Gay? Islam Condemns You. Paedophile? Islam Embraces You

Welcome to the wonderful world of religion, kids. Yes, it's true. Homosexuality is Wrong & Bad, (allegedly) according to various imaginary cult figures like God (that's Dog backwards, didntchaknow), Allah (that's Lah La, as in lalalalalala, whatever) and Percy Sugden out of Coronation Street. No, in all seriousness, in those countries where religion is allowed to seep like a cancerous, toxic sludge, into government, into law, things turn pear-shaped. Look at Afghanistan. Hell, look at America. And bless their cotton burkhas, just look at Saudi Arabia, where man can lie with child and get away with it. Gary Glitter, why did you bother with Thailand? Why didn't you just convert to Islam and emigrate to Saudi Arabia? You could have had all the pre-teen kiddies you like, and the courts - dominated by Sunni clerics - would have gladly rubberstamped it. For in the kingdom, an eight year old girl has been married off by her father to a man of fifty-eight. She cannot file for divorce until she reaches puberty. Human Rights Watch say: "There is confusion in Saudi Arabia over the fundamental question of what constitutes adulthood. There is also vast judicial discretion." Clearly. It gets even better. The marriage cannot be consummated until the child reaches eighteen - but that's only a verbal condition set by the child's father. SGL Café has video on this story. Read The Guardian article here.


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