LAST WEEK THE news broke that DJ Sonique is suffering from breast cancer.

The London-born DJ and singer is best known for her hit It Feels So Good. First released in 1998, it was a hit two years later, and was promptly hijacked by the mass market and given a crumby video that middle-class Chardonnay-swilling straight thirty-somethings would approve of.

But before that, back in 1998, there was this video, set in a moonlit forest, and in which a black boy and white boy dance around one another, embrace, and caress one another's faces. That sort of positive imagery, shown on national television alongside Britney Spears and Nelly, meant the world to me as a teenager. It said, "I'm we're, we're here, black and white together. We've got each other and we don't care what you think." I love Sonique for giving me that precious gift back then, and I wish her the very best in her struggle.


thegayte-keeper said...

I was wondering about her the other day...she really got the club going in my day...

Wonder Man said...

I hope she will be ok

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