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<<< Red hot manikins flaunt their wares in photographer David Arnots new book, One. There's plenty more manikins later...

But first, everything you need to know from the last week or so, with bonus eye candy and wicked men...

||| British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to support a ban on same sex kisses on television before 9pm.

>>> Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney brings his American Trade to London. "The 30-year-old gay playwright [is] sometimes described as the 'heir' to August Wilson's legacy. The wunderkind's latest work is American Trade, which he wrote during his stint as writer-in-residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Hustlers, hip-hop and homophobia, he explains in a lengthy profile at the London Evening Standard."


||| In Manhattan's West Village, "teams of thugs" are preying on gay men.

<<< 2 gay dads, 12 happy kids: Meet the Ham family.

||| Former President Clinton endorses marriage equality legislation in New York...

...Meanwhile, faith groups campaign to block it. Evangelical, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Jewish leaders announce an extensive campaign to head off legislation...

...Whilst seven hundred and twenty seven priests, ministers, and rabbis have signed a letter backing the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

>>> This is Vonte Fuller. The 22-year-old South Carolina man was assaulted "by five or six men — who struck his face, head and arms with beer bottles" in a gay hate attack.

||| Faces of hate: These five men (belowhave been charged with the brutal gay hate assault on 19-year-old Joshua Esskew, in South Carolina last month.

||| New York state to allow gay prisoners conjugal visits.

||| Molly Wei enters plea deal in Tyler Clementi webcam spying case.

<<< This is Nathaniel Phillips, and this is his coming out story.

||| US Department of Labor adds gender identity as protected class in its internal equal opportunity policies.

>>> California schools start teaching gay history.

||| Marines briefed matter-of-factly on Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal. "'I want to be clear.... We will step out smartly to faithfully implement this new law,' Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos tells his troops via video. Sessions are being held at bases worldwide." (Los Angeles Times)

||| "Bishop" Eddie Long is a "homophobe, narcissist and con artist", writes political columnist Cynthia Tucker in an editorial that destroys the anti-gay sugar daddy.

<<< American rag trader J Crew features gay couple in catalog.

||| Historic San Francisco gay bar The Eagle shuts its doors for the last time.

||| Gay couple kicked out of cab in Washington D.C. for kissing.

||| Why is Tesco struggling in the US? (BBC News)

<<< Don't Ask, Don't Tell activist Dan Choi was one of many celebrating at Ground Zero, upon hearing the news of Osama bin Laden's death (26 more pictures).

||| "All comedians love Donald Trump. If God gave comedians the power to invent people, the first person we would invent is Donald Trump." Jerry Seinfeld mocks gay hate monger - and racist - Donald Trump.

>>> File under WTF? Canadian photographer Jonathan Hobin's photography project In The Playroom "uses children to re-enact tragic historical events", like the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

||| Did Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando really flee 9/11 in a hire car?

||| Here's how it might have happened.

||| Ready for some feel-good news? Here's openly gay comedian - and writer - Sampson McCormick with his mama.


<<< LONDON: Gay "former male model" in homophobic attack on street.

||| LONDON: "Since coming to London... I have for­gotten I am gay." Former Latvian priest Maris Sants - who was excommunicated from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia in 2002 because of his sexuality - on being free from the burden of homophobia.

||| William and Kate: Who cares? It's about time to dismantle the racist, antigay monarchy, says human rights activist Peter Tatchell.

>>> Polly Toynbee on the Royal Wedding: "Of course Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had no invitation, being the prime ministers who held back the forces of conservatism for 13 years. Displayed in all its assertiveness was a reminder of what Labour is always up against as perennial intruder. Constitutional monarchy is constitutionally Tory, the blue inherited with its wealth, in its fibre, in its bones. A jaundiced view of royalty is not confined to blasé metropolitan sophisticates: you can hear it everywhere, north more than south, in any pub or bus stop and on Twitter – the knowing shrug that finds this stuff preposterous, childish and not who we are...


<<< ITALY: Kissing 2011 Europride Roma gladiators upset conservatives...

...And Ikea's gay ad upsets an Italian minister.

||| PORTUGAL: HIV increasing among gay men.

