Issue 270: Justin Fashanu, MNEK, Miguel, Ashton Summers, Shaun T, Harvey Weinstein, Blade Runner, Marlon Brando, and more...

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Twenty-nine people who came out this year. Above, Keiynan Lonsdale.

Suicide risk five times higher for less educated gay and bisexual men.

Trans teens are being killed while we debate nonexistent problems. "Salman Rushdie’s uninformed views on gender reassignment surgery are a distraction from the real dangers: ignorance, hate and a lack of vital support."

If you hear “masculinity” when we say “toxic masculinity”, you’re one of the toxics!

We need to talk about the men who protected Harvey Weinstein’s ass while they knew what he was up to.

How Harvey Weinstein's power fuelled a culture of enablers. "Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment and assaults did not occur in a vacuum, say industry figures: many around him were complicit or turned a blind eye."

Some victims stayed friends with Harvey Weinstein. I did the same with my rapist. Here’s why.

Intersectionality? Not while feminists participate in pile-ons. "Mainstream feminism cannot comprehend that racism and sexism are not experienced separately but simultaneously."

ESPN's Jemele Hill is being reduced to an angry black woman. "Those who deploy this stereotype do so in an effort to silence black women. Hill’s suspension from ESPN for weighing in on the NFL saga is just the latest example."

I am the woman in the 'racist Dove ad'. I am not a victim. "When Dove offered me the chance to be the face of a new body wash campaign, I jumped. I had no idea I would become the unwitting poster child for racist advertising."

Bad things don’t vanish when you look away. Don't ignore Milo Yiannopoulos. "We need protest - not only to oppose Yiannopoulos’ odious views but as an alternative to the Trumpish dystopia he exemplifies."

Even the intellectual left is drawn to conspiracy theories about the right. Resist them.


Man shot outside Atlanta gay bar for refusing to strip.

Trans, teen and homeless: America's most vulnerable population. "An estimated 70,000 transgender youth lack secure housing – this is what life on the streets is like for six of them."

Trump administration ditches Stonewall commemoration.

White women, black gay men: different victims, different response. "Would America be up in arms if Harvey Weinstein abused black sex workers? The case of Gemmel Moore — who died of an overdose at the home of a different Democratic donor — suggests not."

Nathan Lane accuses Weinstein of physical assault at Hillary Clinton's birthday party.

Meryl Streep believes the media didn’t know about Harvey Weinstein. She’s wrong.

Gay coffee shop owner throws out Christian zealots whose leaflets feature rainbow hands dripping blood.

Matthew Shepard’s parents speak out as Trump takes the wrecking ball to LGBT equality.

No justice for Leon Ford as a jury fails to convict the officers who shot and paralysed him during a traffic stop.

FBI says “black identity extremists” are the new terrorist threat, experts say no such movement exists.

Larry Flynt is offering $10 million for information leading to impeachment and removal of Trump.

Yes, Trump can be removed from the US presidency. Here’s how.

The incredibly boring reason Trump is on track to win in 2020.

"We tried nice guys": conservative hardliners stay in a trance for Trump. "At the Values Voter Summit, as speeches hammered gays, gun control and the GOP old guard, attendees clung to a rose-tinted view of their unlikely champion."

Republicans aren't as vulnerable in 2018 as you think.

Crazed Trump attacks ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, threatens NFL, and brags he has a higher IQ than Rex Tillerson.

The bizarre situation where only retiring Republicans will talk about Trump’s fitness for office.

Trump blasts press freedom as "frankly disgusting."

Insane bigot Steve Bannon promises "season of war" against Mitch McConnell, GOP establishment...

...Speaking of Bannon, he once told Trump the 25th Amendment was biggest threat to his presidency: "When Bannon mentioned the 25th Amendment, Trump said, 'What’s that?'” Bannon has also (allegedly) told people he thinks Trump has only a 30 percent chance of making it the full term.

Trump first president to address anti-LGBT values voter summit, where he boasts of homophobic, sexist victories - and where gift bags include a pamphlet warning about the “health hazards” of homosexuality.

