*BRAZIL: In São Paulo, 3 million people celebrate gay pride. Made in Brazil has a comprehensive list of links to pictures and footage. But the event was marred by homophobic violence; a bomb injured 21 of our brothers and sisters, and a "17-year-old boy who took part in the parade remains in a coma at a São Paulo hospital after being attacked by a group of unknown persons who found him alone on an empty street after the parade".

*US: Los Angeles celebrates gay pride:

*CHINA: The "first medical guidelines on sex change surgery could require patients to gain police approval before the procedure". On a happier note, the Beijing Queer Film Festival opens without police harassment and no disruption. Let's hope it stays that way; the festival wraps tomorrow.

*AUSTRALIA: Fighting back, a man who suffered years of sustained homophobic bullying in high school is awarded half a million dollars in damages.

*IRELAND: Such bullying is widespread in Irish schools, and teachers are often as guilty as pupils.

*US: The City of New York marries this pair of cuteys (left), only to revoke the license. This story is neither funny nor cute.

*US: publishes New York City Police Department records of the Stonewall rebellion.

*UK: Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, the millionaires who were the first gay couple in the UK to become fathers, are expecting their fourth child. Gluttons for punishment or what?

*UK: Londoner Alan Cutkelvin Rees could face up to 14 years in jail for helping his partner of 28 years, Raymond Cutkelvin, to die in a Swiss suicide clinic.

*US: Gay Iraq veteran Anthony Woods is interviewed by CNN:

*US: What has he done that's good? Wockner's indictment of a President turning a blind eye to the plight of the SGL community.

*...So is allowing us to share our partner's surname on passports issued by the US State Department a mere publicity stunt?

*US: A Very Complex Graph depicting public opinion on SGL rights, state by state.

*UK: "The High Court in London has ruled that bloggers have no right to privacy under British law since blogging is essentially a public rather than a private activity".

UK: London's Trafalgar Square will be transformed by a 'ghost rainforest' of huge tree stumps from the jungles of Africa. Green laser beams will "shine upwards to mark where the trees would have reached if they were still standing in their rainforest in Ghana".

*UK: Less charming, but no less intriguing, are these pictures of Severalls, a gigantic lunatic asylum in Essex that once housed 3000 demented souls.

*US: Speaking of troubled sites, the torturous tale of Ground Zero's redevelopment.

*Flooding in the north and water shortages in south: climate change divides the Alps in two.

*African farms are becoming too hot to handle.

*London can expect summer temperatures of 40.7C (105.3F) in the coming decades; whatever we do now to try to ease climate change, it's already too late.

*Cure Alzheimer's disease by drilling a hole in the skull.

*A cure for cancer?

*The cancer-fighting cream that wipes away the signs of ageing.

*Sleep deprivation may exacerbate a number of common mental illnesses.

*Sex is the ultimate absurdity.

*And hard liquor will do yer head in within six minutes!

*Microsoft mass circumcision!

*Colour-blind people will soon be allowed to fly planes. Ain't that reassuring.

*Boffins have discovered the gangsta gene. No, it isn't a typo. "Males with a particular form of gene called MAOA are twice as likely to join a gang". Expect to see an MAOA Cru in a ghetto/suburb near you.

*The future of passports:

*Middle-class people are scum. Disagree? Use Dispute Finder to, er, dispute it.

*Indoor GPS, for people who get lost in shopping malls. Or mazes in saunas.

*Magic carpets.

*My Pink Hell: Baby Flamingo Speaks Out.

*Excuse Me, Waiter…? There’s a Large Bird of Prey in My Soup.

*The 2,500-year-old bird's nest.

*And the award for most bizarre headline of the week goes to... "Female ducks fight back against 'raping' males". Better still, the article contains the words "defensive vaginal features". Call me juvenile, but I think that's hilarious.

*Yay! More new animals (for mankind to destroy)! And one of them is based on ET!

