Victory, bears and sexy chairs

NBA star Isiah Thomas (and son) are lensed by Adam Bouska for his No H8 campaign. Interesting - somehow, I can't imagine any British footballer participating in such a campaign.

||| What does your hook-up site say about you?

||| The Big Picture: Same sex marriage
(24 more pictures). Below left, Rocky Galloway and Reginald Stanley embrace in Washington DC. Below right, a couple in Mexico City.


||| Proposition 8 Decision: A new age of rationality.

||| Proposition 8 Decision:
An analysis of the ruling by Ari Exra Waldman of the California Western School of Law.

||| Proposition 8 Decision: Judge Vaughn Walker, from zero to

||| Proposition 8 Decision: Ruling a challenge
for both parties.

||| Proposition 8 Decision: Economic factors will see gay marriage prevail.

||| Proposition 8 Decision: Towleroad
rounds up a selection of videos on the subject...

||| ...Plus
photos capturing reactions and celebrations.

||| Proposition 8 Decision: Obama
still opposes gay marriage rights.

||| Proposition 8 Decision: What's 1924's Racial Integrity Act got to do with the same-sex marriage rulings?

||| Proposition 8 Decision: It's crucial to understand the data about Prop. 8's victory, David Fleischer writes for the
Los Angeles Times, "before launching another attempt to legalize gay marriage."

||| Proposition 8 Decision: Uncertainty still lingers.

||| Proposition 8 Decision: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece warns that the human race
faces extinction now gays can marry.

||| Is Dr. Maria New
trying to prevent homosexuality in the womb?

||| Suicide in the GBLT community
on the rise.

||| Horrific. The 17-month-old baby boy beaten to death for acting like a little girl. Pedro Jones (right) had been babysitting the toddler.

||| Psychology Today: Professionals must
recognise and stop anti-gay bullying.

||| 24-year-old Brad Crelia (left)
shares the story behind the new tattoo on his right wrist. Incredibly moving.

||| LA Gay & Lesbian Center
bans smoking outdoors. Oh, I so need to move to LA, if this is the deal...

||| State of the states: Wyoming, Mississippi the nation's most conservative states. D.C. and Rhode Island most liberal. Interactive map

||| US current affairs magazine Newsweek
sold for $1.


||| Britain, Britain, Britain... The gays in Britain have a somewhat different relationship with the police than their US counterparts. Officers have been stopping cruisers visiting Clapham Common to
warn them about an increase in attacks and robberies. "I believe the operation was a success," Sergeant Damon Goodman-Anders says. "Feedback from the males stopped was very positive and they seemed pleased that the police in Wandsworth are not ignoring the problem and are pro-actively trying to target it."

||| Lesbian attack! "I could take all of you on,"
she warns shaken gays.

||| A hairdresser
tells all to right-wing sleaze rag The Sun about being the first boy recently out X Factor winner Joe McElderry kissed. And didn't make a penny out of it, presumably. Creep.

||| Brighton Pride 2010: 160,000
flock to seaside festivities. Plus: More pictures than you could shake a double-headed dildo at!

||| Belfast Pride 2010, in pictures and video.

||| Why every mum should have
a gay son.

||| Is "dyke" an offensive word? DykesLesbians

||| Remember the hoo-hah over the decision by BBC News to ask, "Should homosexuals face execution?" No? I don't blame you - it happened way back in December 2009. The BBC Trust has
finally decided the matter is closed.

||| 8 out of 10 football fans would back gay footballers who come out. More: Study shows that a quarter of people involved in the professional game know a gay player. Left, Justin Fashanu, who came out in 1990. He remains the only professional footballer to have done so.

||| Rickie Preddie - one of two boys convicted of killing 10-year-old Damilola Taylor (right) ten years ago in South London - is to be
set free.

||| A video posted on YouTube showing a fox being clubbed to death in London
was a hoax - and one I wholeheartedly approve of. Here's why: "We saw after the attack on the twins in east London, which was horrific, how absolutely ridiculous the reporting was," filmmaker Chris Atkins says. "The reporting, including by the BBC, was both irresponsible and misrepresentative."

||| A Government of straight, white, privately educated men. Sean O'Grady
finds an absence of diversity in the 119 people now running the country.


||| Jamaican sprinter: Gay Games an escape from homophobia...

||| ...But France's Teddy Francisot
took gold in the men's 100 metres - and accepted his medal in just a towel!

||| Cologne Gay Games: The inspiring stories from the Bodybuilding (Physique) competition.

||| Netherlands: Amsterdam Gay Pride attracts half a million. In pictures. Another gallery here.

||| Iceland: Reykjavik gay pride,
in pictures. The city's mayor, Jon Gnarr, dragged up to open the festivities.

||| Germany: Bavaria's "porno island" blighted by a "proliferation of masturbating men".

