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assions flair in a mid-western community on Labor Day, when a drifter who rides the rails sets his sights on the prettiest girl in town, in director Josh Logan's adaptation of William Inge's Pulitzer Prize winning play, Picnic.

The lives of all the women he encounters are deeply changed by this strange, restless and charismatic young man. William Holden and Kim Novak lead a stellar cast including Broadway veterans Susan Strasberg, Betty Field and Oscar nominee Arthur O'Connell. Also making an indelible impression is Rosalind Russell, heartbreaking as a lonely schoolteacher unable to let go of the summer, or her one last chance at love. Shot on location in Cinemascope and Technicolor, beautifully acted and directed, with a haunting score by George Duning, Picnic remains one of the most memorable, romantic films of the 1950's. Steve Hayes

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