Forever more


Puff Johnson - Forever More (1996)
From the album Miracle

hatever happened to Puff Johnson?

Back in 1996 when Forever More was released - and the subsequent album Miracle - it seemed like she was going to be the next big thing. A few more singles later and she slipped out of the limelight. Permanently, it seems.

That's a real shame, because Forever More is just gorgeous. You'll be seduced the second that deep bass kicks in. And if that doesn't work, the slabs of beef littered throughout the video should do the trick. There's an elephant too (elephants supposedly have long memories - d'you see what they did there?)

There's even a hint of boy on boy action. Even though I've seen this video a dozen times or so, it was only when I was taking screencaps for this article that I noticed the ménage à trois at 2'42; look closely and you'll see the white dude lovingly nuzzling the black Adonis who in turn is cradling Ms. Johnson (it's the bottom frame in the right hand reel).

So, Puff, where are you? Please come back...


thegayte-keeper said...

Where is she now?

KAOS said...

Absolutely devastated to learn of the death of Puff Johnson, aged just 40, in 2013. So sad. :(

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