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Left & Found

Reclaiming "butch": "It’s surprising how much of a taboo it still is... ‘People use 'butch' as a way of insulting queer women,’ says Esther Godoy. Her new publication aims to change that."

Turns out lesbians are just not that profitable. On losing AfterEllen and queer women's spaces.

Thirteen things never to say to bisexual people.

White riot. "How racism and immigration gave us Trump, Brexit, and a whole new kind of politics."

Expanding the definition of blackness. "The connection between HIV and Black Lives Matter are much deeper when the definition of blackness includes all "problematic" bodies."

Why being a fake is bad for you. "Authenticity – where we say and do what we truly think – is one of the keys to our wellbeing."

Is civilisation good for us? On the dangers of social fragmentation.

News America

The US has had openly gay soldiers for five years and the world hasn’t ended yet.

The number of LGBT journalists signing the Out reprimand has doubled; the magazine has been condemned for its profile of gay rightwinger Milo Yiannopoulos.

Pulse massacre: Shooter's ex-wife says he was gay, targeted club to impress father.

Pulse massacre: Twenty harrowing calls made to Orange County dispatch have been released.

Pulse massacre: 34-year-old Chris Brodman (pictured here with his boyfriend Cord Cedeno) found dead at a birthday party three months later.

Bayna Lekheim El-Amin assaulted Ethan Adams and Jonathan Snipes at a New York restaurant in May 2015. Now he's going to prison for nine years.

Christian music festival drops gay singer Trey Pearson after volunteers threatened to walk out.

"Ex-gay" billboards in Texas get the boot.

Kentucky judge Tim Philpot thinks men don't hug anymore because of marriage equality.

John Conner III, who starred on Lifetime's reality show Bring It! has been charged for failing to divulge his HIV status to a 16-year old boy he had unprotected sex with.

Gay retiree killed after attempting to photograph a homeless man without his permission.

What's gay about the Smithsonian's African-American Museum? A lot.

The black US paratroopers who quietly changed history – and now fear Trump. "With the country still grappling with racial inequality, surviving members of the Triple Nickles, black soldiers who paved the way for more military integration, spoke of the unease that comes with the thought of a Trump presidency."

The tunnel dwellers of Las Vegas: where the city's vices play out in the shadows. "There’s an even darker side to the gambling mecca – a homeless community in underground tunnels that struggles with addiction."

South Bay Pride, in pictures.

Trump adds homophobic Rick Santorum as an adviser for his Catholic Advisory Council.

Trump wants to bring back the "tough on crime" policies that helped cause mass incarceration.

Comedians eviscerate Jimmy Fallon's shameful Trump pandering.

This photo from Charlotte tells you all you need to know about policing in America. "An image from Charlotte, scene of yet another killing, encapsulates the message black people receive daily from the officers who are supposed to protect them."

Why America will never stop trying to solve JonBenét Ramsey’s murder.

The truck stop killer (October 2012). "He was methodical, he rode the highways, and he preyed on teenage girls. Girls who'd run away. Girls no one would miss. In the summer of 1985, the author was such a girl. One night on I-95, she hitched a ride from a stranger and endured the most terrifying moments of her life. Now, years later, she returns to the scenes of her fugitive youth looking for clues to that terror—and the girls who lost their lives to it."

Inside the gentrification of Grand Central Market. "Big crowds, legit lox, a civil suit, and millions in debt."

The case for making New York and San Francisco much, much bigger.

CANADA  Pride Toronto apologises for "history of anti-blackness" following parade protest.

MEXICO  Political cartoonist Julio Salgado has paid tribute to the moment a 12-year-old boy took on an 11,000 strong crowd of homophobes, single handedly. Thousands marched in protest against marriage equality in Mexico city.

News UK

American Pastor Steven Anderson - one of America’s most homophobic pastors - has been banned from the UK.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to put gay history in the school curriculum...

...But Half of teachers "didn’t read" current government guidance on LGBT-inclusive education.

New Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron: Respect my Christian beliefs about gay sex.

Transport for London (TFL) has announced its LGBT pedestrian lights in London are permanent.