||| Russia: Pride House
planned for 2014 Winter Olympics.

||| Turkey: Family feud results in "half house"


||| Argentina: Gay marriage, in videos and pictures. Just lovely.

||| Brazil: Officials investigating corruption charges at Polinter penitentiary
discovered the lunatics had taken over the asylum... as it were. Shades of Oz?

||| Haiti: Rapper Wyclef Jean
announces he will run for Presidency of Haiti; actor Sean Penn questions his suitability: "I want to see someone who is really, really willing to sacrifice for their country and not just someone who I personally saw with a vulgar entourage of vehicles that demonstrated a wealth in Haiti that – in context, I felt a very obscene demonstration."

||| Chile: Gay marriage bill likely to


||| Being gay in Africa (Podcast).

||| Uganda: Anti-gay bill
stalls. Left, members of Christian groups campaigning against homosexuality in Kampala.

||| Zimbabwe: 20 Eveline High school girls
arrested for lesbian relationships.

||| Sudan: Nineteen young men are publicly flogged
for wearing women's clothing and makeup.


||| Iran pushes ahead with plans to execute 18-year-old Ebrahim Hamidi on false charges of sodomy. Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell says, "Ebrahim's case is evidence that innocent heterosexual people can be sentenced to death on false charges of homosexuality [in Iran]."

||| Iraq: The war against sexual minorities


||| Why does China - the world's second richest country -
gobble up more AIDS aid than all of Africa?

||| China: Chinese media
is vulgar, kitsch, Cai Wu - the culture minister - bemoans.

||| Sri Lanka: GBLT community
accused of "recruiting heterosexuals". That old chestnut again, huh?

||| India: The law decriminalising gay sex has
led to a boom in gay lifestyle magazines.

||| Two of those magazine
have been launched by India's openly gay prince, Manvendra Singh Gohil.

||| Oh, nasty! Australia
stops gay couples marrying overseas.

||| Australia: Every night, hundreds of men hook up inside Sex On Premises Venues. Some are out and proud members of our gay community, while others have a wife and kids at home.
Same Same probes the places guys go to get off.

||| Unesco decides only sites related to Australia's colonial past (past? Ha!) deserve World Heritage status. The continent's rightful owners are
none too pleased.

||| Yuk! 5,000 nude bodies
carpet the base of Sydney Opera House. There's good naked, and there's bad naked. Still, it's art, I suppose...


||| New female condom is
really for gay men. Or bottoms, more accurately.

||| Childhood memories
often just figments of our imagination.


||| Animal pictures of the week (30 more pictures). Above, a Pygmy Marmoset in Chile, below, twin baby pandas in China.

||| Amazing pictures of brown bears fishing for spawning salmon in an Alaskan river (17 more pictures).

||| Maybe this bear should have tried getting its dinner the old fashioned way too.

||| Video: Sting-ray
gives birth to three offspring. Breathtaking.


||| The Big Picture: Severe flooding in Pakistan
(36 more pictures).

||| The Big Picture: Russian wildfires (36 more pictures).


||| Have Amazon and Apple been illegally
price-fixing e-books?

||| Ten of the greatest technology flops.

||| What if YouTube and Facebook had been around in the sixties?

||| The
10 most recycled phones.

||| This tunnel is
also a bus.

||| London gets its first air-conditioned Tube train, the first of a new 191-strong fleet that will run on the oldest part of London's metro network, dating back to 1863. In pictures.


||| Left, architect Hans Hollein's
SBF Tower, for Shenzhen in China.

||| The
bridge that moves: High Tide Street, by architecture student James Gardener, is a floating bridge that moves with the tide.

||| These are the sexiest chairs I've ever seen. I can just see Shaun Sutton ensconced in one, wearing nothing but a top hat and tails. They
can be found in the London headquarters of fashion brand Net-A-Porter.


||| Do typefaces
really matter?

||| 129,864,880. That's how many books Google
thinks are in the world.

||| Chinese Male Homosexualities: Memba, Tongzhi and Golden Boy,
review. ||| Been trapped in a nonversation lately? Or dirtied your new trainers in the quackmire? Perhaps you're a vidiot...


||| Larry Kramer
skewers Barbra Streisand.

||| Twenty films that
make men cry.

||| I Love You Phillip Morris,
DVD review.

||| Brotherhood,

||| Spring Fever,

||| Patrik, Age 1.5,


||| In
last week's edition, we heard about the poor representation the GBLT community gets on British television. GLAAD has released its 2009-2010 Network Responsibility Index, showing things aren't much better across the Atlantic.

||| EastEnders:
Whatever my woes, I'm not Phil Mitchell.

||| EastEnders: How apt that Phil Mitchell's descent into crack cocaine hell comes as David Cameron's ConDem government drags Britain back to the 1980s. EastEnders was born during the last Tory government (whose policies can best be described as Robin Hood in reverse).

