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||| Introducing openly gay rapper, and purveyor of homo-hop, Kaoz (right). Black GAY Gossip has the interview and a sample of the goods. Hot.

||| Join Kaoz on
Facebook, and visit the official website.

||| This (left) is DeFarra Gaymon - the CEO of Credit Union of Atlanta - who was
shot dead by police in New York last week. It's alleged he propositioned an officer at a gay cruising area.

||| The undercover park patrol, the aim of which is to stop consenting adults have sex with one another, has now been suspended.


||| America's
Top 20 Gayest Cities.

||| The truth about all those nice, tolerant straight people you know: "Some of my best friends are gay. Just as long as my kids aren't."

||| Oh dear. Only 10 percent of the 400,000 Don't Ask, Don't Tell surveys sent out three weeks ago
have been returned by military personnel. Probably because operational personnel are more interested in getting on with the job at hand, than the petty obsessions of paper pushers behind the scenes...

||| Lieutenant Dan Choi - on the frontline of the campaign to take down the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy - has
officially been discharged from the US military.

||| Do Asian Americans
hate gay marriage?

||| THAT Cybersocket list spawns
Catfight 2010: Revenge of The Bloggers. No prizes for guessing whose side I'm on.

||| Marriage is a bad word. Does the very word "marriage" stifle the fight for true equality, Michael Lucas

||| States that
allow gay marriage. Dot com, even.

||| What's Fred Phelps' son geting up to? The Westboro patriarch won't be pleased: Phelps Jr.
has been hired as executive director of the Alberta branch of the Centre for Inquiry in Canada. The charity promotes "sceptical, secular, rational and humanistic enquiry."

||| Chicago Professor fired over homophobic hate speech reinstated.

||| New York library
withdraws Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology, citing child pornography.

||| Ex-gay life coach
accused of sexual misconduct by former clients.

||| So this is how Spiderman's going on these days...

||| Is Vancouver the gay-bashing capital of Canada?

||| 77 percent of GBLT voters
approve of Obama's performance.

||| The
gay farmer's club.

||| Your correspondent's opposition to the fag hag phenomenon has been well-documented. Here's
another take.

||| The Starlite Lounge - New York City's oldest black gay bar -
has closed after some fifty years in business.

||| The Starlite Lounge,
in pictures.

||| Henry Belanger (right), a straight man, loves his gay softball team. Here's
his story.

||| Thought it was safe to come out from the Bushes?
Introducing: GEORGE BUSH III.

||| The Big Picture: Recent scenes from Iraq, above and below (40 more pictures).

||| The Big Picture: Afghanistan, July 2010, below (45 more pictures).


||| Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has confronted the leader of the right-wing British National Party, Nick Griffin, demanding he apologise for hate speech attacking the GBLT community - amongst others.

||| The Conservatives
ditched £300,000 election ads that included gay shower scene.

||| The Independent on SundayPink List 2010. ka-os|theory favourites Kele Okereke and Rikki Beadle-Blair both debut as Famous Gays on the list, whilst comedian Stephen K Amos jumps from 98th spot to 44th. On the subject of Beadle-Blair, it's said: "His play, Fit, about homophobic bullying in secondary school, is being adapted into a film, produced by Stonewall." It's wrapped some time ago, and has been hugely successful in schools and at festivals around the world. One wonders who writes these lists...

||| Where are all the lesbians? (Answer: In charge of the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, if their line-up is anything to go by...)

||| It's
never too late to be a lesbian. (Just ask John Barrowman - or any of these guys.)

||| Children better off in a "conventional" heterosexual family? Right. Here's
yet another horror story from Brady Bunch-land.

||| Study: The sexual orientation of prospective adoptive parents
has no bearing on the well-being of their children.

||| And the award for tabloid headline of the week goes to:
Transvestite had sex with a dog at English Heritage castle.

||| Why do men cheat?

||| Royal Mail
have released London 2012 stamps, to mark two years to the Olympic games.

||| Ever felt like the DFS sale was a permanent fixture? That's because it is.


||| Sweden:
Tens of thousands flock to Stockholm Pride. In pictures.

||| Sweden: More galleries from the Pride Parade here.