<<< RUSSIA: Chernobyl disaster 25th anniversary (33 more pictures).


||| Brazil's Federal Supreme Court recognises gay partnerships. "The decision grants gay couples most of the rights enjoyed by heterosexual partners, including pension benefits, inheritance and... possibly the right to adopt children."

||| JAMAICA: Letter to the editor in The Gleaner reveals the extent of the island's entrenched homophobia: "Since September 2010, a male teacher has been receiving verbal assaults and death threats, such as 'POW! POW! ....-man fi dead', from his colleagues in the presence of other staff members and students."


>>> Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera - founder and executive director of GBLT rights group Freedom and Roam Uganda - has "won a major international award for her work", from the Geneva-based Martin Ennals Foundation.

||| UGANDA: "Kill the gays" bill "will be passed"; plea from Uganda to international supporters. (LGBT Asylum News; more on this at Box Turtle Bulletin)

<<< TANZANIA: Albinos murdered, raped as a cure for AIDS.

||| CAMEROON: Three men arrested for homosexuality.

||| GHANA: 27-year-old man "banished" for allegedly wedding a male partner on Easter Sunday.

>>> NIGERIA: Nigeria's gay church is reborn amid a climate of fear. "House of Rainbow church offers underground prayer and preaching to Christians ostracised by rampant homophobia." (The Guardian)

||| House of Rainbow official blog here.

||| TANZANIA: "Gay" films banned by Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports.


<<< Meet Arsham Parsi, gay Iranian hero and founder of the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR). "He has posted the harrowing tail of his life growing up gay in Iran, and how he barely escaped. He, and IRQR, continue to do fantastic work to rescue queer refugees from prison or death in dangerous Islamic countries." (AMERICAblog)

||| The Big Picture: Afghanistan, April 2011 (36 pictures):


<<< Being gay in India is about disclosure, not morality. "Sunil Gupta discusses his photo-book Queer and tells Shana Maria Verghis how gay issues in India and US differ, the latest developments on Section 377 and that it is still hard to find a place to hang out with his tribe in Delhi." (The Pioneer)


>>> JAPAN: First openly gay politician elected.

||| 29 GBLT groups from 8 Asian countries tell their governments: GBLTs being treated as "criminals" and "second class citizens" is not "acceptable", and the "recognition, promotion, and protection of LGBTIQ rights is long overdue". (Fridae)

||| TAIWAN: Rights groups defend gender equality curriculum. (Taipei Times)

||| AUSTRALIA: Churches allowed to discriminate against gays, despite government fiunding for social services.


||| Does semen act as an antidepressant to the recipient? (Cum-guzzling Roman Heart is the one ask.)

||| The top 5 myths about the penis.

||| Circumcision ban will go to vote in San Francisco. (New Scientist)

||| What'll they think of next? The condom that enhances erections using a "blood flow-boosting gel".

>>> Preference for "masculine" partners linked to higher HIV rates in young black gay men.

||| NEW YORK: Federal Judge orders Bloomberg to restore HIV/AIDS funding.

<<< Mega-conglomerate Johnson & Johnson turns its back on AIDS patients.

||| Coming up in June: The National Museum of American History will mark the 30th anniversary of the emergence of what became known as the HIV and AIDS epidemic with a three-part display and website.

|||Sex and coffee: stroke triggers.

||| Why Obama is right to withhold photos of bin Laden's corpse.

Arthur Laurents, right, with Tom Hatcher.

||| An uncensored version of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray finally sees the light of day - 120 years after it was condemned as "vulgar" and "unclean".

||| About Killer Queen: The Story of Paco the Pink Pounder.

>>> Arthur Laurents, the writer, is dead. He was 93. Laurents wrote the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (and had an affair with one of its stars, Farley Granger, who died in March).


<<< I Am - a gay film Bollywood studios refused to fund - gets a release after film-maker Onir appealed for public donations.

||| Cary Grant "enjoyed being called gay": daughter.

||| Review: Rififi. "A hugely influential film..."

||| "I think I'm going to end my acting career. I'm so introverted. I'm ready to be behind the scenes. I'm 36, but I've been doing this for 20 years." Ryan Phillipe on quitting acting.

||| Home Alone house goes up for sale.

||| Channing Tatum to play stripper in film based on his early years as teen flesh peddler.

