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Does gay porn make you hate your body? "In a new study, researchers establish a pretty direct link between gay porn consumption and body dysmorphia."

The chickens and the bulls. "The rise and incredible fall of a vicious extortion ring that preyed on prominent gay men in the 1960s." (July 2012)

Christian A. Brown: to the man who raped me.

Hollywood’s other "open secret" besides Harvey Weinstein: preying on young boys.

Twelve LGBT celebs who spoke out about harassment, abuse.

Comparing Harvey Weinstein to a night at a gay bar is insane. "A commentary in USA Today claimed most gay bars are sweaty sex dens where nonconsensual groping is rampant, akin to Harvey Weinstein's hotel room. Which bars does this op-ed writer frequent?"

Liberal men think they know feminism. They really don't.

On blaming the sexual revolution for Weinstein. "Many in the extreme right media seem to think sexual harassment and assault were rare before the 1960s."

As #MeToo takes off, don’t let the right define misogyny. "After Weinstein, calling out sexism has gone mainstream. But as the Clive Lewis affair shows, this throws up new ethical dilemmas for feminists on the left."

The problem with the #MeToo campaign. "There is of course strength in solidarity, but I couldn't help feeling some despair as the hashtag took off."

Weinstein made us pay attention. What next?

After Weinstein, the floodgates have opened on outing bad men.

What connects rape in war, domestic violence and sexual harassment? Patriarchy. "Without an analysis of the patriarchy, we will remain powerless to change the abuse of women that is present in varying degrees everywhere."

In the battle of racism vs. sexism, black women always lose.

He left the NFL and is becoming a cop — but says the NFL protests over police brutality have a point.

On the rising global tide of crackdowns on LGBT communities.

The trouble with getting lost in your own world. "Protecting students from ‘distressing’ plays and hi-tech targeted ads further removes us from a shared sense of what is real."

A brief history of the Pansy Craze – the beginning of LGBT nightlife.

As a Muslim, I'm proud to support marriage equality. "Ethnic communities know how it feels to face prejudice. We need to support equal rights for others."

Is atheism the reason for Ta-Nehisi Coates' pessimism on race relations? "In his latest book, Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of America’s leading public intellectuals, betrays an atheistic worldview devoid of redemption."

Is it true that black people cannot be guilty of cultural appropriation?

Why so many white supremacists are into veganism. "From Hitler to present-day national socialists with YouTube cooking channels, the far right's anti-meat ideology runs surprisingly deep."

End all immigration controls – they’re a sign we value money more than people. "Humans have always travelled, but barriers are lifted for capital while, for the global poor, borders are made ever tougher to cross."

The YA dystopia boom is over. It’s been replaced by stories of teen suicide.


This is 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez. His mother's boyfriend, 32-year-old Isauro Aguirre, tortured him to death because he thought the boy was gay.

Mother of murdered genderfluid teen tells Trump to defend all LGBT people; 16-year-old Kedarie Johnson was shot to death in Iowa last year.

Flyers encouraging LGBT kids to commit suicide posted at Cleveland State University on day it opens LGBT center.

Jeffrey Hurant, CEO of gay escort service, is now in prison.

How Harvey Weinstein and Kenneth Cole covered up a shady deal.

Rose McGowan’s relentless fight against the Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood, explained.

Black Lives Matter protest drowns out "Nazi" Richard Spencer’s speech at Florida University.

A fallen black soldier being disrespected? That's not an aberration in America. "The reported treatment of Sergeant La David Johnson’s family is part of this country’s ugly history regarding black people and the military."

The raging controversy over Trump and the families of fallen soldiers, explained.

"A deranged animal": Trump’s newest lie about Obama is causing fury inside and outside the military.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow: Trump lies the way Hitler did...

...Yet 46% of Americans believe major news outlets make up stories about Trump.

George W. Bush blasts unmentioned Trump in speech decrying "bigotry, white supremacy, casual cruelty..."

...But bashing Trump's cruelty is hypocritical bullshit. "The former president denounced the current commander in chief, but we shouldn't ignore his own bloodstained record."

“Our democracy is at stake”: President Obama delivers his first post-presidency campaign speech.