||| Germany: Gay Games
kick off in Cologne (98 more pictures).

||| Germany: Gay Games open ceremony, video.

||| Meet 19-year-old Dhan, from Ghana,
lensed by 19-year-old Dhan, from Ghana, wraps his body around a friend from the Ukraine, on a street in Berlin. The world's getting smaller...

||| Italy: Good Nights Out for Gay Priests, an exposé by Italian magazine Panorama. View pictures and video in the original report. From Newsweek: "Investigative journalist Carmelo Abbate spent 20 days undercover posing as the boyfriend of a man who ran in gay clerical circles, secretly videotaping the sexual escapades of three Rome-based priests. Abbate caught the priests on hidden camera dirty dancing at private parties and engaging in sex acts with male escorts on church property."

||| The Vatican: a very Italian institution, John Hooper
writes in The Guardian. "The reaction to an exposé of gay priests highlights the deference of the Italian press – and the complacency of the Vatican."

||| Fighting for gay rights in Russia: An interview with Nikolai Alexeyev of gayrussia.ru.

||| Radivoke Lajic's home has been hit no fewer than six times my meteorites.
He says, perhaps not unreasonably, "I am obviously being targeted by extraterrestrials."

||| Theo Albrecht, the reclusive billionaire who founded German retail giant Aldi,
is dead. He was 88.


||| Chile: Cardinal Jorge Medina Estévez (take out the Medina and you've got an awesome LatinJocks.com stage name!)
proclaims: "If a person has a homosexual tendency it is a defect, as if one lacked an eye, a hand, a foot." Sodomising little boys, on the other hand, is a mere blip. Right, Father?

||| Blabbeando on when Latino pop stars
turn their back on our rights.

||| Argentina:
First legal same-sex marriages.

||| How does gay marriage support in the Americas

||| I love Arthur Sales as much as the next blogger-looking-for-hot-boy-flesh-to-fill-out-a-post, but really,
these shots suck. Big time. Ugh.

||| Watch: Marcelo Galvão's short about São Paulo.


||| South Africa: Joburg Pride
condemns prejudice, discrimination and violence against foreign nationals living in South Africa. Pride Co-Chair Zak Mbhele says, "Homophobia and xenophobia can be considered two sides of the same coin – both of them are fear-based prejudices and they violate the values in which our Constitution is rooted: respect for human dignity, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. We call upon all South Africans to end the hate and victimisation of LGBT people and foreigners in South Africa."

||| Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean GBLT activist Ignatious Mhambi (far left, with colleague Ellen Chademana) acquitted of possessing pornography. Police raided the offices of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) in May.

||| Zimbabwe: First Lady Grace Mugabe
brands homosexuality "taboo and satanic". Which coming from such a monstrous parasite is pretty rich...

||| Cameroon: "Everyone in my neighborhood calls me pédé [faggot]. They [the police] can use this, as they have before, to detain me and harass me at any time." A 27-year-old Cameroonian man
tells Juliana Cano Nieto what it's like being gay in Cameroon.

||| Nigeria: Bishop Okoh's
war on homosexuality.

||| Uganda: Brave Ugandans
come out at the Men Who Have Sex With Men Global Forum.

||| Sudan: President Salva Kiir Mayardit
condemns homosexuality.

||| Circumcise 80 percent of African men
to prevent spread of HIV, boffins say. That's a lot of foreskin.

||| Tales from the rainbow nation: White South African students (right) degraded their black cleaners by "forcing them to play rugby and drinking games and eat a vile stew they pretended to urinate in",
a court has heard.


||| A "subdued"
Jerusalem Pride. Video coverage.


||| India is still in denial on homosexuality, Balaji Ravichandran
writes in The Guardian. "A year has passed since gay sex was decriminalised in India, but failure to acknowledge sexual plurality is as widespread as ever..."

||| ...But India's gay-friendly businesses are still competing for the 'pink rupee'. Video report from the BBC.

||| The Indignation festival - Singapore's Pride season -
has launched, and runs until 15th August.

||| Australia: Where you
can't even trust your own.

||| What does
one call a grouping of gays?


||| The gay community's dysfunctional relationship with drugs.

||| Is effeminacy in gay men a function of
nature or nurture?