Trump is filling court seats with anti-LGBT, anti-abortion judges.

Major US businesses, including American Airlines, CBS and Starbucks, ask the Supreme Court to ban discrimination against gay people.

Trump is accused of sexually assaulting all of these women.

Trump signs executive order that will have the effect of killing the Obamacare health provider market “within a year...”

...Then announces the end of healthcare subsidies for poor people, in a second hit.

To cap it all off, he's bragging that his executive order caused health care stocks to drop.

Why Trump's ignorance of Puerto Rico's drug industry could harm everyone. "25 percent of the US' pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured in Puerto Rico — damage from Hurricane Maria could impact it greatly."

San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz lashes out at "Hater in Chief" Trump after suggestions he’ll abandon Puerto Rico.

Trump kills proposed rule that would have protected LGBT seniors.

How White House aides lean on delays and distraction to manage Trump.

Jared Kushner profited from one of his companies after failing to list it on White House financial disclosure forms.

Here’s what UNESCO is — and why the Trump administration just quit it.

California steps up to decriminalise HIV.

HIV is spreading among gay hispanic men under thirty.

Pulse nightclub rainbow memorial completed, in memory of the forty-nine killed in the massacre.

St. Louis gay history unfolds on an interactive map.

Long read
My lost city. On a New York lost to time.


Christianity in America is more politically polarised than ever.


Gay man "felt like he was raped" after horrifying sexual assault by drunken woman.

Lesbian who murdered girlfriend after starving and beating her for years given life sentence.

London nightclub G-A-Y Late asks to stay open until 4am in response to £400k rent hike.

The redevelopment of East London gay bar Joiners Arms must include LGBT venue, council rules. "Decision by Tower Hamlets council thought to be first time the sexual orientation of a venue’s target market has been condition of planning approval."

Thatcher’s biographer Charles Moore is very upset about little green men holding hands.

Tory MP Steve Double, who cheated on his wife with a 26-year-old aide, claims LGBT sex education undermines "traditional" marriage.

Teacher struck off after telling kids that gay people are "sick in the head".

NHS doctors to start asking patients about their sexuality.

Piers Morgan lashes out at genderfluid guest, branding them confused.

Life in the block: high-rise living in London, in pictures.


How Europe's far right fell in love with Australia's immigration policy. "European nativist parties have embraced Australia’s hardline tactics for managing asylum seekers and refugees – but their true agenda is to keep Muslims out."

First ever Pride parade held in Pristina, Kosovo.

Vile bigot Kim Davis is busy spreading her homophobia in Eastern Europe — on the dime of the anti-LGBT Liberty Counsel.

Is the revolutionary guard a terror group? "Tehran has promised ‘crushing’ retaliation if the US decides to add the powerful force to list of terrorist groups."

Teens arrested for same-sex dancing as nationwide "gay hunt" begins.

"My gay friends were hacked to death in Dhaka. I escaped." "In 2016, LGBTQ activist Xulhaz Mannan and a friend were murdered in Dhaka by suspected Islamist militants. Mannan’s friend, Ali Asgar, who witnessed the event, tells their story."


Gay man's takedown of anti-marriage equality senator Matt Canavan goes viral.

Dolly Parton backs marriage equality.

Giant mural of "Saint George Michael" vandalised with homophobic slurs.

Perth’s Anglican ​​church offers "heartfelt apology" to LGBT community. "Diocese says it is ‘deeply sorry for any harm we have done’ by words and behaviour ‘that have not displayed the love of God’."


Death of the Nile. The world's longest river is sick - and getting sicker.

Penguins starving to death is a sign that something’s very wrong in the Antarctic. "Overfishing, oil drilling, pollution and climate change are imperilling the ecosystem. But ocean sanctuaries could help protect what belongs to us all."


Moose vs wolf.

The week in wildlife, in pictures.