The forgotten sexual assault allegation that could bring down Trump.

Trump administration denies New Yorker article that claims Trump joked that his then-running mate Mike Pence wanted to hang gay people.

The danger of President Pence. "Trump’s critics yearn for his exit. But Mike Pence, the corporate right’s inside man, poses his own risks."

Trump praises "wonderful" pastor who claims gay people molest children.

Is the suicide of Republican operative Peter W. Smith the key to the Trump Russia probe?

Trump's 2020 campaign is raising millions from small donors and spending it on legal fees.

Trump supporter Peter Thiel got married. As one commentator puts it, "Funny how Gay conservatives always end up enjoying the fruits of the progressives’ labor."

Georgia Republican lawmaker Betty Price wants people with HIV quarantined: "In the past, they died more readily."

John McCain comes for Trump’s "half-baked spurious nationalism", decries absence of leadership, ideals.

Trump judicial nominee says he discriminates against gay people: "Does that mean I can’t be a judge?"

Obamacare premiums were stabilising. Then Trump happened.

Hospitals keep ER fees secret. Share your bill to help change that.

The problem is the prices. "Opaque and sky high bills are breaking Americans — and our health care system."

Why are we giving awards to Trump cheerleader Caitlyn Jenner?

Is Congress about to wreck America's natural treasures? "The Antiquities Act has been used to preserve some of the most beloved US lands and landmarks but it is facing assault from Trump and Congress."

Four signs that Trump’s furious efforts to save coal are futile.

Republican congressional candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera claims she was abducted, taken aboard alien spaceship.

Why does nobody mention that Hillary Clinton is perfectly nice?

Three years ago, Stockton, California, was bankrupt. Now it's trying out a basic income. "A city on the outskirts of Silicon Valley is using Facebook money to fund a basic income trial."

Atlanta Pride, in pictures.

Morehead Pride, in pictures.

Gay Days Disneyland, in pictures.

Rainbow lifeguard tower in Venice, California saved, will be "monument to acceptance."

Kaleb and Kordale: meet America’s new model family. "Kordale Lewis, Kaleb Anthony and their four children have taken social media by storm, creating an inspiring all-American family. Aaron Hicklin visits them in Georgia."

Are white hipsters hijacking an anti-gentrification fight in Los Angeles? "As the Latino neighbourhood of Boyle Heights combats soaring property prices, some condemn outsiders’ involvement – but others welcome their input."

Long read
The boomtown that shouldn’t exist. "Cape Coral, Florida, was built on total lies. One big storm could wipe it off the map. Oh, and it’s also the fastest-growing city in the United States."

Long read
Crowded house. "They thought that they’d found the perfect apartment. They weren’t alone."


National Front neo-Nazi comes out as gay, renounces movement.

Kevin Nunes shooting: the police mistakes that sank a murder case.

Nearly 80% of same-sex divorces in England and Wales were between women.

LGBT charity criticised over staff guidelines allowing sex with clients.

BBC’s John Humphrys criticised for suggesting trans women are "men who think they are women."

Transphobic posters offer "gender-neutral dog walking" in London.

Giving gay men HIV-preventing PrEP on the NHS would save £1 billion.

British man jailed for three months in Dubai for touching another man’s hip.

Red skies over London, in pictures.

Northern Ireland
On the struggle for marriage equality. "At a mock wedding in a Belfast cabaret club, a groom cries tears of anger. Same-sex marriage is legal everywhere else in Britain and Ireland, so why not here? The answer lies with Theresa May’s partners, the DUP."


Two men arrested for gang attack on gay couple in Bari. “The couple, both 30, a Bari man and his Spanish boyfriend, were attacked by a gang of seven young people. Police have so far managed to indentify three of them, the two arrested Tuesday aged 19 and 20 plus a minor who has been placed under investigation. The attack took place in front of many beachgoers.”

Ministry of the Interior suggests making the spreading of "gay propaganda" a criminal offense.

Maxim Lapunov, a survivor of Chechnya's gay concentration camp, comes forward.

Well-known singer’s disappearance linked to torture and murder of gay men in Chechnya.