||| How many lovers is too many? And 20 signs the relationship you have got just ain't working. AND THERE'S MORE! Low libido? The biggest sex drive killers!

||| London clinic offers free, walk-in HIV test
in five minutes.

||| One in seven of London's gay men
are HIV positive.

||| Bad days are all
in the mind.

||| Time-lapse visualisation depicts the
moods of Americans. More on the research here.

||| Rent a friend. Really.

||| Don't risk ugly children -
visit BeautifulPeople.com!

||| People suspicious of foreigners because they
don't trust their accents.

||| Trypanaphobics
rejoice! The needle-free injection is finally here.

||| Just
what is "locked-in" syndrome?

||| The case against Accutane, one of the most popular drugs used in the treatment of severe acne. A could-have-been Hollywood star sues the drug company who marketed it; in 2002, a teenager flew a plane into a Florida skyscraper. His suicide was blamed on the drug.

||| Men with long ring finger '
more likely to get prostate cancer'.

||| Could a drink a day
keep arthritis at bay?

||| No, washing your chicken under the tap isn't going to kill any germs. It's just dumb.
And dangerous.


||| Animal pictures of the week, part I
(31 more picture). Right, a rare leucistic Adelie penguin in Antarctica.

||| Hundreds of dead penguins
wash up on Brazil beaches.

||| Poachers
butcher last rhinoceros cow in South African park.

||| Baboons have
learnt to listen for a car's central locking "bleep" before deciding if they can open the door.

||| The wildlife of the Kalahari desert, in gorgeous black and white (16 more pictures).

||| India is to
reintroduce the cheetah, 60 years after it was hunted to extinction (presumably, so it can be hunted to extinction again).

||| This is the first ever picture of the Horton Plains slender loris (left), thought extinct since 1939.

||| Sick: Beer sold
in dead animals.

||| Animal pictures of the week, part II (25 more pictures). Left, a baby long-eared bat.

||| Interracial love:
The Zebra and the donkey.

||| A bulldog and tortoise enjoy a well-known cereal together... Until the canine looks at his dining partner, realises, "This is going to take a while," and wanders off.


||| This year's volcano action in Iceland got a lot of press, but in Hawaii, Kilauea Volcano has been going
since 1983. No flash in the pan, then... (21 more pictures.)

||| WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! (Possibly,
in 2182.)

||| The Empire State Building
goes green.


||| MySpace
loses half of its UK audience in 12 months.

||| Facebook
scores lowest in customer satisfaction.

||| Facebook
learns to let go. And after all, if you really do love someone, let them fly away. Fly, fly, fly...

||| Sales of eBooks might have eclipsed hardbacks,
but so what? An eBook is, literally, worthless.

||| HMV - the high street entertainment retailer -
has launched an iTunes' killer. Hmvdigital is a last chance saloon to "steal the march" from Apple.

||| Here's something we didn't need a poll
to discover: iPad owners are selfish, elitist, gluttonous, and horrible. I'm sure we could also encompass iPhone/BlackBerry owners in those findings.

||| What - no sex? The Apple blue pencil comes out.

||| David Warren, the scientist who invented the black box flight data recorder,
is dead. He was 85.


||| The modern novel: Why -
if HBO can find brilliant writers - are today's novels are such junk?


||| Bruce LaBruce's L.A. Zombie
is "turned away" from the Melbourne International Film Festival.

||| And LaBruce
writes "why being censored isn't the worst thing for a filmmaker".

||| Leonardo DiCaprio pulls out of Mel Gibson.

||| Hehe...

||| Okay...

||| Leonardo DiCaprio pulls out of Mel Gibson
Viking movie.

||| Professional-gay-victim Rupert Everett
complains to right-wing anti-gay tabloid about his brain not working. Or something.

||| A long-deceased gay porn (Cal Culver, left) star claims he had a two-month affair with Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

||| Disney
sells Miramax, the "little company that could". The studio's output includes ka-os|theory favourites Kids, Basquiat, and Jackie Brown.

||| Chris Hemsworth (right) is Thor in the forthcoming Marvel Comics film adaptation,
directed by Kenneth Branagh.