Queer history landmarks - like Oscar Wilde's former home, the estate of "the first modern lesbian" and a memorial to a trans spy - celebrated by Historic England.

Nine white Black Lives Matter activists admit trespass after City airport protest.

The "right" to sell golliwogs is not something we should be fighting for in 2016. "There is little ambiguity about the golliwog; they fully dehumanise black people and their comeback is a reminder that racism is not a thing of the past."

The bubble that turned into a tide: how London got hooked on gentrification. "Gentrification is a familiar story in the capital – but now even the 1% are being squeezed out. What do the stories of Peckham, Holland Park and Chelsea tell us about the new reality?"

Residents overlooked by Tate Modern extension should "get net curtains". "Tate director Nick Serota suggests solution for Neo Bankside tenants who don’t want to make an exhibition of themselves."

People who live in glass houses by Tate Modern shouldn’t throw tantrums. "Tate Modern’s neighbours are not the only people with privacy issues. That’s why we have curtains."

News World

FINLAND  Parliament considers overturning marriage equality after anti-LGBT Citizen’s Initiative.

GERMANY  Drag queen Olivia Jones to press charges against right wing party for comparing gays to paedophiles.

ITALY  Rome celebrates its first same-sex union; Italy was the last member of the EU to legally recognise same-sex unions.

GEORGIA  The "forgotten people" living in an abandoned Soviet-era military hospital in capital city Tbilisi.

SERBIA  Belgrade Pride, in pictures. Christian priests and nuns held a ceremony to "purify" the city following the event.

Raped, imprisoned, beaten: migrants reveal their perilous journeys to Europe. "As the UN general assembly meets in New York to discuss the record numbers of people fleeing their homes, the Red Cross traces the journeys of a handful of migrants who made the perilous trip across Africa to Europe."

I'm an intersex Ugandan – life has never felt more dangerous. "Julius Kaggwa tells of his battle against violence and discrimination, and explains why links with the gay community are a ‘double-edged sword.’"

EGYPT  Fifteen LGBT Gods. "Hieroglyphics recount numeous queer deities who were worshipped in ancient Egypt."

AFGHANISTAN  Former ISIS militant says its members "rape gay men" to punish them.

UGANDA  Police block over one hundred people from celebrating Pride on a beach in Entebbe on Lake Victoria.

GAMBIA  President Yahya Jammeh has claimed he can cure AIDS - but only on Mondays and Thursdays.

BOTSWANA  Pastor Steven Anderson, one of America’s most homophobic pastors, will be deported from the central African country. The government tweeted: “Pastor #StevenAnderson, a #USA citizen has been declared a Prohibited Immigrant and as such is being deported from #Botswana”.

INDONESIA  Apps, websites with LGBT content banned.

JAPAN  Love in 2-D. "Inside the thriving subculture of Japanese men who eschew sex and romance with real live people in favor of real relationships with 2-D characters printed on body pillows."

AUSTRALIA  Murdoch-owned newspaper prints cartoon comparing gays to Nazi stormtroopers ahead of marriage vote.

AUSTRALIA  Brisbane Pride, in pictures.

NEW ZEALAND  Here be monsters (May 2011). "They did it for the simplest of reasons: adventure. Three friends, on a drunken dare, set out in a dinghy for a nearby island. But when the gas ran out and they drifted into barren waters, their biggest threat wasn't the water or the ocean—it was each other."

Art + Design

Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York, at the Museum of the City of New York until 26th February. In pictures.

José Luis Bueno's pictures of the Osos (Bears) of Mexico.


READ  The third issue of Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color.

On "Jihaderotica": The author taking aim at ISIS with a gay love story.

On the power and importance of LGBT representation in comic books.

Roald Dahl's eleven best — and worst — children's books, ranked.

REVIEW  Leaving Paris, by Collin Kelley. "One of the strongest aspects of the story is Martin and Christian’s relationship. It is sweet without being saccharine, exposing some of their rocky times. Seeing a mixed-race gay couple thrown into dangerous, thriller-esque situations and intrigue is a refreshing change of pace."