Rise and fall of Isis: its dream of a caliphate is over, so what now? "Islamic State’s last stronghold, Raqqa, has fallen. But the world’s attention must now focus on what it or other Islamist groups will plot next."

The fall of Raqqa, in pictures.

Only gay nightclub closes under LGBT crackdown. "The Kyrgyz capital was long a liberal beacon in Central Asia – until a ban on ‘LGBT propaganda’. With attacks and rapes on the rise, the community is scared."

Authorities draw up list of gay and lesbian citizens. "Suggestion that those on official register would be required to undergo testing to avoid ‘spread of sexually-transmitted diseases’."

Minister for Human Rights, Mustapha Ramid, labels homosexuals "scum."

Mogadishu truck bomb: 500 casualties in Somalia’s worst terrorist attack. "At least 300 people killed and hundreds seriously injured in attack blamed on militant group al-Shabaab."

Charity banned for "promoting homosexuality" amid horrifying homophobic purge.

Anti-gay blackmail cost Nigerian singer Collins Gideon his family, education.

TV network apologises over comedy show mocking gay men.

Poll shows yes vote has firm lead in marriage equality survey.

Children raised by same-sex parents do as well as their peers, study shows.

Books which don’t promote "traditional gender ideology" will be burnt, vows Education Minister Enrique Riera.


Insectageddon: farming is more catastrophic than climate breakdown. "The shocking collapse of insect populations hints at a global ecological meltdown."

California’s wildfires aren’t “natural” — humans made them worse at every step.

Wildfires aren't just California's problem. Spain and Portugal are battling bad ones too.

This is what America's eco city of the future looks like. "Georgetown mayor Dale Ross is ‘a good little Republican’ – but ever since his city weaned itself off fossil fuels, he has become a hero to environmentalists."

Europe’s biggest urban wetlands opens in east London.


World’s oldest living land creature - a nearly 200-year-old a tortoise on the British territory of Saint Helena - is gay.

The week in wildlife, in pictures.


We have thirteen years to end AIDS - or face a new pandemic of deaths.

...But new drug research opens the door to a "functional cure" for HIV.

The tech that eats HIV like Pac-Man eats ghosts.

How the media fumbled California’s new HIV decriminalisation bill - and even respected liberal news outlets are getting it wrong.

Rates of HIV among Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have jumped 36 percent. So, where’s the uproar — or the funding?

HIV in American prisons drops to lowest since 1991.

Oral sex, smoking increase oral HPV cancer risk.

The big vape. "Smoking is a big killer among the LGBT community. Switching to e-ciagrettes could change that."

The terrifying new trend in heroin addiction.

Magic mushrooms reset the brain, stop depression.

Stop confusing your nerves with having anxiety. "Nothing is more fashionable right now than anxiety disorders."

Head space: why our adolescent memories are so clear. "The vivid recall of memories from early adulthood is to do with the state of the brain when they were first processed."

Coming out as face blind. "What it’s like to live with a disorder that means sometimes I can’t even recognize my own family members—and why I’m not keeping it a secret any longer."


How heartbreak and alcohol led me to HIV.

Fifty-five dos and don'ts of attending a gay sex party.

Straight men are having threesomes with their male friends to cement their bromances.

Proof that Americans are lying about their sexual desires. "What Google searches for porn tell us about ourselves."

The sweet stories of gay men who donate sperm to lesbian friends.

Art +

President Obama chooses gay portraitist Kehinde Wiley to paint official presidential portrait for Smithsonian.

Mali twist: the photography of Malick Sidibé, in pictures.

Meet Liz Diller, the rebel architect behind MoMA, the High Line and now a home for Simon Rattle. "Her practice beat Foster, Gehry and Piano to clinch London’s new £250m Centre for Music. She talks about fuelling gentrification – and why arts buildings have to be more than corporate baubles."

The most beautiful abandoned places in the world, in pictures.

More posters from London Underground's forgotten designers.

Inside the sprawling, controversial $500m Museum of the Bible. "The museum conceived by the billionaire president of Hobby Lobby and set to open next month has attracted scepticism over its ideological mission."