||| Why are we either invisible, or demeaned, on television? Stonewall
has found that "gay people were portrayed positively and realistically for just 46 minutes in 126 hours of [UK] TV programmes".

||| 50 years of Coronation Street - in two hours! Yes, it's Corrie! the stage play. It's written by Jonathan Harvey, who gave us Beautiful Thing, Gimme Gimme Gimme, and most recently, Beautiful People.

||| A second series of online EastEnders spinoff, E20, is
in the works. And it's packed with boy candy.

||| EastEnders: Denise's funeral,
in pictures.

||| EastEnders: Internet-only
scenes of Denise's incarceration.

||| EastEnders: Webcams
are back - spy on the backlot!

||| EastEnders: Digital Spy
interviews the fabulous Tameka Empson - aka Auntie Kim - about her return to Albert Square. Readers might recognise her as Leah, from iconic gay coming of age film Beautiful Thing, which also starred EastEnders' Linda Henry as Sandra.

||| EastEnders: Nearly 9 million
tune in for the killer preacher's arrest.

||| EastEnders: Interviews with Diane Parish and Don Gilet, below.

||| EastEnders: Remember seminal 90s drama This Life? Steve John Shepherd - who played yummy clerk Jo -
is to join the BBC soap. Fellow This Life alumni Ramon Tikaram (bisexual Ferdy) appeared recently in EastEnders as Qadim Shah.

||| U.S. Skins loses gay character, gains lesbian. Because straight people find them more palatable. Left, the British version's token gay, Maxxie.

||| And on the subject of Skins - a phenomenon that totally passed me by - The Independent has a story about the "Skins sensation sweeping France". Basically, multi-racial, sexually uninhibited French teens being depraved. In tribute to Skins.

||| Terrence Howard
joins Law & Order: Los Angeles.

||| An interview with Jose Ruiz
So You Think You Can Dance. No, I don't care either, I just wanted an excuse to use his picture.

||| Brazilian actors André Arteche
goes jogging...

||| ...
takes a shower...

||| ...And jogs
some more.


||| From Jamaica to Japan:
Gay bashing in reggae.

||| Joe McElderry:
I am gay.

||| Joe McElderry: X-Factor winner says he really isn't gay -
but his boyfriend is.

||| JLS boy Oritsé Williams loses bet,
strips on stage. The general consensus is that the fourth sexiest boy in the quartet has "pulled ahead of the pack" with his "superhero-sized willy".

||| Ne-Yo: Those gay rumours? "I guess it's because I've never shot a person," he says. Guess he's never heard of Omar Little...

||| Review: Kele Okereke
at Digital, Brighton.

||| Sweet: Ricky Martin taught fellow ex-Menudo member Angelo Garcia
to swim. Both singers have come out as gay.

||| Why record labels should
make MP3s free.

||| Spotify - the music streaming service - is to launch in the US by the end of the year,
it is claimed.


||| Race Cooper at the Dore Alley fair in San Francisco. More pictures at
The Sword.

||| MOC Blog's Android Men,
Week 29 and Week 30.

||| And via MOC Blog: D
ominic Ford says, "Calling All 'Eddie Diaz' Types". Your correspondent once exchanged emails with Dominic Ford - he's a good egg.

||| Rape tape.

||| Sean Cody model indicted
on murder charges.

||| What's hotter than twins? Sex with the ex, of course! Former lovers Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz do it live for Falcon. Now, how about reuniting Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas?

||| Porn superstar Brent Everett's blog is a nice warm place to visit. Just to prove it, here's a
picture of him outside "my Mom & Dad's first home when I was a baby" (right) and with said Mom & Dad as a baby (left). Sweet.


||| Catholic church decrees that confessional cannot be used as a sauna.

||| The Cardboard Apartment, by Chilean artist Don Lucho
(9 more pictures).

||| Lego tattoos, anyone? Personally, I won't have any of my yellow people get inked, but what others do with their acrylonitrile butadiene styrene figures is their business.

||| Plastic boy slut really is a footballer.

||| Tennis players ain't sexy. Okay, Rafael Nadal's got booty for days, but he's plain and he's got no tits. Gaël Monfils is kinda cute. But really, it's just not hot. The most excitement I get is a Williams' sisters dramarama with the guy in the highchair. Fernando Verdasco (left) might be the man to change that.