*Boy on boy action is rampant in the animal kingdom. They're all at it, I tell ya. Homosexual pairings have been observed in more than 1000 species. They'll probably all go to hell.

*Ofcom, the communications regulator, wants to crack down on sexual content. Gee, that's just great. Meanwhile, Disturbed People can watch sick and revolting fare like the Saw series and Kill Bill. That's a great set of priorities you've got there.

*SGL conglomerates Here Networks and PlanetOut have merged. I'd like to think the boardroom discussions were Dynasty-style campfests, but they were probably Quite Dull.

*Gay books: not many of these are being published anymore. Apparently.

*So what's this then? Before Wilde: Sex between Men in Britain's Age of Reform. Sounds pretty gay to me.

*DJ Sonqiue has breast cancer. Later in the week, it's reported that the cancer has spread to "lymph nodes and possibly other organs". The original video for the singer's hit It Feels So Good featured a black boy and a white boy dancing erotically together in a forest. Sonique is aa good 'un.

*Chris Brown to face Princess Alien Head in court on Monday.

*Is Ricky Martin about to come out?

*Unlimited legal downloads - the solution?

*Brüno splashes across London. And explodes in Amsterdam. The Guardian reviews his film.

*Michael Lucas will guest star on Ugly Betty. What next - Breion Diamond on Everybody Hates Chris?

*The first gay adult application for Apple's iPod/iPhone: AMG Brasil Boys.

*Like white on rice... Bel Ami (left) and Corbin Fisher (right) join forces. I'd have been more excited if Flava Works and Bel Ami had joined forces, but you can't have everything.

*South Africa's first gay porn studio? That's what Liberate Studios claim. Looking at their site, the word apartheid springs to mind. Let's hope the models don't actually speak.

*Are STDs rife in the Californian porn industry?

*i before e? "EI EI EI EI EI oh oh"...

*Circus sex orgies!

*Nine extraordinary clouds!

*Way out!

*Pizza Hut!

*It's 15 years since the O.J. chase.


*More of The High Line in New York. Just fantastic.

*The Meltdown chair.

*Cristiano-Watch: the plastic one gets fiddled with by another "masseur". Poor boy, he doesn't have a clue what's going on, does he? And I bet he only complained about a headache. Later in the week, no doubt dazed and confused by what the bad man did, he slipped into some little red shorts.

*David McIntosh might be out of a job now that Gladiators has been given the chop, but he's no less in demand.

*OHLALA Mag previews next year's Dieux Du Stade calendar.

*Hmm... it is a bit much, isn't it? All for some knackered old denim.

*The ten most ridiculous lawsuits.

*The Top 10 Sex Scandals.


On the cover: Ibrahim Baaith, by Joseph Bleu.

"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come. The whole thing's been ridiculous."


Urban Shotz said...

"You are both resourceful and decorative."

KAOS said...

"Funny, aren't I? If I died it'd be a real joke. Who'd care?"

Moanerplicity said...

Hmmm... Methinks you should have your own show where each week you'd report on these spicy updates. Perhaps there's a position for you, pa. Maybe on LOGO? *ponder*


Cup-o-Noodles said...

I, for one, wish these loud gay activists would shut up. They act as if gays and lesbian made *more* progress during the Bush presidency. So Obama hasn't fulfilled all his campaign promises. So he's only taken measured steps so far. But you know what, he's taken *some* steps. And these loud activists should remember, Congress passed DODT and DOMA. Go bug and annoy your nearest Congressman/woman instead.

KAOS said...

Moanerplicity - where have you been? We've missed you. I hope you've been banging away at the typewriter.

Dusty! Oh my! I've never seen this side of you! (But you're probably right...)

Mike said...

I agree 110% with Dusty Boot. The loud, wh__e, middle class, gay activist are all about Me, Me, Me. They can't see beyond their navel. Enough.

Go talk to your Congressman/woman. Go talk to your religious right neighbor. Go talk to the homophobic gay at work. But step back from Obama.

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