas Eve killing of two New York firefighters.

||| The petition for President Obama to label Westboro as a hate group is the most popular ever on the White House's "We The People" website.

||| Anonymous - the pro-gay hackers collective - have filed a death certificate for Westboro spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper, and changed her PC background to gay porn.

||| California's "gay cure" ban law on hold.

||| The 5 worst states for gay equality in America.

< Meet Sgt. Brandon Morgan, the gay marine whose homecoming kiss went viral.

||| Maine's gay couples exchange vows as marriage equality comes into force.

||| President Obama urges Illinois to legalise marriage equality.

||| Christian sociologist claims porn causes men to support marriage equality.

||| Majority of Americans still support ban on gay scouts leaders.

||| The business of (not) being gay in America.

||| Rare view of Challenger tragedy is New Scientist's Best Video of 2012.

||| Gay students under pressure in conservative Christian universities.

||| Watch fascinating videos from the '90s gay scene.


< This Boxing Day brought news of the brutal murder of Shaun Akanbi, the gay 26-year-old founder of Billy Boyce. Read what I had to say about Shaun.

||| There's a tribute from Shaun's cousin here.

||| Read a 2009 interview with Shaun.

||| ITV's video report.

> Check out the Urban Shotz photos of Shaun.

||| 17-year-old boy stabbed to death in south-east London identified as Dogan Ismail.

||| High Court judge attacks marriage equality plan, claiming it will only help 0.1% of the population.

||| Meanwhile, Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, has attacked marriage equality, using his Christmas Eve sermon to attack the "Orwellian shambles" of the government's plans...

...And Bishop Mark Davies has compared the push for marriage equality to Nazism and Communism.

||| But three in five voters back marriage equality, new poll shows.

< Student leaders warn naked university Christmas calendars challenge "dignity at university".

||| Peter Tatchell brands the British monarchy homophobic, urging the Queen to break her silence on gays during Christmas message.

||| SCOTLAND: Pioneering gay counselling service to close after 35 years of service on New Years Day due to funding cuts.

> SCOTLAND: Gay former council leader John Morrison dies after attack in Glasgow.


||| IRELAND: Dublin man attacked on train after thugs saw gay dating site.

< ITALY: Pope Benedict XVI wants all religions to join together to fight marriage equality, especially in Western countries...

||| Dutch foreign affairs minister Frans Timmermans has slammed the hate rhetoric.

||| NETHERLANDS: A website that allows Dutch Catholics to formally leave the church has seen a massive spike in traffic following the Pope's Christmas message.

||| MOLDOVA: Bill passed to impose fines against employers who discriminate against gay employees.

||| ALBANIA: Anti-gay academic books to be banned.

> RUSSIA: Two top-level football players - 24-year-old Pavel Mamayev, and 21-year-old Alexander Kokorin - spark outrage after their "intimate" holiday pictures emerge.

||| RUSSIA: Moscow City Court refuses to review Pride ban, defying rulings by the Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights to lift it.

THE BIG PICTURE: A jet rolls off a Moscow runway and disintegrates, 29th December 2012.


||| JAMAICA: The Jamaica Observer has published an anti-gay hate cartoon for Christmas.

||| BAHAMAS: Bishop Simeon B Hall brands clergy who attack gays as closet cases.

> DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The Santo Domingo Metro gets a second line.

||| MEXICO: Ban on gay blood donations lifted.


||| UGANDA: The office of the Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) has been vandalised, robbed, putting gay Ugandans at risk.

||| UGANDA: Former opposition leader Prof. Morris Ogenga-Latigo has condemned the anti-gay bill, urges Ugandan people to see sense and stop persecuting gays.

< UGANDA: Blaisious Ruguri - the leader of the Seventh Day Adventists in East and Central Africa - opposes Uganda's anti-gay bill.

||| UGANDA: Bishop Godfrey Makumbi: I have never seen homosexuality in my country — only in Europe.

> SENEGAL: Gay couple brutally assaulted by parents in Dakar.

||| KENYA: David Kuria reveals why he quit race to become the country's first openly gay politician.


||| ISRAEL: Gay fathers in Tel Aviv.


< VIETNAM: Gay man murdered, chopped into pieces. Left, Ngo Van Tam, one of the accused killers.

||| THAILAND: Timothy Bertram Durell - a gay Britain who had stakes in two gay bars in Pattaya - has fallen to his death in a Thai beach resort. He is thought to have committed suicide.

||| SINGAPORE: Behind the doors of the city's gay night club scene.

||| MALAYSIA: The Malaysia Kini website - the country's most read news website - publishes a Christmas call for tolerance for gays.

||| PAKISTAN: Paintings with Muslim clerics in gay settings cause uproar.


> The Best of Art, 2012. Below, Ryan Grant Long's Mahmud of Ghazni and Malik Ayaz.

||| Don't miss Polari's 2012 Retrospective: Arts and Culture.

< Review: Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder and the Manhunt to bring the Killers to Justice, by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway. "When not giving readers Capote-esque chills or exploring deeper cultural issues, ruined lives are displayed as moral car wrecks and we get to drive by slowly, shake our heads, and then speed away."

> Review: Oddly Normal: One Family’s Struggle to Help Their Teenage Son Come to Terms with His Sexuality, by John Schwartz. "Speaking from a decidedly straight position, only rarely calling on gays or queers to talk about what it's like to grow up in a heterosexual world, the book feels deeply cut-off from our communities, uninformed by our experiences."

> Forthcoming anthology Black Gay Genius: Answering Joseph Beam's Call assesses "the impact and legacy of Joseph Beam and the writers of the In the Life generation... foregrounding the history of the black gay arts movement of the 1980s.

< Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers Hulkling And Wiccan kiss.