REVIEW  Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, 1980-1983, by Tim Lawrence. "A packed, meta-narrative. Exceptionally accessible (the author’s passion for his subject shows through on every page; it’s easy to imagine how his knowledge and genuine interest opened many a door and got people talking, telling tales recorded here that might not otherwise have seen the light of day), the raw, new energy of the city is accurately captured and conveyed."

On the rag, your weekly look at the free gay 'zines. 20th September here. 23rd September here.

Shouting At Night

On F*king Men. "Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s classic La Ronde, Joe DiPietro transplants the interweaving tales of sexual power, discovery and exploration to a contemporary urban gay subculture."

INTERVIEW  Talking to director Ben Buratta about Affection.

REVIEW  Affection. "Outbox theatre bring their newly devised Affection to East London’s beloved Glory in their snapshot, voyeuristic show which boldly tackles the stigma of HIV."

REVIEW  Party. "Deliriously good fun. A stunningly detailed and naturalistic set by Andrew Beckett adds to the feeling that one is actually attending this saucy shindig, and lively direction ensures that we are constantly captivated."

REVIEW  27. "Emotionally driven and beautifully crafted, leaving you craving so much more. Intimate set design with a masterclass in characterisation... an unmissable production."

Edward Albee, the author of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, is dead. He was 88.

INTERVIEW  Talking to Edward Albee (September 1966).

On New York City's Bushwig drag festival.

How to make a living as a drag queen.

Film Forever

The new law that forces IMDb to remove the age of actors on request.

Some people say movies are dead. These five types of movies say otherwise.

How Moonlight reflects being a black gay man in the US. "Barry Jenkins’ highly acclaimed new film follows one boy as he grows into manhood, hiding his sexuality. Here, the director and cast talk about the future Oscar contender."

Moonlight, and cinema’s slow embrace of extreme poverty.

Daniel Radcliffe says it's "pretty undeniable" that Hollywood is racist.

"Gang member" and "thug" roles in film are disproportionately played by black actors.

Typecast as a terrorist. "As my acting career developed, I was no longer cast as a radical Muslim – except at the airport."

"No ghosts. No gay love stories. No nudity": Tales of film-making in China. "As Hollywood continues its courtship of China, it can learn all about cultural differences and censorship from the Hong Kong film-makers who went there first."

INTERVIEW  Talking to Bianca Del Rio about her feature film debut, Hurricane Bianca.

The feminine grotesque: On the warped legacy of Joan Crawford. "Arnold was a photographer of great emotional intelligence. What’s most striking about these photographs is that they express a humanity that doesn’t exist in how many remember her, thanks to “Mommie Dearest." Most of the images deal with Crawford reckoning with her own reflection—both literally in terms of the mirrors surrounding her and metaphorically in terms of how they detail her beauty process. Crawford, perhaps more than almost any female star in classic Hollywood, understood what was expected of her. That beauty and the power it brings comes with its advantages and also a price."

Joan Crawford: The eyes have it (November 2008). "Tragically, Crawford’s great face would become stonier than Buster Keaton’s, but she learned to exploit how quickly her looks betrayed her."

Escape artist, the case for Joan Crawford (January 2011). "Must we hate Joan Crawford? The question sounds a little odd. Must we think about Joan Crawford at all? That’s perhaps a little more like it. Crawford the always posing, eternally hardworking star, with her affairs and marriages and triumphs and miseries and comebacks, inspires both exasperation and wonder."

The illusion of perfection. "A new diary tells the story of what happened when Faye Dunaway played Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest."

The original red carpet bitch. "Before Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin, one fashion critic terrorized Hollywood with his annual worst-dressed list. Joan Crawford coached him. Tippi Hedren befriended him. Cary Grant slept with him (or so the story goes). [Looking] back at the man who launched an industry."

On Westworld's really dark view of what it means to be human.

Bill Nunn, the actor known for playing Radio Raheem in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, is dead. He was 62.

WATCH  American Male, a new short film that looks at how damaging masculinity ideals and gender expectations can be.

WATCH  Here's the trailers for The Pass (read the KAOS review here) the forthcoming Tom of Finland biopic; and a montage of the films in the running for the 2016 Iris Prize.

The Box

The fifty-seven gay characters on (US) TV right now.