>>> Fellow beefcake Henry Cavill is all heaving sinew as Theseus in forthcoming film Immortals (expect another soulless CGI-snoozefest).


<<< Terrifying: Meet the cast of Geordie Shore. As Dlisted puts it, they'll attempt to "out slut, out orange, out wax, out booze, out silicone, out roid and out piss-in-the-hot-tub our American pride and joys!"

||| Review: Doctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut. "A good solid start to the series with some spectacular location work in Utah."

||| The new season opens to a lower audience than the previous year, and ratings slip even more for the following week's second episode. Is it the first hiccup for the Doctor Who juggernaut?

||| Conversely, the series secured impressive figures in the US, with BBC America getting its highest ever audience.

||| Review: Doctor Who - Day of the Moon. "[Showrunner] Moffat... has time to underline the series's equal opportunities credentials with Delware's desire to marry the black man of his dreams."

<<< Review: Doctor Who - Mannequin Mania. "A utopian hope afflicted with an undercurrent of dread."

||| The BBC has announced that no further episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be made, following the sudden death of actress Elisabeth Sladen last month.

Trevor Bannister, second left, in "Are You Being Served?"
>>> Trevor Bannister, the actor, is dead. He was 76. Bannister is best known for his role as Mr. Lucas in Are You Being Served?

||| Oliver Elmes, the BBC designer best known for creating the title sequences for shows like Doctor Who and The Good Life, is dead.


||| The disappearing urban crossover hit says "look at me now".

<<< Simon Webbe - now reunited with chart-topping band Blue - performs at London super-club G-A-Y, with male dancers in bridal drag...

...And treats us to an intimate GuysWithiPhones shot.

||| So at least the Gays are supporting the Blue boys in their Eurovision efforts - even if the rest of Blighty isn't.

||| Elsewhere, Simon "suggestively tongued his lips and did that smouldering thing with his eyes when we told him he suited a beard" in a video for 3am...

...And talks about being the token black member in the band.

||| Ricky Martin: Being a closeted sex symbol was evil.

>>> My God... It's Jedward, as we've never seen them before. Book therapy now to avoid disappointment.


<<< An interview with Hotrod, one of the hottest (and, as it transpires, smartest) porn stars on the planet, and boyfriend of Angyl Valentino.

>>> Chase Coxx launches his own production company, JuicyGigolo Entertainment. Writing on his blog, Coxx says: "My initial focus will be to create hot, racially diverse bareback porn minus the heavy kink and raunch. Just because it’s bareback doesn’t mean it has to be nasty.

<<< Whatever you do, get this scene. Buy it. Download it. Just get it: intense barely describes it.

>>> Here's something we can always do with more of: new Nicco Sky pictures.

||| Rib-tickling porn title of the week goes to...

||| 48 seconds with Peter Le...


||| Dutch gymnast Jeffrey Wammes comes out.

Jeffrey Wammes, second from left.

||| Croatian Football Federation President off the hook for gay hate slur.

||| Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell on leave after calling fans "homos".

||| Can the NFL accept gay players? Brendon Ayanbadejo thinks so.

||| Openly gay footballer Anton Hysen talks some more about coming out. "It's been taboo in football. That's sad. Where are all the others?"

||| And here's our very own Tom Daley at the FINA Diving World Series 2011.


||| A promotional shot for Tsariza's club in Russia...

... And Essex boy Dan Brett poses for photographer Joe McCormick.

||| Thierry Pepin, for Gregg Homme, above left, and 22-year-old American Kalin Rosales, by Thomas Synnamon, above right.

||| Joshua Kloss, below left, and Brazilian manikin Henrique Polassi, shot by Gabriel Henrique, below right.

<<< Another Brazilian, 18-year-old Gabriel Castro...

...and - you guessed it - Brazilian Ramon Fontana, photographed by Vinicius Moreira >>>

<<< Guilherme Gonçalves, by Tato Mendes. Just for a change, this one's Brazilian!

>>> Oraine Barrett by Blair Getz Mezibov.

Josh Button, in a story called Super Human, by Lope Navo, for Factice magazine.

>>> Photographer Dookie Ducay lenses Peter Dee, in a Technicolor spectacular called "Sunshine Bents".

<<< Eric Singler strips off for Brian Kaminski.

