...AND MAYBE TURN the world upside down.

Do Começo Ao Fim (From Beginning To End) is the most exciting piece of cinema to come along in a long time, tackling an emotionally charged and controversial issue few of us care to think about, let alone discuss.

I'll be writing about this subject soon, from my own personal perspective. For now, it's all about the film.


Dusty Boot said...

Ooooh.... Brazil do produce some exciting and interesting stuff. I've been hooked on their telenovelas for a few years - cidade de Deus and cidade dos Homens are of course the well-known ones, and watching it in native Portuguese is thrilling. Thank you for posting this. Obrigado.

Anonymous said...

Ah ... incest.

I saw one other film on the subject, Harry & Max, on Netflix and gave it three stars. Its a subject that goes on far more than anyone will admit and I believe society is way too squeamish about the subject anyway.

I have high hopes for this film and can't WAIT to see it.

Anonymous said...

Not to bash the movie but I can't wait until this turns up on Netflix.

Sanya in España said...

Hmm - incest, or something far more indefinably complex...? I'm intrigued; and I rarely say that about stuff

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