Gertrude Press is launching a queer book club, called GERTIE. GERTIE’s goal “is to give support to LGBTQ, literary writers and get them to their audience.”

Andrew Marzoni’s essay on author Gary Indiana, Louchie Life: The Literary Crimes of Gary Indiana. "In the summer of 1997, I was a chubby, white 11-year-old in a mostly Latino and Filipino suburb of San Diego who happened to be named Andrew. But to most of my classmates in Mrs. MacKay’s 6th-grade class at Harbor View Elementary, for that summer and most of the fall, I was Andrew Cunanan. I was vaguely aware at the time that my new nickname was in reference to the man who killed Gianni Versace in his Miami Beach mansion that July, because this had been widely reported by TV news on both national and local scales."

Holding, by Graham Norton. "With all judgments of the author’s multi-tiered biography aside, this book is a reminder that behind Graham Norton’s wit, there’s a whole lot of heart."

The persuasive art of the dust jacket. "Book covers have long been a source of artistic quality and, in the age of Kindle, are reintroducing more and more of us to the pleasures of traditional reading."

Beautiful book-jacket designs, in pictures.

On the rag: your guide to the gay weeklies.

At Night

Kicked out for being gay then rescued by opera: writer Garth Greenwell's extraordinary awakening. "Thrown out of his Kentucky home for being gay, the writer felt his life spiralling downwards. Then he took up opera singing – and everything he had been forced to suppress suddenly exploded out."

Torch Song. "Second Stage Theatre’s triumphant and beautifully imagined revival, which opened off-Broadway last night, proves that Torch Song remains both prophetic and timeless in a way few but Fierstein could have imagined."

Love Song to Lavender Menace. "The Communards punctuate the soundtrack to James Ley’s funny new play celebrating the Edinburgh bookshop that was a lifeline for the gay community."

Taylor Mac. "Explosive, spectacular, heartbreaking 'dandy revenge'... It took 24 hours over four nights for Mac to complete his queer retelling of American history, and it was still too short."


Gay agent Tyler Grasham fired after sexual assault allegations.

Writer-director James Toback is the latest Hollywood titan to face a slew of sexual harassment allegations.

French Aids drama BPM shows Hollywood how to capture gay history. "The Oscar-buzzed film is refreshingly queer, filled with an authenticity that sanitised disappointments such as Dallas Buyers Club and Stonewall still fail to include."

The men behind French AIDS epic BPM have reignited a movement. "Breaking down the Cannes sensation about ACT UP Paris, with director Robin Campillo and stars Arnaud Valois and Nahuel Perez Biscayart."

Teenage Kicks. "An involving portrait of a young man trying to find his place in the world in difficult circumstances. It may go a little far at times, but it’s an intriguing and often raw gay film that’s worth a watch."

B&B. "A slightly unexpected gay-themed horror-thriller, that keeps the viewer guessing in a way that may be ultimately inconsequential but which is fairly entertaining."

So, is Blade Runner 2049 really a box office bomb?

On new documentary Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum, which spotlights the photo service's remarkable on-set photography.

This insane Gremlins poster has eighty-four different references on it — can you guess them all?

Twenty Netflix movies and TV shows too disturbing to watch.

The thirteen hottest horror movie hunks, in pictures.

Exploring the lives of horror icons Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

How taking a Walk on the Wild Side advanced LGBT visibility in Hollywood. "When a major star played an unapologetically lesbian role with a glamorous young actress as the object of her affection, it was a boon to representation."

On Spike Lee’s bold legacy: black women leads and pro-blackness.

The fifteen blackest things about the new trailer for Black Panther.

Snake Outta Compton: finally, the hip-hop monster movie the world's been waiting for. "Following the hallowed path marked out by Sharknado, this bargain-bin effort looks set to push the B-movie to new heights of self-aware silliness."

Ten obscure cult horror movies everyone should watch (and re-watch).

Geostorm, a disaster movie about a weather apocalypse, somehow manages to be unbelievably boring.

Is climate change Hollywood's new supervillain? "Eco-thriller Geostorm, with Gerard Butler as a weather-busting scientist, is the latest movie to battle the environment. From Blade Runner 2049 to Alexander Payne’s Downsizing, film are turning up the heat on the big screen."

