Images corrupt and purify

Art Hermetic is both a teacher and a writer, and, as he says, "by night a painter of dreams."

More: "I am an artist who is interested in the image and how it is made and experienced (both in poetry and painting). As a painter, I prefer to work in mixed media, combining a quick and fluid material such as watercolour (Mercury) with fixed elements such as graphite and charcoal (Earth). The ideas of alchemy and depth psychology influence my approach considerably, how an image might transfer from one medium to another, to become a different form, and so transform itself.

I agree with Blake: 'As a man [or woman] is, so he [or she] sees.' Reason is nothing without emotional energy, impulsion nothing without controlled technique.

Images corrupt and purify."

There's more of Art Hermetic's beautiful paintings at the artist's blog, The Alchemical Image. There's more on the paintings themselves at the artist's ModelMayhem page, plus links to the subjects themselves.


thegayte-keeper said...

I could stare @ these images for hours!

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