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Boybands (or all-male singing groups, in ka-ostheory terminolgy) are often remembered for their debuts. B2K is Uh Huh, MN8 is I've Got A Little Something For You, and Blue is All Rise. So JLS, the first proper All-Male Singing Group in, like, forever, disappoint with the uninspired Beat Again. And to add insult to injury, there's little flesh on offer (okay, beautiful Aston teases with a little cleavage).

If you like your bands a bit more real, Kid British might be more up your street, where you'll find Our House Is Dadless. This multi-racial band were described as 'the best new band in Manchester' by The Guardian. What I would say is, it's got cute boys and this is a cute video, as far from JLS's hopelessly dated clip as Nighty Night is from The Good Life.
You're always in safe hands with the boy from Bow, and for his latest Dizzee Rascal has teamed up with Armand Van Helden. Bonkers. Really.
Given their video pedigree, it's astonishing that the Pet Shop Boys could sanction what must be one of the worst videos ever. I mean really: why? The song, however, is proper old skool PSB. Not that there was anything wrong with nu skool PSB.
Aqua is a funny one. Barbie Girl is a nightmarish 90s trip we'd all like to forget - but the Danish Eurodance troupe's Around The World was pure pop heaven. Back To The 80s isn't as good, but this new track is sweet (okay, sickly sweet) and pure guilty pleasure. Lock the door and shut the blinds - don't get caught.
I never liked Take That. But I have to say since they relaunched I've had to pay attention. Both Shine and Rule The World are excellent, and their latest offering, Said It All, keeps pace. And it's got the circus in. A scary circus with scary clowns. I like that.
If there was one song that should never have been subjected to The Remix, it's Annie Lennox's Why. But this effort, by QK, plays to the original's strengths. It's utterly gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but there is a shirtless pic of JLS out there. Do you need it?

Garçon Stupide said...

I'm very familiar with the image in question, Anon. I refer you to my earlier post:


Mike said...

Glad to see you've made up for the many missing weeks of Discography :0.

Garçon Stupide said...

Mike - it's totally made my day that someone noticed it was MIA. I kinda ran out of steam with regards to things to say, and the screen capture graphics that accompanied the pieces took forever...

Thank you for noticing. x

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