Trailer Park

This is a new golden age for horror films. "They've kicked out cliche and instead are making persuasive political points with big scares to match."

Back from the dead: is the slasher movie set to make a killing? "The hit Happy Death Day hints at renewed interest in the masked killer genre, with Jamie Lee Curtis back in the Halloween saga and Scream getting revived."


Why serialised television has become a disease.

Netflix: which shows are being binged the fastest? "A rare release of stats from the streaming service reveals an obsession with nostalgia and a lack of interest in critical acclaim."

Amazon executive resigns after The Man In The High Castle producer accuses him of harassment.

Out 13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman responds to Brazilian homophobia.

Gay actor Jonathan Groff praised for straight role on Netflix's Mindhunter.

The Deuce: episode 7 recap. "Throughout this entire first season of The Deuce, I’ve been struck by the frequency with which Simon, Pelecanos, and their writers have turned narrative expectation inside out. It’s been such a key component in the show’s modus operandi, in fact, that it feels like something they determined from the jump, in some kind of all-hands-on-deck meeting: Look, we’re telling a story that’s loaded with inherent clichés (the hooker with the heart of gold, the pornographer who’s really an artist, the cop who wants to put an end to the corruption around him, the farm girl the pimp grabs right off the bus), we’ve got to pick the ones where we’re going to make people think they’re ahead of us, and then give it a twist."

Star Trek introduces its first gay couple to the universe.

Wilson Cruz blasts haters of Star Trek’s gay relationship: "we won’t be invisible anymore."

Star Trek: Discovery’s changes to Klingon canon are the worst part of a great show.

Why Star Trek: Discovery’s F-bombs are not a big deal.

And now Star Trek: Discovery has lost its soul.

Mr Robot or Mr Woebot? Why the hacker drama might need a restart. "It’s still one of the best shows on TV, but as the third season starts there’s a sense it’s lost some of the initial complexity and purpose."

How Doctor Who failed Peter Capaldi.

New Doctor Who cast - including Tosin Cole - announced.

The legendary Doctor Who story still yearning to be told nearly forty years later.

Does Andre Lyon’s portrayal on Empire contribute to mental health stigma?

When good TV goes bad: how House of Cards came tumbling down. "The machiavellian manoeuvring that took Frank Underwood from chief whip to president was thrilling to watch, but it left the show with nowhere to go."

I loved AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. I can’t wait for you to love it too. "The tech drama went from a curiosity to one of my favorite shows of all time."

The delicate art of the TV series finale. "Ending a TV show is equal parts philosophy, craft, and luck."

Trailer Park
Web series EastSiders launches third season.

Will & Grace features Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells as gay "cure" camp leaders.

Meet the queens competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars third season.

How Fallon fell: why is the late-night host floundering in Trump's America? "After Fallon’s fluff interview with Donald Trump, The Tonight Show’s ratings have plummeted and the host’s apolitical stance could be its biggest problem."

I watched fifteen hours of Trump's favourite show and I want to die. "Fox & Friends is now five hours long and starts at 4AM. I watched all of it for three days and it was intense."

So, you don't like James Corden? A guide for Americans. "We could have told you this ages ago, honestly."

Beats, Rhymes
& Life

Songwriter Simon Curtis was told he's "too gay" and sexually assaulted by managers.

Why one of the world's biggest rockstars got away with child abuse. "Ian Watkins' crimes were a new type of appalling, yet he managed to keep offending for four years after complaints were made to police."

Frank Ocean wins $14.5 million defamation suit brought against him by his father.

Talking to singer and openly gay drag queen Pabllo Vittar, Brazil's LGBT pop sensation. "In a country where 343 LGBT people were killed in 2016, [Vittar] has become a symbol of resistance."

Queer music launchpad FUTUREHOOD to release something new every Friday.

On the stunning exploration of bullying in Benjamin Clementine’s new album I Tell A Fly.

Miguel: on his 'crazy' ego, beefing with Frank Ocean and Trump sex jams. "After the ‘disappointment’ of his last album, Miguel wants to be the biggest pop star ever. But will he get there by covering Pussy Riot songs?"