On Dynasty, the '80s personified. "When Corley makes his last appearance, the character of Steven fundamentally changes — no longer will he be a sexually confused man who desperately wants to declare himself and be accepted as a homosexual; instead he’ll be a sexually confused man who desperately wants to declare himself and be accepted as a heterosexual."

When to give up on a TV show: Seven simple rules to help you know when to bail.

RuPaul’s Drag Race’s eliminee Phi Phi O’Hara blasts RuPaul: "She ignores everybody and she doesn't talk to the contestants... We're just game pieces for her show and she didn't care enough to know who we were."

INTERVIEW  Talking to RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race eliminee Alyssa Edwards.

On new queer TV series Truth Slash Fiction, where teens write gay erotic fiction about their favourite boyband.

How FX became TV's best, most reliable network. "The home of The Americans, Fargo, and The People v. O.J. Simpson is riding an incredible hot streak."

JonBenét Ramsey: Four new television shows will explore our obsession with her murder.

Is this a golden age for black TV makers or another false dawn?"With the success of shows such as Atlanta, Empire and Queen Sugar, diversity on TV is supposedly finally here, but history has provided plenty of false starts."

How The Night Of explored the bias of sight.

Where The Night Of goes wrong on race and criminal justice.

The Night Of: Riz Ahmed’s tragic transformation.

The Night Of: Is just a Law & Order: SVU you're not embarrassed to watch.

America’s evolving views on crime, explained by Law & Order: SVU.

Twin Peaks to Cracker: your favourite TV episodes of all time. "With seminal moments in everything from ER to Boys from the Blackstuff, our readers nominate their top hours of television drama ever – and most of it was even made before the year 2000."

Star Trek at fifty: Myths, maidens and flirting on the final frontier. "Its sense of optimism could only have come out of the 1960s – so why have Star Trek’s visions of heroism, sexual politics and surrogate family life endured?"

Mr Robot finale: Eleven questions that need to be answered.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat denies John Barrowman's hint that he's holding up more Torchwood.

Blue's Simon Webbe joins BBC Scotland soap River City.

On Heil Honey I’m Home!, the 1990 sitcom taken off the air after just one episode.

South Park: TV's "black hole of vomit" is still as offensive and funny as ever. "As it begins its 20th season, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s cartoon continues to take risks and find success with its edgy brand of comedy. Long may it reign."

The year rookie cop series Hill Street Blues hijacked the Emmys. "The gritty show was collapsing in the ratings and the cast were despondent – but one night in 1981 at America’s TV awards show changed everything."

Gays of our lives: All the latest news from gay soapland!

WATCH  The latest episodes of Street Behavior and Fallacies.

Beats, Rhymes & Life

LISTEN  Cakes Da Killa's new single Up Out My Face.

Mykki Blanco: "I didn’t want to be a rapper. I wanted to be Yoko Ono." "Last year, the performance artist-turned-rapper announced he was HIV-positive. But instead of ending his career, it marked a turning point – which has now been capped with a debut album."

Meek Mill uses gay slurs while sampling beat by lesbian rapper.

How Tupac and Biggie went from friends to deadly rivals.

The Roots' subtle stand against Donald Trump. "The Tonight Show band played some musical resistance to guest Donald Trump when host Jimmy Fallon failed to."

The invented the remix. "Jamaica came up with the idea, but the remix as we know it was born in New York."

The return of Four to the Floor: Music TV that restores faith in the future. "The oddball, lo-fi music show is returning to Channel 4 – celebrating the creative positivity of post-millennial Generation Z without a trace of condescension."

Nelly hit with $2.4 million tax bill.

Whatever happened to Mika?

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson blocks "gay" Larry comments from his Instagram.

Jerry Heller, the veteran music manager who helped launch N.W.A, is dead. He was 75.

LISTEN  New Jordan Bratton, Love & Nothing.

LISTEN  Gaika x Kojey Radical - Loose Residuals.

WATCH  Jaremi Carey - Play; My Gay Banjo - Like Magic; and Alaska Thunderfuck - Puppet.

Red Light District

Making sense of modern pornography. "While the Internet has made porn ubiquitous, it has also thrown the industry into severe decline."