>>> Selfridges Swimwear portfolio by Misha Taylor, for Attitude magazine.

||| And, from left to right, Paulo Chiquitti has lensed an editorial for Revista Junior; an editorial for Ranacer (Rebirth), "another cool underwear brand from Colombia"; and Carlos Freire for Impetus Underwear:

<<< Meet FDNY calendar hunk Phillip Sylvester - posing "with his long hose".

>>> Firemen don't work for you? Then how about some frat boys instead...?


>>> Karl Lagerfeld's chocolate boy toy.

||| One Berlin artist's obsession with television "deaths".

||| New York's new taxi will be a Nissan.

||| This is what a $US5 million model airport looks like:

||| Our favourite GuysWithiPhones from the past few weeks, after the jump - enjoy!

Issue 94: 23 April - 6 May 2011

||| Remember what was going on this time last year? No? How about a reminder? Read Issue 62.

Cover photo: The World Trade Center under construction.

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Prince Todd said...

1.) Oh my goodness I love "Guys With I-Phones" so much that I've decided to start from the bottom!
Guy number 13 is a DREAM! What a gorgeous smile and EVERYTHING else! I also love 1, 3, 4, 5, and 11 (I love his attitude and fitted, haha).
2.) if I actually liked chocolate I'd be all over that sculpture.
3.) I have a very raunchy fantasy about being in a frat house. I'll just stay mum. I do have an image to uphold.
4.) Mr. Sylvester you can come put my fire out ANYTIME!
5.) Gabriel Castro is BEAUTIFUL! That's it I'm going to Brazil.
6.) The NFL can accept gay players. Troy Aikman was a Dallas Cowboy for ages...
7.) Roger McDowell, seriously? That is like so 5th grade. I would have actually laughed had I been in the audience. And considering that the Braves are based in ATL it may very well have been a statement rather than an insult.
8.)Okay, I know that Dutch gymnast is getting laid all over the place. now everybody knows he is super flexible.
9.)I want to see a Hot Rod movie...The hair is a mess but everything else
10.) I feel bad for watching bareback porn, like I'm complicit in HIV infection rates soaring. But it's so damn hot.
11.) I want to see the Micah and Max scene but I don't want to buy it from Randy Blue. Where to go?
12.)Silence of The Twinks?
13.) I actually like the youtube sensation Karmin's cover of Look at Me Now better than Chris Brown's.
14.) Simon Webbe is so hot, even if he looks like a Tyson Beckford clone.
15.) Ricky Martin is soooo HOT!
16.) I am going to see the Channing Tatum strip show. I don't care if the plot is about cotton balls...I'm still going.
17.) Ryan Phillipe needs attention. Poor thing...He's free to come over anytime and I'll lavish him with it. :0)
18.) They always said Carey Grant was bi. Well, I think he did his time on the casting couch...Otherwise he was more than likely straight. He was cute though.
19.)As far the Bin Laden pictures go...Americans have this strange fascination with torcher porn. It is kinda like those post cards of lynch victims back in the 1920's.
Myself, I have NO desire to see them. I am just relieved that Bin Laden is dead. That's all.
20.) Coffee, sex, and blowing your nose? Okay, just don't have sex when you have a cold or you're tired and need caffeine. Problem solved.
21.) the whole masculine partners AIDS study is still baffling to me.
22.) I love the new condom that increases erections! What a neat concept!
23.) I don't think circumcision should be up for discussion. Either you want your kid to have it or you don't, period.
25.) I love the top five myths about the Penis. The guy in the picture should see an orthodontist though.
26.)I signed against the Kill the gays bill. I hope it works or else Uganda refugees are welcome to crash at my place.
27.) To sum up the continent of Africa on AIDS and Homosexuality...It is still caught in the dark ages.
28.) The royal family, I feel, is just a symbol of a bygone era. They can't even have anyone beheaded anymore. Who gives a shit.
29.) On William and Kate...They should have called the wedding Harry and the half bald Prince.
30.) A gay couple kicked out of DC for kissing??? Is this bizarro world DC?
31.) I loved Nathaniel Phillips story. I love that entire project. I hope they come to my city.
32.) 12 kids? The kids maybe happy but are the "Gay" dads?! That would get on my nerves.
33.) That first guy's bum looks sweeter than my mother's cake!
Another excellent edition!

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