Kick and Kill is an HIV cure that may work. "A new molecule wakes up virus cells, allowing researchers to kill them on the spot. The 'kick and kill' strategy is proving to be a reality."

They gave me 24 hours to live. "Thirteen years ago HIV activist Jeff 'Positively Jeffrey' Newman was given 24 hours to live."


Celebrity fitness trainer Shaun T and his husband Scott Blokker have announced they’re expecting twins.

How I make my mixed HIV status relationship work. "I'm HIV positive, but my partner is not. And though science has rendered that difference medically negligible, it's hard to shed decades of stigma overnight."

The emergence of the "pornosexual": internet users who shun sex with real people.

Stalking: not just an EastEnders plot.

Art +

Edward Grazda's incredible black-and-white photos of New York City in the ’70s and ’80s, in pictures.

A lawyer explains who really owns your tattoos.


On Gabriela Herman's new book, The Kids: The Children of LGBTQ Parents in the USA, about how parents come out – or are outed – to their kids.

This author is under attack for making Santa black and gay.

The top twenty-five books illuminating the impact of AIDS.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the book that inspired Blade Runner, gets jaw-dropping new illustrations.

Ernesto, by Umberto Saba. "Ernesto is a 'lost novel' found. The Italian poet Umberto Saba wrote the story in 1953. He was convalescing in a mental institution at the time, and there he recorded that the autobiographical bildungsroman—a novella, really—'poured out' of him. 'It was as if a dike had broken in me, and everything poured out all at once.' The decidedly queer nature of the story nevertheless rendered the novella difficult to publish at the time. Saba’s daughter kept the manuscript hidden until 1975, at which time it was published in Italian."

On the rag: your guide to the gay weeklies.


On Eliza Hittman’s second film, Beach Rats, a fresh look at the gay coming-of-age story that resists just about every cliche imaginable.

Paris Is Burning pulled from Singapore film festival at the last minute to avoid controversy.

Talking to Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet about Call Me By Your Name’s. "Film critics are raving about the new gay romance Call Me By Your Name. Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet talk about filming in Italy, fathers – and their relationship on and off set."

The awful things Harvey Weinstein allegedly did at Miramax. "Recent reports of the fallen movie mogul's horrifying conduct are worse than ever – and it's nothing new."

Rose McGowan attacks Ben Affleck over Harvey Weinstein.

The Caligula of Cannes: my encounter with Harvey Weinstein. "The Weinstein I met was a capricious man who instilled fear in his retinue. The women who’ve spoken out deserve the utmost praise."

Once a fixture of downtown New York, Weinstein is now a ghost amid scandal. "Harvey Weinstein had an array of haunts he frequented for years before he was accused by over a dozen women of making unwanted sexual advances."

The internet’s best gossip curator on why “kingmaker” Harvey Weinstein might survive.

The best thing about Blade Runner 2049 is what it isn’t.

Nine questions we have after seeing Blade Runner 2049.

The mysteries of Blade Runner 2049 were not meant to be explained in sequels.

Sedate expectations: will Blade Runner 2049 give birth to the slow-burn blockbuster? "Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi sequel rejects the breathless fury of modern-day money-spinners in favour of a hypnotically unhurried formula. It won’t catch on – will it?"

Blade Runner 2049 brilliantly uses visibility and light to show us a ruined world.

Is Blade Runner 2049 sexist – or a fair depiction of a dystopian future? "From pirouetting ballerinas to giant naked statues, images of women dominate the film’s futuristic cityscapes – but audiences have criticised the portrayal of female characters."

Blade Runner 2049 may open up even more questions than the original 1982 sci-fi classic, but there’s only one question that really matters: what happened to Deckard’s dog?

Director Luca Guadagnino is already planning a sequel to Call Me By Your Name.

Here’s the first image from Love, Simon, a Greg Berlanti-directed gay coming out love story.

Why a straight white man made a comedy about homophobia. On Ryan Barton-Grimley's film Elijah's Ashes.

Ten surprising facts about how Hollywood sex scenes really get made.

