Delusions of grandeur

A cut-out-and-keep guide
to porn you need to know
ll too often, the pairing (and multiples thereof) of our favourite porn stars leads to disappointment. Matthew Rush and Eddie Diaz's encounter at was less than memorable, and royal couple Jovonnie and City Boi didn't quite gel with trash-talking bottom Kidd (there's a great review of said Kidd starring vehicle, Dixx Are For Kidd [yes, really] here).

One model who rarely disappoints is racially ambiguous über-twink-cum-muscle-clone Roman Heart, who never fails to take it like a man (and moan like a bitch on heat), and who has set the screen on fire with such luminaries as Eddie Diaz, royal couple Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas, and, of course, Brent Everett.

Brent Everett, in addition to looking like he does, and using what he's got like that, also seems to be a genuinely nice guy, and a smart cookie too. He recently married his boyfriend, and his parents are more than supportive. Who says porn stars can't be good role models?

Brent and Roman's encounter, from Falcon's Chi Chi LaRue directed Super Soaked (2005), is a feast of arresting visuals. Beautifully shot, this scene is more of a love letter to two of the porn biz's brightest stars. Both boys look amazing, gamely delivering the goods (Brent seemingly bouncing in and out of Roman - like he's a human trampoline - is something to behold). The only thing missing is Roman's infamous fetish (and one comparatively rare amongst big names) for having his co-star come in his mouth (yes, he lapped up everything Eddie, Daniel and Pedro gave him).

Make your own adventure...

There's no plot behind the scene, so we're free to make up our own! It lends itself to a Dynasty-esque soap fantasy, with Roman playing the rich playboy left home alone by Daddy. With all those tatts, Brent has to be the black sheep of the family, a long lost cousin perhaps (or, if you're feeling kinky, long lost brother), returned from the streets and a life of turning tricks to take the reins of Daddy's company.

What we don't see, hiding in the shadows, is Roman's embittered sister Cynthia, filming the whole thing. She secretly despises street trash Brent - he's a threat to her inheritance and could usurp her position - and is desperate to discredit him.

What will Daddy think when he sees what Brent's done to golden boy Roman?


mike said...

i'm liking the new erotica. i'll definitely be looking up the video on malepayview. also i like the link to brett's blog/family support. so cool.

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Mike - you don't need to look it up, the link's right there at the bottom of the page! :)

thegayte-keeper said...

THANKS for the stimulation!

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