||| This (left) is South Africa's Luvo Manyonga, 19-years-old,
tearing up as he receives his gold medal at the IAAF World Junior Athletics Championships in Canada. Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (right) of France also took gold at the competition.

||| More from that nude Gavin Henson photo shoot, anyone?

||| Okay, I like the ads, but who under 50 is going to buy Old Spice?
Plenty. The mind boggles...

||| ...On the other hand, there's the new Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male Terrible. So excited I could pass out.

||| Boys of all flavours: The United Colors of Benetton's autumn collection, lensed by Josh Olins. Warning:
Additional pictures may contain girls.

||| SHOCK: The resurrected Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly contains more male nudity than female nudity.

||| See inside the catalogue.

||| Gregory Prescott lenses Style Bell (left). More.

||| And finally, Diesel Washington teaches us...


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John R Gordon said...

As always a compelling conspectus of the heartening & the horrifying.

I love this blog & it seems to me that Mr Emigre, in the stories he covers, captures or embodies a global convergence in which debates around gay rights & equality have become a key world-wide litmus test of what people are tactfully not calling 'civilisedness', though that's what they really mean. The debate is not, however, simply a refiguring of the European 'Enlightnment' moment, though it does encompass elements of that cultural shift in opposing reason/science/open-mindedness to religion/superstition/bigotry. Perhaps it is more a battleground about what it is to be human once the facts are faced and old prejudices and residual cultural clutter discarded.

We have to work at being human, at being open to the humanity of others. That lack of accepting the humanity of others is what unites the ghastly Reverend Phelps, Mr & Mrs Mugabe and bigots of every stripe: and in their case, not only a lack of empathy, but an angry, fearful refusal of it.

Homosexuality is now at the ultimate point of convergence because it is perhaps the only subject of feverish, frenzied moral debate that doesn't have utilitarian justifications - especially now the debate in the West has shifted to gay marriage - that is gay folks wanting to inscribe same-sex relationships within dominant norms of orderly heterosexual living. The assertion of the rights (and desire) of gay people to have children, knocks away perhaps the last attempt at a 'utilitarian' argument in favour of homophobia - that gay folks, in failing to reproduce, render themselves biologically redundant by not carrying their genes forward.

So we as gay people are being forged now in the heat of these debates in different cultures and countries all around the world, & must at every turn seek to forge ourselves.

thegayte-keeper said...

Leonardo DiCaprio pulls out of Mel Gibson. LOVE IT!

Corve DaCosta said...

The Diesel video is hilarious...exciting positions..

Moanerplicity said...

That photo of the dead in Afghanistan needs to be posted on its own, because the gravity of it is so damned powerful and REAL.

It's haunting me. Hard to forget.
No should I or anyone forget.

And sadly, that's what many of us do on the daily: forget about the realness, the senselessness & the heartbreak of war.


KAOS said...

I don't think war is senseless, Moanerplicity.

Evil must be fought, and I salute all those brave souls who do so.

With regards to the picture of the bodies on the truck: those are Taliban "soldiers". The only sad thing about that picture is that the bodies aren't piled higher.

Moanerplicity said...

Didn't realize those were Taliban soliders. I still can't/won't celebrate their deaths. The fact remains that even w/radically poisoned & hateful mindsets, they were still human beings. And whenever someone, even an American solider, takes a life, they will never be quite the same again. Trust. I KNOW this.

Those who are lucky enough to make it home & suddenly have to deal w/ 'life as usual' find the adjustment so damned difficult, when, most of us will never understand the stress or the nightmares of what they've seen, what they've dealt with or how they feel inside the ache of their souls.

Is it any wonder the suicide rate is soaring amongst American soldiers once they return home?

War IS Hell, my friend. And that Hell doesn't magically cease to exist or morph into Heaven on earth once a solider leaves the gunfire or the carnage of the frontlines.

Anyway, I repeat: powerful picture.


KAOS said...

Moanerplicity - I certainly don't disagree with anything you've said.

But when dealing with the Taliban, what is the alternative to war?

And it seems to me that returning troops don't get enough support and care when they return from the field.

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