I may seem like a fool to you, in everything I say and do


"YOU'RE NOT THE man who used to make me smile..."

M People are usually remembered for easy listening fodder like Search For The Hero and One Night In Heaven, and front-woman Heather Small for her omnipresent hit Proud.

Their last album, Fresco (1997), however, was a little gem, albeit one fronted by two pretty poor singles (the dreary Just For You, and by-numbers Fantasy Island). It didn't help that the album's title is identical to that of a certain soap's fictional supermarket. But hey, don't judge a book by its cover.

Fresco's essential album track is Smile, a song that contains the lyric "you're not the man that made me smile." We've all been there. This is a song that's all about being trapped in a relationship that's well past its use-by date; Ms Small just weeps out of the speakers: "I may seem like a fool to you, in everything I say and do..." It's funny, I used to know a Jamaican boy with the surname Small, and that didn't end well either.

Make sure you also look up Last Night 10,000, an equally dark tune from the same album.


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