Brookside: Sold

The cul-de-sac which was home to the soap Brookside for twenty-one years, until 2003, has been sold for a mere £735,000. Not bad for thirteen houses that cumulatively represent a little piece of pop culture history. You'd be lucky to get a single semi-detached house in London for that much. The buyer of Lot 307, 43-67 Brookside, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12 0BA, was anonymous. As I mentioned here, and here, the set, a real street in a real suburb, but effectively cut off from the real world, has remained dormant since the series ended in 2003, and slowly gone to wrack and ruin. Dean Sullivan, who appeared in the soap as Jimmy Corkhill, was said to have attempted to secure a bank loan to buy the set, believing the show was coming back. Given that the show first appeared at a time of real economic woe and crippling unemployment, it's easy to see why.


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