How artist Kahlil Joseph restored faith in the music video. "He has collaborated with Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and Sampha and his work has exhibited in galleries worldwide. But fame, he says, doesn’t mean anything. It’s about the art and he’s got the work to prove it."

So Solid Crew: how we made 21 Seconds.

Madonna's Erotica, Sex: why musical masterpiece, defiant book still matter. "How the icon's 1992 projects (her own Lemonade) tackled homophobia, AIDS hysteria and female, queer desire, and set the blueprint for modern pop."
Madonna in Wonderland. "Sex, Madonna’s shocking new book of erotic photos, is about to make taboo something chic for the 90s. On the eve of the controversial book’s publication, the star gave our author an advance peek and posed exclusively for Vanity Fair and Steven Meisel." (October 1992)


Australian comedian Joel Creasy reveals fling with gay AFL footballer.

Gay athletes don’t have to fear losing sponsors anymore.

Coach resigns after allegedly telling players to tease opponent about his gay parents.

Conor McGregor caught repeatedly calling another fighter the really bad gay slur.

Captain of Virginia Military Institute swim team comes out as gay.

Benching NFL players for protesting during the anthem would be illegal.


Imprisoned Matthew Rush files motion asking for release.

Just a dick: the sad reality of being a male porn star. "At the annual VENUS International Erotic Trade Fair, female performers are the real stars, while their male counterparts awkwardly stand aside."

Clark Parker suffers broken collarbone, depression.

Portland Bearlandia, in pictures.

Behind-the-scenes with BelAmi in Colombia.

BelAmi boys do it.

Sean Zevran and Levi Karter do it.

Jason Vario and Trent King do it.

Two real-life couples do it.

ColbyKnox curses us with a Halloween-themed Batman and Robin.

Davey Wavey and Blake Mitchell stick various sex toys and objects up Joey Mills’ butt.

The White Heat of This Revolution

Photobucket’s shock hosting fee is holding web users to ransom.

On internet security: complexity is vulnerable. "A huge weakness in wifi security erodes online privacy. But the real challenge is designing with human shortcomings in mind."

Planes, Trains
& Automobiles

Twelve big cities commit to electric-only buses & fossil-fuel-free zones.

Is Richard Branson’s high-speed train in a pneumatic tube pie in the sky? "First airlines, then spaceships. Now the Virgin boss wants to build Hyperloop One – a high-speed, pneumatic maglev railway. But engineering experts doubt that it will ever leave the station."

I Own 51% Of This Company!

In America's boardrooms, LGBTs are quietly ascending to power.

The war to sell you a mattress is an internet nightmare. "Why did Casper sue a mattress blogger? A closer look reveals a secret, multimillion-dollar battle to get you into bed."


What vegan restaurant workers think of vegans.

The joy of eggs – how "nature's multivitamin" shook off the scare stories. "Decades of dud healthy-eating guidance sent the humble egg into nutritional exile. But with new advice about runny yolks suggesting that salmonella in raw eggs is a thing of the past, it’s time to lick the cake bowl again."

Dark chocolate is now a health food. Here’s how that happened. "The Mars company has sponsored hundreds of scientific studies to show cocoa is good for you."

Why you're probably cooking rice the wrong way. "From washing it clean to letting it rest – and everything in between – here’s the definitive rice advice."

Iceland’s burning wine: a taste of the black death. "Brennivín was traditionally drunk to wash down rotting shark. Now this caraway-infused aquavit is firing up cocktails from Reykjavik to Brooklyn."


Sanele Junior Xaba: "I take pride in my albinism." "Sanele Junior Xaba has already modelled for Adidas and appeared in GQ. It’s a long way from being bullied on the streets of Durban. Now he’s fighting for diversity in his trade, and wants to raise awareness of albinism."

Ad campaign flips gender roles, features women in suits & men completely naked.

Fifty of the best men's coats for winter, in pictures.

Marco Marco's underwear show of shows, in pictures.


Lego honours Sally Ride and other "Women of NASA".

Finally, the latest from Walter, Jontavian and Brandon, Anthony, and King and Tajh.

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