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Gerven Pognon17

Gerven Pognon7

This is what you call a million dollar smile. Smiling is very underrated, and 23-year-old Gerven Pognon does it beautifully. Born in Brooklyn, he describes himself as a Haitian American.

Gerven Pognon16

Gerven Pognon12

File under "Models Tarrice Love Should Shoot". Beautifully lensed here by Sitron Studio.

Gerven Pognon2

Much more of Gerven after the jump...

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Gerven Pognon14

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Gerven Pognon1

Gerven Pognon15

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Gerven Pognon4

Gerven Pognon3

Gerven Pognon13


Forbidden Light said...

I love seeing black men smiling! It's, unfortunenately, a rarity! Thanks for the evidence...

Dusty Boot said...


Anonymous said...

I lost my breath and am almost in tears. He is beautiful. The 9th picture did it!

LIBERATOR | Émigré Éire said...

Anon - He is pretty much perfect - so much so that he was our No.1 sexiest man of 2009!

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