Remembering Gay Comix.

||| Mark Hundahl, co-owner of gay magazine Frontiers, is dead. He was 61.

||| The most beautiful buildings in New York that no longer exist:


||| "Gay Jesus" film - which depicts Jesus and the Apostles as gay - continues to draw complaints. Just one problem - it never existed.

||| Talking to Matt Damon about turning down Brokeback Mountain and learning to kiss guys from Heath Ledger.

> Jamie Foxx is gay, and "wrapping his Foxx hole around the dick belonging to singer Marcus Anthony who's on his label", according to Katt Williams.

||| The biggest box office bombs of 2012.

> Boy Culture's hottest movie actors: and 100—51. Right, Tab Hunter.

< The best gay movie characters of 2012. Left, Brontez Purnell, easily the best thing in I Want Your Love.

||| Has 3D film-making had its day?

||| Review: Elliot Loves " all about forgiveness and moving on with your life without being heavy-handed in a Freudian sort of way and is its rather funny at times."


> EastEnders' stripper Kieran Hayler had "gay online sex" with a drama student, apparently.

Here's a new shot of cutey EastEnders newcomer Khali Best, who makes his Walford debut in January.

||| Fran Drescher on the differences between her real-life gay ex-husband and the one on her new sitcom Happily Divorced.

< New Israeli sit-com Ima and AbaZ (English: Mom and Dads) centres around a gay couple raising a child with a single woman.

> Noah's Arc's Wilson Cruz is 39.

||| The DIY TARDIS that looks bigger on inside with augmented reality.

< Review: Doctor Who - The Legacy Collection. "Shada then is a bit of a curate's egg. A production and script full of decent ideas and concepts, some more developed than others, where the good performances and a breezy style help it along immensely. I would be hard pushed to label it a 'classic' but 'potential' is the word I would use here and it's a pity it never got to realise it."

> Royal Mail to issue 50th anniversary stamps for Doctor Who's big anniversary.

||| Check out the trailer for the next season of web series In Between Men. The show's official website is here.

||| Watch the latest episode of your favourite gay webseries: Hustling episode 2.5; and Freefall episode 3.

> Gerry Anderson, the animator behind popular puppet TV shows Thunderbirds and Stingray, is dead. He was 83. Obituary.

||| Richard Rodney Bennett, the Academy Award nominated gay composer, is dead. He was 76. Bennett scored early Doctor Who serials such as The Aztecs, as well as the film Four Weddings And A Funeral.


< The Freaky Boiz released their debut mixtape UNLEASHED on Christmas Day. Get it.

Get Zebra Katz Ima Read limited 10″ pressing with etched b-side.

||| Don't miss Frank Ocean's Django Unchained outtake Wiseman. It is a gorgeous humanist ballad.

||| Did gloomy hipsters ruin R&B in 2012?

Talking to out indie artist Matt Gold.

||| Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino in sickening anti-gay rant. But apparently it's been taken out of context.

||| Oh dear. Jamaican reggae star Sizzla has snubbed a peace offering from J-FLAG, telling fans to "set fire to gays".

> No, this ain't Trey Songz kissing his daddy. He says.

< BBC Sound of 2003: Where are they now? Left, Mario.

< JLS named Britain's hardest-working band of the year for second time consecutively.

||| HMV - the UK's last major high street music and film retailer - is in bad trouble.

||| Fontella Bass, the singer, is dead. She was 72.

||| Check out the video for (bootylicious!) Scandocious J.r.'s Prince Charming. The self-crowned King of Gay Music is feeling under-appreciated - that's no surprise when the gay community would rather support Beyonce and One Direction than their own.


||| A gay male escort recalls his craziest client request.

< Arquez's random thoughts - and more importantly, video from one of his shows.

> New kaos krush Diego Lauzen is back (with boyfriend Wagner Vittoria), at Tim Tales.

< Brandon Smith and Mr. Phat Lipps work it out for ThugBoy...

...While Hotrod and Zica do it for RawRods...

> Oh God. Kris Evans and Mick Lovell. Mostly Kris Evans. Sigh.

< Jimmy "Oh My God!" Clay and Jake Bass come together for CockyBoys.

||| Race Cooper reflects on the pursuit of happiness.

< Unconfirmed reports that DawgPound, RawSwagga model Derek Jones - real name Leon Johnson - is missing.

||| The top gay porn news stories of 2012...

...And The Sword's 2012 Gay Porn Year in Review.

||| In memoriam: Industry deaths in 2012.

||| OMG! Behind the Scenes on DawgPound's Hard Wire with Robert Axel and Sarge, WOOF!


||| In pro sports, gay athletes still feel unwelcome...

...thanks to jerks like baseball star Torii Hunter, who says having an openly gay team-mate would "be difficult and uncomfortable".

< Brendon Ayanbadejo thinks 3% of NFL players might be gay.

||| In search of a professional gay male tennis player in 2013.

||| Louis Smith reminds us he's straight. "As long as gay people can see the line, and that I fancy women, that’s fine. I don’t want to be put in a difficult, uncomfortable situation."

||| 2012 Outsports Year in Review: The rise of the straight ally.

> The 20 most popular sports photos on Outsports in 2012. No prizes for figuring out why this shot of Usain Bolt was so popular.


< Check out Coming Out on Top, a simulation game just for gay guys.

||| Boy finds porn on refurbished Nintendo.

||| Wikipedia's most searched articles of the year revealed.


Why Fashion East is be the place to be. "Fashion East, a non-profit initiative that supports emerging designers, will offer two events during London's men's fashion week next month."

||| So, which closeted celebrities will come out in 2013?

||| Notable deaths of 2012.

||| Is it rude to turn down a free drink from a gay guy?

||| And finally, Operation: Marbie Start Over, and doubleDOUBLEzero has dating advice...

22-31 December 2012

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