Tom of Finland. "Maximum tumescence... A new bio-pic of queer culture’s Toulouse-Lautrec."

My Friend Dahmer (trailer)

Brando, Depp, the missing millions and Divine Rapture, the lost movie. "The first sign things were going wrong on the set of Divine Rapture was when Marlon Brando shaved his head. But that was the least of the film's troubles." (November 2009)

Stalled Hollywood film Divine Rapture to return to Irish fishing village. "1995 project once starring Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp and Debra Winger will return to Ballycotton with new cast." (February 2012)

Marlon Brando with his son Christian, top, and a friend in Tahiti in the 1970s
The boy Brando lost. "He was Marlon Brando's 'number one son' and heir to the actor's $20m estate. But his mother had him kidnapped by hippies, he blasted his sister's lover to death, and he died last month destitute, hooked on crystal meth. Christopher Goodwin looks back at the tortured life and tragic death of Christian Brando." (February 2008)

The Liz and Dick Show. “Crap,” Elizabeth Taylor said. “This is the kind of thing that goes on all the time. They just make this garbage up. It is so icky, so damn obscene. I would have never sent such a horrible thing to my granddaughter. I really am not that much of a vulgarian.” An interview with Elizabeth Taylor is exactly like you'd imagine it would be. (May 1983)


The third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars to premiere Friday 20th October.

Big Mouth is vulgar, offensive, and hysterical. Can the new Netflix hit fill the void that was once sex ed?

Will & Grace welcomes back a major character.

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump makes Mike Pence flee gay wedding.

The new Curb Your Enthusiasm is appalling slapstick – what was Larry thinking? "The one-time king of sitcom has returned with an awful slapstick-and-catchphrase version of Curb that’s like fourth-rate Benny Hill. Prettay, prettay bad."

Colton Haynes and Billy Eichner had sex on American Horror Story.

Out actor Colton Haynes opens up about his battle against anxiety, depression.

Terry Crews, Michael Gaston and Dawson's Creek's James Van Der Beek open up about being sexually groped by men in power.

Brothers in Netflix's Last Chance U charged in connection with stabbing death. Brothers Isaiah Wright and Camion Patrick are charged with stabbing Caleb Radford multiple times in Louisville, Tennessee...

...But the show rolls on. On location with the new Last Chance U in Kansas; for season three, the show transfers from Scooba's East Mississippi Community College to Independence Community College.

The cast of The Brittas Empire reunites to reopen the leisure centre where the sitcom was filmed.

Ten stories the soaps want us to forget.

YouTube comedian Michael Henry talks about HIV.

Here's the first two episodes of New York is Dead, a new Kickstarter-funded web series starring Matthew Wilkas and Jenn Harris, directed by Queer as Folk's Randy Harrison.

The Deuce: episode 6 recap. "Candy, meanwhile, is back to porn, with the guidance of the ever-inspiring Harvey; when she poses the not unreasonable question, 'So what’s the plan on this one,' he replies, 'The plan is, you bang the shit out of each other and everybody cums.'"

Netflix’s Mindhunter, from David Fincher, puts a genuinely new spin on the cop drama. "The series leaves its most gruesome moments entirely to your imagination — to its benefit."

Riverdale burned through its teen soap tropes at record speed. Where does it go from here?

Everyone congratulate Archie on now being as traumatised as everyone else on Riverdale.

Mr. Robot is finally its best self in season three. "The show overcomes a sophomore slump with thrilling paranoia and a slightly muddled take on Trump."

Get a first look at long-lost Doctor Who story Shada in its new animated form.

The war with no end: why American television refuses to leave the trenches. "American TV has long been a barometer for the country’s feelings on its military – so what do a new crop of shows say about the opinions of a divided nation?"

When good TV goes bad: how Nashville turned country music into a trashy panto. "The super-soapy drama didn’t so much jump the shark as partake in a furious exhibition of shark dressage that continues to this day."

The owners of the Breaking Bad house are done with your pizza-tossing bullshit.

Sesame Street is teaching kids of all ages how to cope with traumatic experiences.