||| Sky1 has
pulled out of plans to remake dystopic 80s SF drama Blake's 7.

||| Cardboard K9.


||| Ice cream,

||| The newly reunited Blue
are unhappy that one of their new demos has already leaked; Duncan James recently came out as "bisexual", whilst bandmate Lee Ryan has talked candidly about threesomes he shared with James during the group's time together. Sadly, no mention of ka-os|theory favourite (and most successful Blue boy) Simon Webbe in that particular scenario.

||| The most frightening Justin Bieber parody you're likely to see.
Be afraid.


||| Proposition 8 Decision:
Porn stars react. As The Sword points out, "Who cares what the HRC says?"


||| The Telegraph
thinks this aubergine looks like it has a "huge nose". Looks like something else to me. But then that's just me.

||| These Banana Republic trousers (right), on the other hand, don't allow for any misunderstanding. Is that a Herringboner or are you just pleased to see me...?

||| Morrisons - the British supermarket - has decided that offal (kidney, liver et cetera)
isn't meat.

||| What happens when someone puts a brick in a washing machine?

||| Plastic boy slut
gets a facial, and makes sure to cover his eyes. You know it stings, gurl!

||| Ugo Monye covers gay lifestyle magazine Attitude's new fitness supplement.

||| And finally,
these tits can't be real, can they? They can't be. Can they? No. Maybe. But surely...



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Cup-o-Noodles said...

LOVE the new format of categories.

The brick-in-the-washing-machine: Priceless!

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Thank you Cup! I've always used category titles to build the article, but I used to delete them before publishing...

corve said...

Another comprehensive post this week
Love it

I love the movie I Love You Phillip Morris -its a must watch

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Thank you Corve!

I've yet to see the movie, but I've only heard good things about it :)

John R Gordon said...

The murder of the 'effeminate' baby was just appalling, & the boy who did it must have had something dreadfully wrong with him, tho the hatred of effeminacy in boys/men is startling in its intensity (not least among gay men), so he seems, sadly, to just be the outer limit of a common mentality, which is perhaps why it seems particularly hurtful.

I found the gay marriage photos touching, jaded & single tho I am. I guess there'll always be a part of me that fears letting the state so fully into your life: that somehow it'll be a trap later on, when we end up with a BNP/Sharia government: I always think of the Weimar Republic & Hitler getting voted in... But in the meantime it's a joy to see gay men & lesbians throwing off the mental(& legal)shackles of second-classness.

I thought the most interesting story was the Uganda link, where there's a piece about two Ugandan journalists (straight men) who bravely decided to test public attitudes by posing as a gay couple in a restaurant in Kampala. They didn't say how they 'posed as gay' but mentioned some dirty looks, general brief noticing & indifference from fellow diners, & no psychotic homophobic response whatsoever. In other words, sadly but also hearteningly in terms of heterosexual Africans' view of the gay folks, the real crazy hysteria has been whipped up by psycho preachers, backed by psycho US Christian money - & abetted by bad rulers keen to distract the populace from the real problems. Perhaps that's inevitably true, but a lot of the time the news one hears from Africa on gay issues is so extreme it's as if no straight folks there were reasonable, when of course lots of them are. And even courageous about it, as were those two journalists. So I liked that story a lot.

Mr. Toddy English said...

1.) Isaiah's son is so hot...His arms are much too HAIRY though. Oh my god I am such a stickler for detail.
2.) I used to use Adam4Adam and biggest mistake was that guys meant to be hook ups became boyfriends and that is not cute, ever. Never use hook up sites for boyfriends. This is a public service announcement.
3.) 7 BILLION people on the planet and MLK's niece is worried about extinction...Ho have a seat.
4.)I really need to renew my Psychology today subscription! I love that magazine.
5.) Ooh who is that big tatooed hunk factory hugged up on that old queen?
6.) Haha I love the moms and gay sons. My mom jokingly told me, "Before I had you I wanted a daughter...Well I got half of one." LOL! Yes, the world needs more gay babies.
7.)Oh god I love Simon Adebisi. Growing up I used to watch OZ and dream about going to jail...until my health teacher showed use SCARED STRAIGHT in 10th grade.
8.)I've never been a fan of ass bags. Plus I like putting condoms on my dude...
9.) I love the animals feature!!!
10.) Shame on Larry Kramer. You don't go in on Babs! No! Just...No!
and a boop boop boop that's all folks!

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

I thought that about the son's arms too, particularly given the angle of the shot. YUK! And I don't think he's cute at all, anyway.

SIGH... Simon Adebisi. You and me both, Toddy. Remember when he stripped JD Williams naked and had him face down in their cell. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

thegayte-keeper said...

Just when I think I heard all the news there is for any particular week, you show me that I am DEAD wrong! THANKS FOR DOING THIS...SERIOUSLY THANK YOU!

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