Porn company xHamster buys Alexis Arquette’s sex tape and destroys it to protect her memory.

Gay-for-pay porn star Mario Romo (who started his adult career as Sean Cody’s Francisco in 2010) has been indicted on multiple charges following the brutal stabbing and murder of wealthy Texas retiree Jake Clyde Merendino.

Gay-for-pay porn star Devon Felix released from jail, announces retirement.

The gay porn industry is now hiring models with ankle monitoring bracelets.

Killian James admits to using n-word in racist email: “All I want is attention”.

This Reality Thugs scene doesn’t feature reality or thugs.

Ghetto Romance

Bisexual men make better husbands. "The relationships between straight women and bisexual men is seldom discussed."

Twenty signs your hookup might be something more.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Products that promise “detox” are a sham. Yes, all of them.

You don't need eight glasses of water a day. Eat these foods instead.

How the sugar industry has distorted health science for more than fifty years.

Is beer actually healthier than milk?

Eat turmeric, boost your health.

Hell's Kitchen

A day in the life of a food inspector. "Sharon Nkansah has worked on the food safety frontline in Newham, London, for ten years, and seen the good, bad and the ugly."

Another one bites the dust: the "five second rule" has been debunked. "Food can acquire bacteria the moment it falls to the floor, so picking it up really fast doesn’t mean it’s clean in case you were ever taken in by the lies."

Why most cereal brands are discontinued within five years.

Rag Trade

Marc Jacobs's infuriating response to his dreadlock controversy. "His decision to feature models with dreadlocks may have been questionable, but there's little debating the cluelessness that came after."

Betta Work!

Presenteeism is rising fast – and only bosses can stop it.

What it's actually like to fight your boss for a living wage.

A world without work is coming – it could be utopia or it could be hell. "Robots will eventually do all our jobs, but we need to start planning to avert social collapse."

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Ten of the world's best cable car rides.

The buses of London, in pictures.

Tomorrow's World

How misuse forced changes to New York's Wi-Fi kiosks. "Free Wi-Fi will still be available around the city but web browsing on tablets is temporarily removed after growing concerns over inappropriate behaviour."

How the sun could knock out the internet.

Don’t let WhatsApp nudge you into sharing your data with Facebook.

Does quitting social media make you happier? Yes, say young people doing it.

What the North Korean internet really looks like.


On openly gay diver Cory Moreno: "I like to be fierce like Beyoncé."

Premier League footballer Andre Gray banned for four games, fined £25k over tweets suggesting that gays should be “burned”.

The Atlantic Coast Conference is the latest sporting association to pull out of North Carolina over House Bill 2, the state’s controversial anti-LGBT law, following similar decisions by the NBA and NCAA.

Gay Spanish football referee Jesús Tomillero has received death threats after returning to the sport.

LA finds itself a contender in an Olympic lottery most cities want to lose. "With Rome all but out of the bidding for the 2024 Games, Los Angeles is one of the few places in the world that could easily hosts an Olympics."

Colin Kaepernick and Broncos’ Brandon Marshall pair protests with big donations to community organisations. "Kaepernick and Marshall are putting their money where their knees are."

Josh Norman and Odell Beckham need to go out on a date already.

Planet Earth

Boffins want to pump CO2 into rocks under the North Sea to tackle climate change.

Climate change unleashes ghostly death on Great Barrier Reef.

The key to tackling climate change: electrify everything.

An American tragedy: why are millions of trees dying across the country? "A quiet crisis playing out in US forests as huge numbers of trees succumb to drought, disease, insects and wildfire – much of it driven by climate change."

Coal’s last gamble: A desperate industry bets on one more big score.


Man v rat: could the long war soon be over? "Rats spread disease, decimate crops and very occasionally eat people alive. For centuries, we have struggled to find an effective way of controlling their numbers. Until now..."

And Whilst You're Thinking About That, Think About This...

And finally, Rogue "Marbie" Scott declares: "I hate being black"; Jack and Ben on dating someone in the closet; Walter warns: "After moving to Atlanta most black gay men will be HIV positive in three years... or less"; and Andrew's job woes.
See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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Issue 242: 12-25 September 2016
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