The Apprentice: winners and losers from week three.


Here's the latest episodes of About Us, L.I.T. The Series, Steam Room Stories, and The Come Up.

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Why we really, really, really like repetition in music.

The family of George Michael’s first love, Brazilian Anselmo Felecia, are furious at the tell-all documentary aired in the UK on Channel 4.

The George Michael we knew: celebrities remember him one year on.

MNEK talks about coming out.

Craig David addresses all those sexual orientation rumours.

Talking to Kele Okereke. From being disowned, to fatherhood.

Blood Orange's new album is 78% done, will reflect on london upbringing.

The emancipation of Shea Diamond. "The rising transgender vocalist reflects on coming out & surviving the foster care system."

Where the streets have no statues: why do the Irish hate U2? "They’re bigger than Guinness and George Bernard Shaw. So why are Bono and co so unloved in their home country?"

Miguel and the "wild" places of black masculinity. "Miguel is odd. He tries to hide it with charm and some convention, but like most people with something extra bubbling beneath the skin, his oddness pours out of his pores."

Miguel covers Jorja Smith's On My Mind in the BBC Radio 1xtra Live Lounge.

Body language: why are pop stars obsessed with touching their faces?


The tragic life and death of football's first openly gay player, Justin Fashanu.

Talking to Jon Carey about his new film, Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashanu Story.

Justin Fashanu, Goal of the Season: Norwich City v Liverpool, 1980.

Justin Fashanu found hanged in lock-up garage. (May 1998)

Suicide verdict on footballer Fashanu. (September 1998)

The Justin Campaign - Campaigning Against Homophobia in Football.

Heroes: Colin Kaepernick visits Harlem high school to discuss activism, donate backpacks.

Heroes: Ravens running back Alex Collins tweets inspirational message to bullied teen boy.

The troubled star of Last Chance U never found what he needed.

Where Last Chance U stars from both seasons are playing in 2017.

Red Light

Kink at C.C. Attles, in pictures.

Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy's Boy contest, in pictures.

Talking to Ashton Summers and Joey Mills about dating in the industry, love for their fans, and what they do together when they’re not on camera. Part two of the interview is here.

Gay porn star Jake Porter: rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein have “zero to do with the real world. Who cares."

Seth Knight And Dolf Dietrich are still fighting about socks and chicken legs on Twitter.

Drae Axtell, Billy Santoro and James Castle help reboot Dynasty DINE ASS-TY.

Breed It Raw previews new three part series: The Fuck House.

Ashton Summers and Kyle Ross do it.

Gay, Iraqi-American Zakar twin flaunts it.

The White Heat
of This Revolution

Twitter’s suspension of Rose McGowan epitomises the site's most infuriating problem.

Your mum has ruined Facebook. "A deep dive investigation into the demographic spoiling the internet for everyone."

Does even Mark Zuckerberg know what Facebook is? The same company that gives you birthday reminders also helped ensure the integrity of the German elections.

Could a wave of disruptive ideas redefine the way we shop?

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

Cruise line becomes first to offer legal same-sex marriages.

Everest at the bottom of the sea. "When the ocean liner Andrea Doria sank south of Cape Cod, she took fifty-one with her. Since then she's taken twelve more, five in the last two summers alone. On this very day, a man is strapping on two hundred pounds of scuba gear to make the descent, to bring back a little souvenir from the boat's gift shop, to possibly never return."


Read this and you may never eat chicken again. "Most meat animals are raised with the assistance of daily doses of antibiotics. By 2050, antibiotic resistance will cause a staggering 10 million deaths a year."

It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why.

When it comes to meat, the kitchen is a battlefield – and conscience is a casualty.

Dry macaroni vs. organic burgers: hospital meals from around europe.


Twenty things we pretend to love that we need to admit are trash, ranked.

Finally, the latest from Walter, Andrew, Tarek, and Jontavian and Brandon...

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Issue 270: 09-15 October 2017
On the cover: Justin Fashanu.

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